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Programs for WMAX on Friday, January 24, 2020
11:33 PM
The Marine (PG-13, **) A recently discharged Marine searches for a group of diamond thieves through the South Carolinian wilderness after they kidnap his wife. John Cena(Actor), Robert Patrick(Actor), Kelly Carlson(Actor), Anthony Ray Parker(Actor), Abigail Bianca(Actor)
1:05 AM
Josie and the Pussycats (PG-13, **) An all girl band is discovered by a big record company, which is secretly trying to brainwash teenagers and influence their spending habits. Rachael Leigh Cook(Actor), Tara Reid(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Gabriel Mann(Actor), Paulo Costanzo(Actor)
2:44 AM
BlacKkKlansman (R, ***+) The first African-American detective in Colorado Springs in the early 1970s sets out on a dangerous mission to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. John David Washington(Actor), Adam Driver(Actor), Laura Harrier(Actor), Topher Grace(Actor), Ryan Eggold(Actor)
5:00 AM
Housesitter (PG, **+) An architect's life is turned upside down when he meets a woman who moves into his dream home and begins telling everyone she is his wife. Steve Martin(Actor), Goldie Hawn(Actor), Dana Delany(Actor), Julie Harris(Actor), Donald Moffat(Actor)
6:42 AM
Lights Out (PG-13, ***) A young woman, her younger brother and their mother must find a way to protect themselves from a dark entity when the lights go out. Teresa Palmer(Actor), Gabriel Bateman(Actor), Billy Burke(Actor), Maria Bello(Actor), Alexander DiPersia(Actor)
8:03 AM
A Cool, Dry Place (PG-13, **+) Just when a young Kansas lawyer begins to adjust to single-parenthood and gets a job offer in Dallas, his ex-wife returns forcing a difficult choice. Vince Vaughn(Actor), Monica Potter(Actor), Joey Lauren Adams(Actor), Bobby Moat(Actor), Devon Sewa(Actor)
9:43 AM
Isle of Dogs (PG-13, ***+) A little boy relies on the help of a pack of dogs to find his four-legged friend Spots, who was quarantined on an island because of an outbreak of canine flu. Bryan Cranston(Voice Of), Koyu Rankin(Voice Of), Edward Norton(Voice Of), Liev Schreiber(Voice Of), Bill Murray(Voice Of)
11:24 AM
Mean Girls (PG-13, ***) A girl raised in the African bush learns all about high-school hierarchies when she makes a hit with the A-list girl clique, then runs afoul of them. Lindsay Lohan(Actor), Rachel McAdams(Actor), Lacey Chabert(Actor), Tina Fey(Actor), Tim Meadows(Actor)
1:01 PM
The Family Stone (PG-13, **+) A free-spirited family's Christmas gathering becomes the scene of conflict when a son brings his very uptight girlfriend home to propose to her. Claire Danes(Actor), Diane Keaton(Actor), Rachel McAdams(Actor), Dermont Mulroney(Actor), Craig T. Nelson(Actor)
2:44 PM
The Human Stain (R, **+) An unexpected love affair with a gorgeous, younger woman leads to an aged, classics professor having a shocking secret about him revealed. Anthony Hopkins(Actor), Nicole Kidman(Actor), Ed Harris(Actor), Gary Sinise(Actor), Wentworth Miller(Actor)
4:30 PM
A Fish Called Wanda (R, ***+) Two American lovers in London pretend to be siblings so that she can seduce a jewel thief and turn him in after finding out where his loot is hidden. John Cleese(Actor), Jamie Lee Curtis(Actor), Kevin Kline(Actor), Michael Palin(Actor), Maria Aitken(Actor)
6:18 PM
Crash (R, ***+) Individuals from different social and ethnic backgrounds have their judgment and actions tested by prejudice in post-9/11 Los Angeles. Sandra Bullock(Actor), Don Cheadle(Actor), Matt Dillon(Actor), Jennifer Esposito(Actor), Brendan Fraser(Actor)
8:00 PM
Twins (PG, **+) Twins who were separated at birth as part of an experiment to produce the perfect human are reunited when one of them sets out to find his long-lost family. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), Danny DeVito(Actor), Kelly Preston(Actor), Chloe Webb(Actor), Bonnie Bartlett(Actor)
9:48 PM
Picture Perfect (PG-13, **+) An up-and-coming advertising art director fabricates a fiancé to get a promotion and attract a co-worker and has to introduce her boss to her Mr. Right Jennifer Aniston(Actor), Jay Mohr(Actor), Kevin Bacon(Actor), Olympia Dukakis(Actor), Illeana Douglas(Actor)
11:30 PM
Armageddon (PG-13, ***) When NASA spots a killer asteroid heading toward the Earth, they train an unruly crew of oil drillers to go into space and blow it away. Bruce Willis(Actor), Billy Bob Thornton(Actor), Liv Tyler(Actor), Ben Affleck(Actor), Will Patton(Actor)
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