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Programs for WMAX on Thursday, January 23, 2020
10:00 PM
The Count of Monte Cristo (PG-13, ***+) Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, a sailor escapes and transforms into a wealthy count, exacting revenge on the French nobility who caused his misery. Jim Caviezel(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor), Richard Harris(Actor), James Frain(Actor), Dagmara Dominczyk(Actor)
12:12 AM
The American (R, **+) A veteran assassin seeks refuge in the Italian countryside, where he struggles to escape his dark past, despite preparing for one final assignment. George Clooney(Actor), Irina Björklund(Actor), Johan Leysen(Actor), Thekla Reuten(Actor), Violante Placido(Actor)
1:57 AM
Dragged Across Concrete (R) When two detectives are suspended following the backlash of a viral video of them using intimidating tactics, they start working in the criminal underworld. Mel Gibson(Actor), Vince Vaughn(Actor), Tory Kittles(Actor), Michael Jai White(Actor), Jennifer Carpenter(Actor)
4:37 AM
Walking and Talking (R, **+) A woman struggles as her cat is diagnosed with cancer and her best friend moves out of the apartment and is planning on getting married, leaving her alone. Catherine Keener(Actor), Anne Heche(Actor), Todd Field(Actor), Liev Schreiber(Actor), Kevin Corrigan(Actor)
6:03 AM
Vital Signs (R, **) A no-nonsense physician heads a class of third year surgical residents dealing with unprecedented obstacles in light of their duties as medical students. Adrian Pasdar(Actor), Diane Lane(Actor), William Devane(Actor), Norma Aleandro(Actor), Jimmy Smits(Actor)
7:46 AM
Mr. Wonderful (PG-13, **+) After divorcing his childhood sweetheart, a working-class man tries to get his ex-wife remarried so that he will not have to pay her alimony. Matt Dillon(Actor), Annabella Sciorra(Actor), Mary-Louise Parker(Actor), William Hurt(Actor), Vincent D'Onofrio(Actor)
9:26 AM
Heart and Souls (PG-13, ***) A young man who had four ghostly companions until he was 10 is alarmed and a little distressed to find they have returned and want his help. Robert Downey Jr.(Actor), Charles Grodin(Actor), Kyra Sedgwick(Actor), Elisabeth Shue(Actor), Tom Sizemore(Actor)
11:10 AM
Intolerable Cruelty (PG-13, **+) A successful attorney at law, known for winning difficult divorce cases for his wealthy clients, falls madly in love with a beautiful gold digger. George Clooney(Actor), Catherine Zeta-Jones(Actor), Geoffrey Rush(Actor), Cedric the Entertainer(Actor), Edward Herrmann(Actor)
12:50 PM
Monte Carlo (PG, **+) While vacationing in Paris, a young woman is mistakenly believed to be a rich socialite and is thus given the royal treatment and taken to Monte Carlo. Selena Gomez(Actor), Katie Cassidy(Actor), Leighton Meester(Actor), Cory Monteith(Actor), Andie MacDowell(Actor)
2:39 PM
Beyond the Reach (R, **+) In the desert, a guide takes a rich businessman hunting, but when he accidentally kills someone, the client conceals his act by ridding the witness. Michael Douglas(Actor), Jeremy Irvine(Actor), Ronny Cox(Actor), Hanna Mangan Lawrence(Actor), P.B. Hutton(Actor)
4:11 PM
Enemy of the State (R, ***) An innocent lawyer is framed for a politically motivated murder, which sends him on a race to expose the truth before getting caught by national security. Gene Hackman(Actor), Jon Voight(Actor), Will Smith(Actor), Lisa Bonet(Actor), Regina King(Actor)
6:24 PM
Reclaim (R, **) While on a trip to Europe to finalize the adoption of their daughter, an American couple finds their lives thrown into turmoil when the girl goes missing. John Cusack(Actor), Ryan Phillippe(Actor), Rachelle Lefevre(Actor)
8:00 PM
The Thomas Crown Affair (R, ***) When a priceless Monet painting is stolen, an insurance investigator suspects a brilliant and manipulative billionaire committed the crime for thrills. Pierce Brosnan(Actor), Rene Russo(Actor), Denis Leary(Actor), Ben Gazzara(Actor), Fritz Weaver(Actor)
9:54 PM
Team America: World Police (R, **+) Clueless American secret agents recruit an equally clueless Broadway actor to save the world from an alliance between the Film Actors Guild and Kim Jong Il. Trey Parker(Voice Of), Matt Stone(Voice Of), Kristen Miller(Voice Of), Masasa(Voice Of), Daran Norris(Voice Of)
11:33 PM
The Marine (PG-13, **) A recently discharged Marine searches for a group of diamond thieves through the South Carolinian wilderness after they kidnap his wife. John Cena(Actor), Robert Patrick(Actor), Kelly Carlson(Actor), Anthony Ray Parker(Actor), Abigail Bianca(Actor)
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