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Programs for SHO2XE on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
10:15 PM
Gandhi (PG, ***+) A lawyer starts a quest to lead the people of India to revolution through nonviolence, leading him to become a spiritual and political leader. Sir Ben Kingsley(Actor), Candice Bergen(Actor), Edward Fox(Actor), John Gielgud(Actor), Trevor Howard(Actor)
1:25 AM
Eyes Wide Shut (R, ***) When a wealthy doctor learns his wife has a sexual secret, he embarks on an odyssey to find some secrets of his own, but quickly gets in over his head. Tom Cruise(Actor), Nicole Kidman(Actor), Sydney Pollack(Actor), Marie Richardson(Actor), Todd Field(Actor)
4:05 AM
Slow West (R, ***) After traveling to the American frontier in search of the woman he loves, an inexperienced and impressionable young man gets the help of a mysterious traveler. Michael Fassbender(Actor), Kodi Smit-McPhee(Actor), Caren Pistorius(Actor), Ben Mendelsohn(Actor), Rory McCann(Actor)
6:00 AM
Cloverfield (PG-13, ***) After a giant monster attacks the city, five New Yorkers risk everything in a desperate quest to rescue a friend trapped in the heart of town. Lizzy Caplan(Actor), Michael Stahl-David(Actor), T.J. Miller(Actor), Jessica Lucas(Actor), Mike Vogel(Actor)
7:25 AM
Semper Fi (R, **+) A dedicated police officer who does things according to the rules tries must change his ways after his half-brother accidentally kills someone. Jai Courtney(Actor), Nat Wolff(Actor), Finn Wittrock(Actor), Beau Knapp(Actor), Arturo Castro(Actor)
9:05 AM
Red (PG-13, ***+) After a retired black-ops CIA agent and his Social Security caseworker are targeted by high-tech assassins, he reassembles his old team to find out why. Bruce Willis(Actor), Mary-Louise Parker(Actor), Morgan Freeman(Actor), Helen Mirren(Actor), John Malkovich(Actor)
11:00 AM
Die Another Day (PG-13, **+) Agent 007 tracks the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a British billionaire before a terrifying new weapon is unleashed on the earth. Pierce Brosnan(Actor), Halle Berry(Actor), Toby Stephens(Actor), Rosamund Pike(Actor), Rick Yune(Actor)
1:15 PM
50/50 from 35014192 (R, ***+) After being diagnosed with a rare type of spinal cancer, a young man attempts to beat the malignant disease with help from his long-time friend. Joseph Gordon-Levitt(Actor), Seth Rogen(Actor), Anna Kendrick(Actor), Bryce Dallas Howard(Actor), Anjelica Huston(Actor)
3:00 PM
Locke (R, ***) A dedicated family man and hard worker receives a series of phone calls during the course of a riveting drive that threaten his family, job and soul. Tom Hardy(Actor), Ruth Wilson(Voice Of), Olivia Colman(Voice Of), Andrew Scott(Voice Of), Ben Daniels(Voice Of)
4:30 PM
Casino (R, ***+) A casino boss, his hit man pal and his ex-hustler girlfriend fight to survive in mob-controlled 1970s Las Vegas, where greed, drugs, violence and the FBI lurk. Robert De Niro(Actor), Sharon Stone(Actor), Joe Pesci(Actor), Don Rickles(Actor), Kevin Pollak(Actor)
7:30 PM
A Most Violent Year (R, ***) In NYC 1981, crime runs rampant as an immigrant builds his business for his family through every opportunity, but some make him the target of an investigation. Oscar Isaac(Actor), Jessica Chastain(Actor), David Oyelowo(Actor), Alessandro Nivola(Actor), Albert Brooks(Actor)
9:35 PM
Hustlers (R, ***) A woman gets taken under the wing of a club's veteran stripper, but in 2008 after the economy crashes, they start a scheme stealing from wealthy men in bars. Constance Wu(Actor), Jennifer Lopez(Actor), Julia Stiles(Actor), Keke Palmer(Actor), Lili Reinhart(Actor)
11:30 PM
Pineapple Express (TV-14, R, ***) Two marijuana-smoking friends run for their lives when one of them witnesses a murder by a crooked cop and a drug lord, as a rare drug is traced back to them. Seth Rogen(Actor), James Franco(Actor), Danny R. McBride(Actor), Kevin Corrigan(Actor), Craig Robinson(Actor)
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