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11:34 PM
A Kiss Before Dying (R, **+) A man who will stop at nothing, including murder, to gain entry into the family of a wealthy businessman sets his sights on the tycoon's twin daughters. Matt Dillon(Actor), Sean Young(Actor), Max von Sydow(Actor), Diane Ladd(Actor), James Russo(Actor)
1:10 AM
Hero (PG-13, ***+) In ancient China, a warrior approaches a king and tells him elaborate stories about fighting a cadre of assassins intent on ending the monarch's life. Jet Li(Actor), Tony Leung(Actor), Maggie Cheung(Actor), Donnie Yen(Actor), Zhang Zi Yi(Actor)
2:49 AM
The Last Seduction (R, ***) An amoral woman and her husband organize a high-dollar drug deal and then she plots to scam him out of the money and leave him to face the consequences. Linda Fiorentino(Actor), Bill Pullman(Actor), J.T. Walsh(Actor), Bill Nunn(Actor), Peter Berg(Actor)
4:40 AM
Bruce Lee, the Legend (TV-PG, NR, **+) Martial arts legend Bruce Lee blazes a trail from his childhood in Hong Kong to his breakout success in the American film industry. James B. Nicholson(Narrator), Raymond Chow(Participant), Robert Clouse(Participant), Linda Lee Cadwell(Participant), Nora Miao(Participant)
6:10 AM
Suitable (TV-MA, NR) A tomboy student confronts issues regarding her sexuality while she selects suitable attire to wear at her upcoming high school prom.
6:25 AM
Pushing Tin (R, **+) A rivalry between two cocky air traffic controllers escalates to the point that each of them surreptitiously sleeps with the other's wife. John Cusack(Actor), Billy Bob Thornton(Actor), Cate Blanchett(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Jake Weber(Actor)
8:28 AM
Hair Wolf (TV-MA, NR) Staff workers at a black hair salon are forced to defend themselves from strange monsters that appear as white women who want to absorb all of black culture.
8:41 AM
Death Becomes Her (PG-13, **+) An aging actress and her longtime novelist rival battle over the love of a plastic surgeon and an elixir that provides eternal youth to the user. Meryl Streep(Actor), Bruce Willis(Actor), Goldie Hawn(Actor), Isabella Rossellini(Actor), Ian Ogilvy(Actor)
10:25 AM
Next of Kin (R, **+) A gutsy police officer, originally from the backwoods of Kentucky, decides to work outside the law to punish the men who murdered his brother. Patrick Swayze(Actor), Adam Baldwin(Actor), Helen Hunt(Actor), Bill Paxton(Actor), Liam Neeson(Actor)
12:14 PM
Jaws 2 (PG, **+) Four years after a great white shark terrorized a Massachusetts town, swimmers are dying again and the police chief believes another great white is the cause. Roy Scheider(Actor), Lorraine Gary(Actor), Murray Hamilton(Actor), Joseph Mascolo(Actor), Jeffrey Kramer(Actor)
2:11 PM
Prisoners (R, ***+) A small-town carpenter starts a frantic search for his missing daughter and her friend after he clashes with a cocky detective in charge of the investigation. Hugh Jackman(Actor), Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Viola Davies(Actor), Maria Bello(Actor), Terrence Howard(Actor)
4:45 PM
The Nice Guys (R, ***+) In 1970s Los Angeles, a private eye and a hired enforcer form a mismatched pair as they investigate the case of a missing girl. Ryan Gosling(Actor), Russell Crowe(Actor), Matthew Bomer(Actor), Kim Basinger(Actor), Margaret Qualley(Actor)
6:41 PM
Z for Zachariah (PG-13, **+) Following a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, the bond between a cautious young woman and a scientist is tested when another man joins them. Margot Robbie(Actor), Chris Pine(Actor), Chiwetel Ejiofor(Actor)
8:20 PM
Intolerable Cruelty (PG-13, **+) A successful attorney at law, known for winning difficult divorce cases for his wealthy clients, falls madly in love with a beautiful gold digger. George Clooney(Actor), Catherine Zeta-Jones(Actor), Geoffrey Rush(Actor), Cedric the Entertainer(Actor), Edward Herrmann(Actor)
10:00 PM
The Island (PG-13, ***) Awaiting transfer to a secluded paradise, two people escape the holding facility to expose the truth behind the seemingly Utopian society. Ewan McGregor(Actor), Scarlett Johansson(Actor), Djimon Hounsou(Actor), Sean Bean(Actor), Steve Buscemi(Actor)
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