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Programs for FLIX-W on Friday, February 28, 2020
11:00 PM
Wayne's World (PG-13, ***) A sleazy network producer convinces a pair of slackers with a public-access talk show to take their popular program to the network level. Mike Myers(Actor), Dana Carvey(Actor), Tia Carrere(Actor), Rob Lowe(Actor), Brian Doyle Murray(Actor)
12:35 AM
Wayne's World 2 (PG-13, **+) Wayne and Garth plan a music festival but there are problems, not the least of which is a sleazy record promoter stealing Wayne's girlfriend. Mike Myers(Actor), Dana Carvey(Actor), Tia Carrere(Actor), Christopher Walken(Actor), Kim Basinger(Actor)
2:15 AM
Peep World (R, **+) A struggling actress and two of her siblings become angered at her younger brother's novel and the movie he is making about their dysfunctional family. Ron Rifkin(Actor), Rainn Wilson(Actor), Taraji P. Henson(Actor), Sarah Silverman(Actor), Stephen Tobolowsky(Actor)
3:35 AM
The Ledge (R, **+) A man standing on a ledge tells the detective who is charged with talking him out of committing suicide how he was caught with his neighbor's wife. Charlie Hunnam(Actor), Terrence Howard(Actor), Liv Tyler(Actor), Patrick Wilson(Actor), Jaqueline Fleming(Actor)
5:15 AM
The Shaft (R, *) After several people are killed in an elevator of a landmark building, a repairman's investigation unlocks the mystery to reveal a grisly, hellish nightmare. James Marshall(Actor), Naomi Watts(Actor), Eric Thal(Actor), Michael Ironside(Actor), Edward Herrmann(Actor)
7:15 AM
The Nutcracker: The Untold Story (PG, ***) A girl receives a nutcracker doll that comes to life, but when the doll is stolen, it is up to her to find the Rat King's weakness and defeat him. Elle Fanning(Actor), Nathan Lane(Actor), John Turturro(Actor), Frances de la Tour(Actor), Richard E. Grant(Actor)
9:15 AM
Nowhere Boy (R, ***) John Lennon's early years are featured, showcasing his relationship with his aunt and his mother and his first meeting with Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Aaron Johnson(Actor), Kristin Scott Thomas(Actor), David Threlfall(Actor), Josh Bolt(Actor), Ophelia Lovibond(Actor)
11:00 AM
Tabloid (R, ***) Director Errol Morris chronicles the life of former Miss Wyoming Joyce Bernann McKinney, including her obsession with a Mormon missionary. Joyce McKinney(Participant), Peter Tory(Participant), Troy Williams(Participant), Jackson Shaw(Participant), Kent Gavin(Participant)
12:30 PM
An Invisible Sign (PG-13, **) A young girl looked to math for solace in dealing with a family illness, and now reaching adulthood, she decides to help her students with their issues. Jessica Alba(Actor), Chris Messina(Actor), Sonia Braga(Actor), John Shea(Actor), J. K. Simmons(Actor)
2:15 PM
Somewhere in Time (PG, **+) A young Chicago playwright sees a photograph of an actress who appeared at the Grand Hotel in 1912 and conspires to go back in time and recapture his love. Christopher Reeve(Actor), Jane Seymour(Actor), Christopher Plummer(Actor), Teresa Wright(Actor), Bill Erwin(Actor)
4:00 PM
Double Team (R, **) A retired anti-terrorism agent is lured back to duty where he and an underground arms merchant try to stop a crazed international terrorist. Jean-Claude Van Damme(Actor), Dennis Rodman(Actor), Mickey Rourke(Actor), Paul Freeman(Actor), Natacha Lindinger(Actor)
5:35 PM
Flatliners (TV-14, R, ***) A group of talented medical students experiment with life and death by stopping their hearts and begin to experience some startling and haunting effects. Kiefer Sutherland(Actor), Julia Roberts(Actor), Kevin Bacon(Actor), William Baldwin(Actor), Oliver Platt(Actor)
7:30 PM
Flypaper from Robos simultáneos. (TV-MA, NR, **+) When two groups of criminals unknowingly rob the same bank at the same time, an innocent bystander finds himself caught in the middle. Patrick Dempsey(Actor), Ashley Judd(Actor), Tim Blake Nelson(Actor), Mekhi Phifer(Actor), Matt Ryan(Actor)
9:00 PM
Misery (TV-14, R, ***+) An author is badly injured in a car accident and rescued by a strange woman who becomes angry and holds him hostage when he kills off the heroine of his novels. James Caan(Actor), Kathy Bates(Actor), Frances Sternhagen(Actor), Richard Farnsworth(Actor), Lauren Bacall(Actor)
11:00 PM
Blue Streak (PG-13, **+) A hapless jewel thief poses as a police officer to reclaim $20 million worth of stolen diamonds he stashed at a construction site for safekeeping. Martin Lawrence(Actor), Luke Wilson(Actor), Peter O. Greene(Actor), William Forsythe(Actor), Dave Chappelle(Actor)
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