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Programs for UNC-TV on Monday, December 9, 2019
12:00 AM
Great Performances An Intimate Evening with David Foster (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Musician David Foster explores the music of his career in a star-studded concert featuring the likes of Loren Allred, Fernando Varela and Katharine McPhee. David Foster(Host)
2:00 AM
Country Music: Live at the Ryman, A Concert Celebrating the Film by Ken Burns (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) In a concert hosted by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, renowned country musicians perform to celebrate Burns' newest film, "Country Music." Ken Burns(Host)
4:00 AM
Memory Rescue with Daniel Amen, M.D. (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen talks about ways to improve memory and rescue lost memories, as he has developed the mnemonic "Bright Minds." Daniel Amen(Host)
6:00 AM
Nightly Business Report (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Susie Gharib and Tyler Mathisen talk with leading business experts and look at up-to-date market reports, company information and economic news. Sue Herera(Anchor), Bill Griffeth(Anchor)
6:30 AM
Arthur Falafelosophy; The Great Lint Rush (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Neil Gaiman, the author of "Coraline" and "The Graveyard Book," stops by and encourages Sue Ellen to try her hand at writing and illustrating a graphic novel. Dallas Jokic(Voice Of), Alfredo Leal(Voice Of), Jodie Resther(Voice Of), Héctor Emmanuel Gómez(Voice Of), Rossy Aguirre(Voice Of)
7:00 AM
Curious George The Amazing Maze Race; The Color of Monkey (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) George and the Man attempt to navigate a cornfield maze; in preparation for his photo shoot, George takes a bubble bath and promises to stay clean. Jeff Glen Bennett(Voice Of), Frank Welker(Voice Of), Rino Romano(Narrator)
7:30 AM
Nature Cat Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up; A Party For Squeeks! (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Daisy, Nature Cat, Squeeks and Hal go on a Wild West adventure to find wildflowers; when Squeeks gets sick of winter, Nature Cat throws a party to cheer her up. Taran Killam(Voice Of), Kate McKinnon(Voice Of), Bobby Moynihan(Voice Of), Kenan Thompson(Voice Of), Kate Micucci(Voice Of)
8:00 AM
Wild Kratts Golden Bamboo Lemur (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) In Madagascar, the Wild Kratts discover a very rare golden bamboo lemur has recently been born, so they stay longer to learn about the unique wildlife. Chris Kratt(Voice Of), Martin Kratt(Voice Of), Athena Karkanis(Voice Of), Heather Bambrick(Voice Of), Jonathan Malen(Voice Of)
8:30 AM
Molly of Denali First Fish; A-Maze-Ing Snow (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) Molly can't wait to catch her first fish, but the only thing she catches is Tooey's boot; Trini gets lost in a giant snow maze made for a school fundraiser. Sovereign Bill(Voice Of), Sequoia Janvier(Voice Of), Vienna Leacock(Voice Of), Jules Arita Koostachin(Voice Of), Ron Harris(Voice Of)
9:00 AM
Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum I Am Florence Nightingale; I Am George Washington Carver (HD, New, TV-Y) Florence Nightingale helps the trio find a cure for Yadina's hiccups; George Washington Carver shows Xavier the importance of caring for plants. Cory Bobiak(Director)
9:30 AM
Let's Go Luna! Lullaby for Baby Vlad; Space Is the Place (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Leo, Andy and Carmen scour Moscow for a fussy bear cub's favorite lullaby; Andy's love of outer space is enriched by a trip to a famous space museum in Moscow. Judy Greer(Voice Of), Aidan Wojtak-Hissong(Voice Of), Saara Chaudry(Voice Of), Jaiden Cannatelli(Voice Of)
10:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Daniel and O's Road Trip; Daniel's Puppet Plan (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) During a pretend road trip, Daniel and O can't agree on where to go first; Daniel and his friends struggle to make puppets for a puppet show. Jake Beale(Voice Of), Ted Dykstra(Voice Of), Heather Bambrick(Voice Of), Amariah Faulkner(Voice Of), Stuart Ralston(Voice Of)
10:30 AM
Clifford the Big Red Dog Special (HD, New, TV-Y) In a revamped version of "Clifford the Big Red Dog," a girl and her big red dog explore their island home and go on epic new adventures. John Ritter(Voice Of), Grey DeLisle(Voice Of), Kel Mitchell(Voice Of), Cree Summer(Voice Of), Gary Leroi Gray(Voice Of)
11:30 AM
Pinkalicious & Peterrific Drawing Noses; Pinkalicious on Ice (Repeat, TV-G) Pinkalicious goes to the Pinkville Art Museum to learn how to draw noses; the Great Skate is coming up, but Pinkalicious is having trouble with the final move. Kayla Erickson(Voice Of), Jaden Waldman(Voice Of), Molly Lloyd (Voice Of), Jayce Bartok(Voice Of), Daia Johnson(Voice Of)
12:00 PM
