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Programs for WMAX on Saturday, August 8, 2020
11:22 PM
The Wings of the Dove (R, ***) An impoverished British woman and her lover are at risk of losing the money they hoped to gain, because a family member does not approve of their relationship. Helena Bonham Carter(Actor), Linus Roache(Actor), Alison Elliot(Actor), Charlotte Rampling(Actor), Elizabeth McGovern(Actor)
1:04 AM
Alfie (R, **+) An encounter with a feminist prompts an unapologetic, British womanizer who drives a limousine to rethink his outlook on life and his treatment of women. Jude Law(Actor), Marisa Tomei(Actor), Renee Taylor(Actor), Omar Epps(Actor), Jane Krakowski(Actor)
2:50 AM
The Family Man (PG-13, ***) A workaholic, Wall Street bachelor wakes up to discover what his life would have been like had he married his college sweetheart 13 years earlier. Nicolas Cage(Actor), Téa Leoni(Actor), Don Cheadle(Actor), Jeremy Piven(Actor), Saul Rubinek(Actor)
4:57 AM
Little (PG-13, **) When the owner of a technology company finds herself the victim of an unfortunate wish, she is suddenly transformed into her teenage self. Regina Hall(Actor), Marsai Martin(Actor), Issa Rae(Actor), Justin Hartley(Actor), Tone Bell(Actor)
6:47 AM
Duplex (PG-13, **+) A successful young couple decides to buy the condominium of their dreams until their elderly neighbor makes their lives a nightmare. Ben Stiller(Actor), Drew Barrymore(Actor), Eileen Essell(Actor), Harvey Fierstein(Actor), Justin Theroux(Actor)
8:18 AM
Harry and the Hendersons (PG, **+) Upon returning from a hunting trip in the forest, a family hits a Bigfoot-type creature with their car, so they decide to take him to their home. John Lithgow(Actor), Melinda Dillon(Actor), Margaret Langrick(Actor), Joshua Rudoy(Actor), Don Ameche(Actor)
10:10 AM
Dante's Peak (PG-13, **+) A volcanologist travels to the Northern Cascades to investigate reports of geothermal activity and helps nearby townspeople survive when the mountain erupts. Pierce Brosnan(Actor), Linda Hamilton(Actor), Charles Hallahan(Actor), Elizabeth Hoffman(Actor), Jamie Renée Smith(Actor)
12:00 PM
A Handful of Dust (PG, ***+) An English aristocrat inadvertently exposes himself to tragedy when a man he invited to his estate forms an affair with the aristocrat's wife. James Wilby(Actor), Kristin Scott Thomas(Actor), Judi Dench(Actor), Alec Guinness(Actor), Anjelica Huston(Actor)
2:00 PM
Open Range (R, ***+) In the Old West, two cowboys and their sidekicks are driving a herd of cattle cross-country when they get pulled into the affairs of a corrupt Montana town. Robert Duvall(Actor), Kevin Costner(Actor), Annette Bening(Actor), Michael Gambon(Actor), Michael Jeter(Actor)
4:18 PM
The Last King of Scotland (R, ***+) During the 1970s, a Scottish doctor becomes the personal physician to repressive Ugandan dictator Idi Amin but is forced to confront the regime's brutality. Forest Whitaker(Actor), James McAvoy(Actor), Kerry Washington(Actor), Gillian Anderson(Actor), Simon McBurney(Actor)
6:21 PM
Lowriders (PG-13, **+) An annual lowrider event, which celebrates the almost spiritual car culture of East Los Angeles, creates tension for a young street artist and his family. Demián Bichir(Actor), Gabriel Chavarria(Actor), Theo Rossi(Actor), Melissa Benoist(Actor), Tony Revolori(Actor)
8:00 PM
Night School (PG-13, **+) When a high-school dropout finds himself unemployed and in debt, he meets a group of misfits set on doing everything to pass their GED exam. Kevin Hart(Actor), Tiffany Haddish(Actor), Rob Riggle(Actor), Taran Killam(Actor), Romany Malco(Actor)
9:51 PM
Halloween (R, ***) The return of Michael Myers forty years after his killing spree leads to a final confrontation between the masked figure and a terrified town. Jamie Lee Curtis(Actor), Judy Greer(Actor), Andi Matichak(Actor), Will Patton(Actor), Ginny Gardner(Actor)
11:38 PM
Day of the Dead (NR, ***) A small cluster of scientists and military officers cowering in an underground bunker are the last remnants of humanity in a world overrun by the living dead. Lori Cardille(Actor), Terry Alexander(Actor), Joseph Pilato(Actor), Jarlath Conroy(Actor), Anthony Dileo Jr. (Actor)
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