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Programs for FLIX-W on Tuesday, May 26, 2020
11:00 PM
The Legend of Bagger Vance (PG-13, ***) An alcoholic World War I veteran attempts to reclaim his once great golf game and his life with the help of a mysterious caddie and a young hometown boy. Will Smith(Actor), Matt Damon(Actor), Charlize Theron(Actor), Bruce McGill(Actor), Joel Gretsch(Actor)
1:15 AM
Stardust (PG-13, ***+) While searching for a fallen star in order to impress the object of his unrequited affections, a teenager inadvertently crosses the border into a magical realm. Claire Danes(Actor), Michelle Pfeiffer(Actor), Robert De Niro(Actor), Charlie Cox(Actor), Kate Magowan(Actor)
3:30 AM
American Graffiti (PG, ***+) In 1962 California, four young high school graduates about to leave for college head out for a night of cruising and girl-chasing in their classic hot cars. Richard Dreyfuss(Actor), Ron Howard(Actor), Paul LeMat(Actor), Charles Martin Smith(Actor), Cindy Williams(Actor)
5:30 AM
The Reckoning (R, **+) A priest on the lam takes up with a traveling band of actors, who then discover a murder has occurred and try to solve it by recreating the crime in a play. Paul Bettany(Actor), Marián Aguilera(Actor), Willem Dafoe(Actor), Tom Hardy(Actor), Brian Cox(Actor)
7:30 AM
The Nutcracker: The Untold Story (PG, ***) A girl receives a nutcracker doll that comes to life, but when the doll is stolen, it is up to her to find the Rat King's weakness and defeat him. Elle Fanning(Actor), Nathan Lane(Actor), John Turturro(Actor), Frances de la Tour(Actor), Richard E. Grant(Actor)
9:30 AM
Brighton Rock (R, **+) A teenage British gang member kills a man and then marries a waitress who witnessed the crime so that she cannot be compelled to testify against him. Sam Riley(Actor), Andrea Riseborough(Actor), Helen Mirren(Actor), John Hurt(Actor), Philip Davis(Actor)
11:30 AM
You Better Watch Out (R, *+) A troubled toymaker finds his own mind slowly unraveling as a result of the terrible moment when he first learned the truth about Santa Claus. Brandon Maggart(Actor), Jeffrey DeMunn(Actor), Dianne Hull(Actor), Andy Fenwick(Actor), Brian Neville(Actor)
1:15 PM
The Rocketeer (PG, **+) An American stunt pilot fights Nazis who are trying to locate a top secret jetpack which he recently discovered and mastered with help from his mechanic. Bill Campbell(Actor), Jennifer Connelly(Actor), Alan Arkin(Actor), Timothy Dalton(Actor), Paul Sorvino(Actor)
3:15 PM
Last Action Hero (TV-14, PG-13, **+) After receiving a magical ticket from his friend who is the movie projector operator at the local theater, a young boy is transported into his favorite movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), F. Murray Abraham(Actor), Art Carney(Actor), Charles Dance(Actor), Frank McRae(Actor)
5:30 PM
Cutting Class (R, *) Several people long for the affection of a high school girl, but this is not an ordinary crush; students are dying and this love triangle could be to blame. Roddy McDowall(Actor), Jill Schoelen(Actor), Donovan Leitch(Actor), Brad Pitt(Actor), Martin Mull(Actor)
7:05 PM
Election (R, ***) An ambitious, popular student is pitted against the school's star football player and his sister in a heated government campaign for student body president. Reese Witherspoon(Actor), Matthew Broderick(Actor), Chris Klein(Actor), Jessica Campbell(Actor), Phil Reeves(Actor)
9:00 PM
Panic Room (R, ***) A divorced woman and her daughter move into a new home in New York, where they are forced to imprison themselves in a panic room when three criminals break in. Jodie Foster(Actor), Kristen Stewart(Actor), Forest Whitaker(Actor), Dwight Yoakam(Actor), Jared Leto(Actor)
11:00 PM
When A Stranger Calls (R) Several years after a psychopathic killer murdered the children she was watching, a young babysitter discovers that the killer has returned. Carol Kane(Actor), Rutanya Alda(Actor), Carmen Argenziano(Actor), Charles Durning(Actor)
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