Dinosaur Train Rocket Train Surprise Party; Cloudy with a Chance of Fun (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) The kids want to celebrate Mr. Conductor's birthday by throwing a surprise party; Mr. Conductor teaches Buddy about the different clouds in the sky. Phillip Corlett(Voice Of), Claire Corlett(Voice Of), Ian James Corlett(Voice Of), Ellen Kennedy(Voice Of), Erika-Shaye Gair(Voice Of)
12:30 PM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Whatever Floats Your Boat; Building Bridges (HD, Repeat, TV-Y) When Nick and Sally's boat sinks, they have to learn how to build another; a dragon chases the group while Nick tries to figure out how to make a drawbridge. Martin Short(Voice Of), Robert Tinkler(Voice Of), Jacob Euwanik(Voice Of), Alexa Torrington(Voice Of)
1:00 PM
Sesame Street Four Furry Superheroes (HD, New, TV-Y) Telly, Abby and Elmo get ready to use their imagination to become their favorite superheroes, known as The Furry Four. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Carroll Spinney(Voice Of)
1:30 PM
Splash and Bubbles Small but Mighty; Washed Away (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A zebra bullhead shark has an identity crisis when a great white comes into town; Splash, Bubbles and Ripple try to save's Dunk artwork from the incoming tide. John Tartaglia(Voice Of), Leslie Carrara-Rudolph(Voice Of), Raymond Carr(Voice Of), Aymee Garcia(Voice Of)
2:00 PM
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated Middle Eastern Dinner (Repeat, TV-G) A team of culinary experts venture into their test kitchen to review equipment, taste dishes, and explore recipes perfect for the home cook.
2:30 PM
Lidia's Kitchen Restaurant's Greatest Hits (HD, New, TV-G) The renowned chef shows viewers how to prepare simple, economical and seasonal dishes, encouraging people to draw on their roots and be spontaneous. Lidia Bastianich(Host)
3:00 PM
P. Allen Smith's Garden Home Why Buy? (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The host strolls through some of the most beautiful gardens in the U.S. and Europe to illustrate principles of design that can be used in any home or backyard. P. Allen Smith(Host)
3:30 PM
Urban Conversion Seeing the Forest through the Trees (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Rodham Schley attempts to overcome his fiscally conservative nature to learn more about the sustainability movement to appease his wife. Rodham Schley(Host)
4:00 PM
America's Heartland (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A magazine-format show about American farming features stories of the hard-working farmers and ranchers who produce food, fuel and fiber for the world. Jason Shoultz(Producer,Correspondent), Rob Stewart(Correspondent), Kristen Simoes(Correspondent), Paul Robins(Correspondent)
4:30 PM
Garden Smart (New, TV-G) Expert gardeners share their experience and knowledge on planting, yard preparation and other tips on how to make amateur gardening more effective and fun. Eric Johnson(Host), Richard Ludwig(Host), Joe Lamp'l(Host)
5:00 PM
Black Issues Forum (Repeat, TV-G) A series of panel discussions are held that address topics, such as politics, social concerns and health, that benefit the African American population. Deborah Holt Noel(Host)
5:30 PM
BBC World News America (TV-PG) Every night, reporter Katty Kay presents in-depth reports on the major events of the day from the United States and around the world. Katty Kay(Host)
6:00 PM
The PBS NewsHour (HD, New) Highly regarded anchors and senior correspondents present a commercial-free hour of in-depth reporting on various significant occurrences around the world. Judy Woodruff(Anchor), Jeffrey Brown(Anchor), Ray Suarez(Correspondent), Margaret Warner(Correspondent)
7:00 PM
Nightly Business Report (HD, New) Susie Gharib and Tyler Mathisen talk with leading business experts and look at up-to-date market reports, company information and economic news. Sue Herera(Anchor), Bill Griffeth(Anchor)
7:30 PM
A Chef's Life Stand By Your Cabbage (HD, Repeat, TV-G) As Vivian prepares for her first trip to Feast Portland, she participates in a 14-day photoshoot; Sam Jones and Miss Lillie share cabbage recipes with Vivian. Vivian Howard (Host), Ben Knight(Participant)
8:00 PM
50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The musical trio that introduced much of the U.S. to folk music is chronicled, including a look at their social activism during the Civil Rights era. Jim Brown(Director)
10:00 PM
Aging Backwards 3 with Miranda Esmonde-White (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Drawing on groundbreaking science, former ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White presents a six-point plan that can be used to keep one's mind sharp and body active. Miranda Esmonde-White(Host)
11:00 PM
Amanpour and Company (HD, New) Host Christiane Amanpour has wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with leaders and influencers about politics, business, technology, art, science and sports. Walter Isaacson(Correspondent), Michel Martin(Correspondent), Alicia Menendez(Correspondent), Hari Sreenivasan(Correspondent), Christiane Amanpour(Host)
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