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Programs for SHO2XE on Sunday, August 9, 2020
12:00 AM
50/50 from 35014192 (R, ***+) After being diagnosed with a rare type of spinal cancer, a young man attempts to beat the malignant disease with help from his long-time friend. Joseph Gordon-Levitt(Actor), Seth Rogen(Actor), Anna Kendrick(Actor), Bryce Dallas Howard(Actor), Anjelica Huston(Actor)
1:45 AM
The Tortured (R, **) A family's life is shattered after their son is murdered and the killer's sentence is reduced due to a plea bargain, forcing them to seek revenge on their own. Erika Christensen(Actor), Jesse Metcalfe(Actor), Bill Lippincott(Actor), Bill Moseley(Actor), Fulvio Cecere(Actor)
3:15 AM
Knuckle City (TV-MA, NR)
5:30 AM
Witness (R, ***) An Amish boy witnesses a murder, and a big-city cop enters the child's isolated community to protect him, falling for the boy's widowed mother at the same time. Harrison Ford(Actor), Kelly McGillis(Actor), Danny Glover(Actor), Josef Sommer(Actor), Lukas Haas(Actor)
7:30 AM
What Lies Beneath (PG-13, ***) Mysterious happenings and eerie voices drive a research scientist's wife to investigate the disappearance of a local college student. Michelle Pfeiffer(Actor), Katharine Towne(Actor), Miranda Otto(Actor), James Remar(Actor), Harrison Ford(Actor)
9:45 AM
Man on the Moon (R, ***) An oddball stand-up comedian captures a talent agent's attention and until disease threatens, entertains television and wrestling audiences alike. Jim Carrey(Actor), Danny DeVito(Actor), Courtney Love(Actor), Paul Giamatti(Actor), Gerry Becker(Actor)
11:45 AM
The Truman Show (PG, ***+) A man's tranquil existence is disrupted by the revelation his entire life has been scripted and is being broadcast on television 24 hours a day. Jim Carrey(Actor), Ed Harris(Actor), Laura Linney(Actor), Noah Emmerich(Actor), Harry Shearer(Actor)
1:30 PM
On the Basis of Sex (PG-13, **+) When a young lawyer struggles with earning equal rights, she joins forces with her husband to bring a change to gender discrimination in America. Felicity Jones(Actor), Armie Hammer(Actor), Justin Theroux(Actor), Sam Waterston(Actor), Kathy Bates(Actor)
3:30 PM
The Pelican Brief (PG-13, ***) A law student finds herself in danger after she comes up with a theory about the recent assassination of two Supreme Court justices. Julia Roberts(Actor), Denzel Washington(Actor), Sam Shepard(Actor), John Heard(Actor), Tony Goldwyn(Actor)
5:55 PM
A Most Violent Year (R, ***) In NYC 1981, crime runs rampant as an immigrant builds his business for his family through every opportunity, but some make him the target of an investigation. Oscar Isaac(Actor), Jessica Chastain(Actor), David Oyelowo(Actor), Alessandro Nivola(Actor), Albert Brooks(Actor)
8:00 PM
Countdown (PG-13, **) A young nurse decides to download an app that predicts when a person will die, but hers reveals that she only has three days left to live. Elizabeth Lail(Actor), Jordan Calloway(Actor), Talitha Bateman(Actor), Tichina Arnold(Actor), P.J. Byrne(Actor)
9:30 PM
I Know What You Did Last Summer (R, **+) Four teenagers become the target of a vengeful stalker after they accidentally hit a man while driving on a darkened road and try to cover up the accident. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Actor), Ryan Phillippe(Actor), Sarah Michelle Gellar(Actor), Freddie Prinze Jr.(Actor), Johnny Galecki(Actor)
11:15 PM
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (R, **) Julie heads to the Bahamas with her roommate, her roommate's boyfriend, and her boyfriend, but she is still haunted by the previous summer's tragic massacre. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Actor), Freddie Prinze Jr.(Actor), Brandy(Actor), Mekhi Phifer(Actor), Jeffrey Combs(Actor)
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