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Programs for ENCLOV on Thursday, February 27, 2020
11:45 PM
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (PG-13, ***) A young prince is determined to stop a nobleman's nefarious plot to use a mystical dagger to control time and enslave the people of the world. Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Gemma Arterton(Actor), Sir Ben Kingsley(Actor), Alfred Molina(Actor), Steve Toussaint(Actor)
1:45 AM
Snake Eyes (R, **+) After a political assassination at a heavyweight fight, a crooked police officer tries to untangle the case and discovers that nothing is as it seems. Nicolas Cage(Actor), Gary Sinise(Actor), Carla Gugino(Actor), John Heard(Actor), Stan Shaw(Actor)
3:26 AM
You, Me and Dupree (PG-13, **+) Successful newlyweds cope with a rude and crude houseguest after one of their best friends loses his residence and his job after attending their wedding. Owen Wilson(Actor), Kate Hudson(Actor), Matt Dillon(Actor), Michael Douglas(Actor), Seth Rogen(Actor)
5:18 AM
Hot Shots! (PG-13, ***) A renegade pilot struggles to overcome the stigma of his father's reputation in the cockpit while competing with a rival pilot for the affections of his doctor. Charlie Sheen(Actor), Lloyd Bridges(Actor), Cary Elwes(Actor), Valeria Golino(Actor), Kevin Dunn(Actor)
6:44 AM
MacGruber (R, **) A former soldier of fortune answers the call of duty to his country when he learns that an old nemesis has stolen a nuclear weapon and threatens mayhem. Will Forte(Actor), Kristen Wiig(Actor), Ryan Phillippe(Actor), Powers Boothe(Actor), Val Kilmer(Actor)
8:17 AM
The Jewel of the Nile (PG, **+) A renowned romance novelist teams up with world-traveling adventurer to locate a legendary jewel coveted by a nefarious North African president Michael Douglas(Actor), Kathleen Turner(Actor), Danny DeVito(Actor), Avner Eisenberg(Actor), Paul David Magid(Actor)
10:05 AM
About a Boy (PG-13, ***) A self-centered, womanizer in his thirties teaches a bullied boy how to be accepted while at the same time growing into a maturity he was lacking in life. Hugh Grant(Actor), Rachel Weisz(Actor), Toni Collete(Actor), Nicholas Hoult(Actor), Sharon Small(Actor)
11:49 AM
Kindergarten Cop (PG-13, **+) A detective hunting the ex-wife of a dangerous drug dealer goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher in order to find and protect his potential witness. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), Penelope Ann Miller(Actor), Pamela Reed(Actor), Linda Hunt(Actor), Richard Tyson(Actor)
1:43 PM
Hoosiers (PG, ***) A basketball coach is given a second chance in a small town, where he argues with townspeople and tries to inspire a former star to quit drinking. Gene Hackman(Actor), Barbara Hershey(Actor), Dennis Hopper(Actor), Sheb Wooley(Actor), Chelcie Ross(Actor)
3:41 PM
Psycho (TV-PG, NR, ****) The search for a missing woman leads to an ominous motel run by a shy, voyeuristic young man who lives in fear of his domineering and unseen mother. Anthony Perkins(Actor), Janet Leigh(Actor), Vera Miles(Actor), John Gavin(Actor), Martin Balsam(Actor)
5:32 PM
Fletch (TV-PG, PG, **+) When an investigative reporter is hired by a wealthy executive to kill him, he senses a great story and accepts the man's offer, but finds startling evidence. Chevy Chase(Actor), Joe Don Baker(Actor), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson(Actor), Richard Libertini(Actor), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar(Actor)
7:13 PM
Barbershop (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A man sells his late father's barbershop to a loan shark to pay his mounting personal debts, not realizing his decision will demoralize the neighborhood. Ice Cube(Actor), Anthony Anderson(Actor), Sean Patrick Thomas(Actor), Eve(Actor), Cedric the Entertainer(Actor)
8:58 PM
Quigley Down Under (PG-13, ***) A cocky sharpshooter recruited in the Old West travels to Australia, only to discover his plum new job is to "cleanse" his boss's land of Aborigine people. Tom Selleck(Actor), Laura San Giacomo(Actor), Alan Rickman(Actor), Chris Haywood(Actor), Ron Haddrick(Actor)
11:00 PM
Friday Night Lights Let's Get It On (TV-14) After a brief stint away from his friends and family, Taylor decides Dillon is where his heart rests and takes his old job as the Dillon High football coach. Kyle Chandler(Actor), Connie Britton(Actor), Aimee Teegarden(Actor), Zach Gilford(Actor), Jesse Plemons(Actor)
11:46 PM
The Wolfman (R, **+) A man returns to England to help search for his missing brother and finds a bloodthirsty beast that prowls the forest during the full moon. Benicio del Toro(Actor), Anthony Hopkins(Actor), Emily Blunt(Actor), Hugo Weaving(Actor), Geraldine Chaplin(Actor)
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