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Programs for TMCWAL on Tuesday, March 31, 2020
11:00 PM
From Dusk Till Dawn (R, ***) Two bank-robbing, escaped convict brothers take an ex-preacher and his family hostage while en route to a rendezvous at a hellish biker bar in Mexico. Harvey Keitel(Actor), George Clooney(Actor), Quentin Tarantino(Actor), Juliette Lewis(Actor), Cheech Marin(Actor)
1:00 AM
Days of Thunder (PG-13, **+) The hot temper of a rising star in the world of competitive race car driving jeopardizes his romantic life as well as his professional success. Tom Cruise(Actor), Robert Duvall(Actor), Randy Quaid(Actor), Nicole Kidman(Actor), Cary Elwes(Actor)
3:00 AM
The Company Men (R, ***) Several families and the communities they live in are affected by corporate downsizing, and one white-collar employee must accept a manual labor job. Ben Affleck(Actor), Kevin Costner(Actor), Chris Cooper(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Rosemarie DeWitt(Actor)
4:45 AM
The Mechanic (R, ***) An assassin sets out to avenge his friend's murder while training the victim's son to become a killer so he can help him pay back those who killed his friend. Jason Statham(Actor), Ben Foster(Actor), Tony Goldwyn(Actor), Donald Sutherland(Actor), Jeff Chase(Actor)
6:30 AM
Intruders (R, **+) A group of robbers break into the house of a young woman with a crippling fear of leaving her home, but they soon find out that she is harboring a dark secret. Beth Riesgraf(Actor), Martin Starr(Actor), Jack Kesy(Actor), Rory Culkin(Actor), Timothy T. McKinney(Actor)
8:05 AM
Tabloid (R, ***) Director Errol Morris chronicles the life of former Miss Wyoming Joyce Bernann McKinney, including her obsession with a Mormon missionary. Joyce McKinney(Participant), Peter Tory(Participant), Troy Williams(Participant), Jackson Shaw(Participant), Kent Gavin(Participant)
9:35 AM
Urban Myths Madonna and Basquiat (TV-14) The story of the queen of pop's relationship with painter Jean-Michel Basquiat in the 1980s is told, while the pair dated when both were on the cusp of fame.
10:00 AM
Pumpkin (TV-14, R, **+) A sorority girl falls in love with a disabled man while mentoring mentally-challenged young athletes for a coveted award and becomes an outcast among her peers. Christina Ricci(Actor), Hank Harris(Actor), Brenda Blethyn(Actor), Dominique Swain(Actor), Marisa Coughlan(Actor)
12:00 PM
The Wrong Todd (TV-MA) A man's evil twin arrives from a parallel universe as the man's girlfriend decides whether to take a new promotion on the other side of the country.
1:30 PM
Different Flowers (PG-13) When an uptight woman has doubts before her big wedding, her sassy little sister comes to the rescue, and they embark on a spontaneous road trip together. Shelley Long(Actor), Emma Bell(Actor), Hope Lauren(Actor), Sterling Knight(Actor), Romy Rosemont(Actor)
3:15 PM
An Invisible Sign (PG-13, **) A young girl looked to math for solace in dealing with a family illness, and now reaching adulthood, she decides to help her students with their issues. Jessica Alba(Actor), Chris Messina(Actor), Sonia Braga(Actor), John Shea(Actor), J. K. Simmons(Actor)
5:00 PM
Duran Duran: There's Something You Should Know (TV-MA) The story of the popular English band Duran Duran's success is told over four decades by chronicling the making of seven of their albums. Boy George(Participant), Cindy Crawford(Participant), Nick Egan(Participant), Simon Le Bon(Participant), Russell Mulcahy(Participant)
6:00 PM
Scrooged (PG-13, ***) A TV network executive fires an aide, exploits his secretary and trashes a holiday show on Christmas Eve but ghostly visitations show him the error of his ways. Bill Murray(Actor), Karen Allen(Actor), John Forsythe(Actor), Bobcat Goldthwait(Actor), Carol Kane(Actor)
7:45 PM
Cell (R, *+) When a mysterious cellphone signal starts turning people into violent killers, an artist must help end the broadcast and reunite with his son. John Cusack(Actor), Samuel L. Jackson(Actor), Isabelle Fuhrman(Actor), Owen Teague(Actor), Clark Sarullo(Actor)
9:25 PM
Double Team (R, **) A retired anti-terrorism agent is lured back to duty where he and an underground arms merchant try to stop a crazed international terrorist. Jean-Claude Van Damme(Actor), Dennis Rodman(Actor), Mickey Rourke(Actor), Paul Freeman(Actor), Natacha Lindinger(Actor)
11:00 PM
Total Recall (TV-14, R, ***+) A construction worker discovers his idyllic life is nothing more than a fabrication after he receives memory implants of a vacation on Mars. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), Sharon Stone(Actor), Rachel Ticotin(Actor), Ronny Cox(Actor), Michael Ironside(Actor)
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