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Programs for FLIX-W on Thursday, June 4, 2020
11:00 PM
Dick (PG-13, **+) Two teenage girls witness the 1972 burglary of the Watergate building, and President Nixon hires them as his official dog-walkers to keep them quiet. Kirsten Dunst(Actor), Michelle Williams(Actor), Dan Hedaya(Actor), Will Ferrell(Actor), Bruce McCulloch(Actor)
12:35 AM
Bridget Jones's Diary (R, ***) A thirty-something woman struggles to take control of her life by keeping a diary in which she will always tell the absolute truth. Renée Zellweger(Actor), Hugh Grant(Actor), Colin Firth(Actor), Gemma Jones(Actor), Paul Brooke(Actor)
2:15 AM
Blue Valentine (R, ***) A young house painter and a nurse from a medical clinic try to save their faltering marriage by reviewing their pasts on an overnight getaway. Michelle Williams(Actor), Ryan Gosling(Actor), Faith Wladyka(Actor), John Doman(Actor), Mike Vogel(Actor)
4:15 AM
Desert Hearts (R, **+) An uptight female college professor is pursued by a young lesbian while staying at a ranch in Reno during the 1950s. Helen Shaver(Actor), Patricia Charbonneau(Actor), Audra Lindley(Actor), Andra Akers(Actor), Dean Butler(Actor)
5:50 AM
Windtalkers (R, **+) During World War II, two Marines are assigned to protect two Navajo who were chosen so that they could use their original language to encode radio messages. Nicolas Cage(Actor), Adam Beach(Actor), Peter Stormare(Actor), Noah Emmerich(Actor), Mark Ruffalo(Actor)
8:05 AM
Urban Myths Backstage at Live Aid (TV-MA, NR) The stories about what went on behind the scenes of Live Aid concert is explored, which includes egos clashing and hair being sprayed. Jonas Armstrong(Actor), Kerry Howard(Actor), David Avery(Actor), Karla Crome(Actor), Rufus Jones(Actor)
9:00 AM
The Heart Specialist (R, *+) A man tries to find love again in the form of a nurse at a no-so-prestigious teaching hospital, but she's already involved with his instructor. Wood Harris(Actor), Zoe Saldano(Actor), Brian White(Actor), Mya(Actor), Scott Paulin(Actor)
10:45 AM
Reefer Madness (TV-14, NR, *) A concerned high school principal addresses a PTA meeting to tell the horrific story of clean-cut students who came to tragic ends after smoking marijuana. Dorothy Short(Actor), Kenneth Craig(Actor), Lillian Miles(Actor), Dave O'Brien(Actor), Thelma White(Actor)
12:00 PM
Two Can Play That Game (R, **+) A career-focused woman creates a detailed plan to bring her wandering boyfriend to heel, but soon finds out that he has a detailed plan of his own. Vivica A. Fox(Actor), Morris Chestnut(Actor), Anthony Anderson(Actor), Wendy Raquel Robinson(Actor), Tamala Jones(Actor)
1:45 PM
Cutting Class (R, *) Several people long for the affection of a high school girl, but this is not an ordinary crush; students are dying and this love triangle could be to blame. Roddy McDowall(Actor), Jill Schoelen(Actor), Donovan Leitch(Actor), Brad Pitt(Actor), Martin Mull(Actor)
3:30 PM
The Replacement Killers (R, **+) A highly skilled hit man is hired by a drug lord but makes the decision to retire, the drug lord elects to hire replacement killers. Chow Yun-Fat(Actor), Mira Sorvino(Actor), Michael Rooker(Actor), Jürgen Prochnow(Actor), Kenneth Tsang(Actor)
5:00 PM
Paycheck (PG-13, **+) A reverse-engineer who has had his memory erased must figure out the clues he left himself before he is caught by those who hunt him. Ben Affleck(Actor), Aaron Eckhart(Actor), Uma Thurman(Actor), Paul Giamatti(Actor), Colm Feore(Actor)
7:00 PM
Seraphim Falls (TV-MA, R, **+) In the 1860s, a Civil War veteran flees across the mountains of the American West in an attempt to evade a vengeful Confederate officer. Liam Neeson(Actor), Pierce Brosnan(Actor), Michael Wincott(Actor), Ed Lauter(Actor), Tom Noonan(Actor)
9:00 PM
Kalifornia (R, ***) A journalist and his girlfriend save costs by sharing a ride while on a road trip researching killers, but their traveling companions begin to seem unstable. Brad Pitt(Actor), Kathy Larson(Actor), David Milford(Actor), David Duchovny(Actor), John Zarchen(Actor)
11:00 PM
Wild Things (R, ***) A local cop is drawn into an intricate plot when he investigates allegations of rape against a high school guidance counselor by two voluptuous students. Kevin Bacon(Actor), Matt Dillon(Actor), Neve Campbell(Actor), Theresa Russell(Actor), Denise Richards(Actor)
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