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Programs for AMX-E on Saturday, March 28, 2020
11:40 PM
The Hurt Locker (R, ***+) The members of an Army bomb squad try to survive the final days of their rotation in Iraq after they are saddled with a reckless new leader. Jeremy Renner(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor), Brian Geraghty(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor), Ralph Fiennes(Actor)
1:51 AM
Cold Creek Manor (R, **) A family moves into a house in the country, but upon arrival they learn that the dwellings have a dark past of their own that they must be weary of. Dennis Quaid(Actor), Sharon Stone(Actor), Stephen Dorff(Actor), Juliette Lewis(Actor), Kristen Stewart(Actor)
3:50 AM
The Hindenburg (PG, **+) A German security officer investigates charges that someone is planning to sabotage an airship's transatlantic journey from Germany to America. George C. Scott(Actor), Anne Bancroft(Actor), William Atherton(Actor), Roy Thinnes(Actor), Gig Young(Actor)
6:00 AM
The Package (R, **+) A military man realizes he's become a pawn for American and Russian dissidents who are opposed to a treaty that would end the threat of nuclear war. Gene Hackman(Actor), Joanna Cassidy(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), John Heard(Actor), Dennis Franz(Actor)
7:49 AM
Time Bandits (PG, ***) A young boy is swept up in an unpredictable journey through time by a group of renegade dwarves who have stolen a time-traveling map. John Cleese(Actor), Sean Connery(Actor), Shelley Duvall(Actor), Katherine Helmond(Actor), Ian Holm(Actor)
9:45 AM
Congo (PG-13, **) A gorilla expert finds himself on a misadventure in Africa with a fortune hunter and a high-tech communications expert seeking her ex-fiancé. Laura Linney(Actor), Dylan Walsh(Actor), Ernie Hudson(Actor), Tim Curry(Actor), Grant Heslov(Actor)
11:35 AM
Miracle at St. Anna (R, **+) Detectives discover a costly artifact in a killer's home, and he reveals he fought in WWII and is the only one who knows the truth behind an old mystery. Derek Luke(Actor), Michael Ealy(Actor), Laz Alonso(Actor), Omar Benson Miller(Actor), Pierfrancesco Favino(Actor)
2:15 PM
Red Corner (R, **+) An international lawyer from America travels to Beijing for a business trip, where he spends the night with a young Chinese woman who ends up dead. Richard Gere(Actor), Bai Ling(Actor), Tzi Ma(Actor), Bradley Whitford(Actor), Byron Mann(Actor)
4:20 PM
The Dead Don't Die (R, **+) In a quiet, small town, the residents in the area begin to get concerned as strange events occur, but no one suspects that the dead will rise from their graves. Bill Murray(Actor), Adam Driver(Actor), Tilda Swinton(Actor), Chloë Sevigny(Actor), Steve Buscemi(Actor)
6:05 PM
Cowboys & Aliens (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A man with no memory stumbles upon a hardened desert town in the Old West, and as an alien invasion begins, he helps to fight off the extraterrestrial foes. Daniel Craig(Actor), Harrison Ford(Actor), Olivia Wilde(Actor), Abigail Spen(Actor), Buck Taylor(Actor)
8:05 PM
The Meg (PG-13, **+) When an undersea research group is attacked by a legendary creature, an expert diver must save the team and the entire ocean from a prehistoric monster. Jason Statham(Actor), Bingbing Li(Actor), Rainn Wilson(Actor), Ruby Rose(Actor), Winston Chao(Actor)
10:00 PM
Skyscraper (PG-13, **+) When a former hostage rescuer is assessing the security of the tallest building in the world, he finds himself accused of setting the skyscraper on fire. Dwayne Johnson(Actor), Neve Campbell(Actor), Pablo Schreiber(Actor), Byron Mann(Actor), Hannah Quinlivan(Actor)
11:45 PM
Highlander: Endgame (R, **) Two Immortal cousins, members of a secret race who can only be killed by decapitation, compete in a deadly tournament where there can be only one victor. Christopher Lambert(Actor), Adrian Paul(Actor), Bruce Payne(Actor), Lisa Barbuscia(Actor), Donnie Yen(Actor)
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