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Programs for TMX-E on Monday, December 9, 2019
11:40 PM
The Meg (PG-13, **+) When an undersea research group is attacked by a legendary creature, an expert diver must save the team and the entire ocean from a prehistoric monster. Jason Statham(Actor), Bingbing Li(Actor), Rainn Wilson(Actor), Ruby Rose(Actor), Winston Chao(Actor)
1:34 AM
Down a Dark Hall (PG-13) A group of five emotionally sensitive teenagers are committed to a strange school meant for gifted girls that has a sinister true nature behind it. Uma Thurman(Actor), AnnaSophia Robb(Actor), Isabelle Fuhrman(Actor), Victoria Moroles(Actor), Noah Silver(Actor)
3:11 AM
River's Edge (R, ***) A group of teens in a dismal, dead-end town react in varying degrees when one of their friends murders his girlfriend and leaves her body on the riverbank. Keanu Reeves(Actor), Crispin Glover(Actor), Daniel Roebuck(Actor), Joshua Miller(Actor), Ione Skye(Actor)
4:50 AM
The Perfect Score (PG-13, **+) Six diverse teens join forces in hopes of getting perfect scores on their upcoming SATs by breaking into the Princeton Testing Center and stealing the answers. Chris Evans(Actor), Bryan Greenberg(Actor), Scarlett Johansson(Actor), Leonardo Nam(Actor), Erika Christensen(Actor)
6:23 AM
Bad Influence (R, **+) A financial analyst who seems to have everything going for him is saved from a bar fight by a stranger who smooth-talks his way into the man's life. Rob Lowe(Actor), James Spader(Actor), Lisa Zane(Actor), Marcia Cross(Actor), Rosalyn Landor(Actor)
8:03 AM
Night Shift (R, **+) A new morgue attendant gets forced back to taking the night shift where he is stuck with an obnoxious neophyte partner who dream of great success. Henry Winkler(Actor), Michael Keaton(Actor), Shelley Long(Actor), Kevin Costner(Actor), Gina Hecht(Actor)
9:50 AM
Daylight (PG-13, **+) A former chief of NYC's Emergency Services searches for a way to rescue survivors of a tunnel explosion before the tunnel collapses further or fills with water. Sylvester Stallone(Actor), Amy Brenneman(Actor), Viggo Mortensen(Actor), Dan Hedaya(Actor), Jay O. Sanders(Actor)
11:45 AM
Phat Girlz (PG-13, *) A robust woman tries to make a business by starting up a line of clothing for full-size women, but to her dismay no investors see the potential. Monique(Actor), Jimmy Jean-Louis(Actor), Godfrey(Actor), Kendra C. Johnson(Actor), Joyful Drake(Actor)
1:24 PM
Virus (PG-13, *) A truck crash in the wilderness puts a secret service veteran on the trail of a biological weapons conspiracy that hits close to home. Brian Bosworth(Actor), Leah Pinsent(Actor), David Fox(Actor), Daniel Kash(Actor), Eric Peterson(Actor)
2:55 PM
The Skulls (PG-13, **+) A recruit begins to question the sinister motives of a secret campus society when his best friend turns up dead and his other friends voice their suspicions. Joshua Jackson(Actor), Paul Walker(Actor), Hill Harper(Actor), Leslie Bibb(Actor), Christopher McDonald(Actor)
4:42 PM
The Skulls II (R, *+) A college student fights for survival after connecting a girl's murder to the top-secret, elitist fraternity he is trying to join. Robin Dunne(Actor), Nathan West(Actor), Ashley Cafagna(Actor), Lindy Booth(Actor), James Gallander(Actor)
6:22 PM
The Skulls III (PG-13, *+) A determined young woman attending a prestigious New England college wants to join an all-male secret society despite some of the members' deadly objections. Clare Kramer(Actor), Bryce Johnson(Actor), Steve Braun(Actor), Len Cariou(Actor), Shaun Sipos(Actor)
8:05 PM
Affliction (R, ***) A small-town sheriff struggles to overcome a lifelong conflict with his abusive father and its devastating effect on his life and loved ones. Nick Nolte(Actor), Sissy Spacek(Actor), James Coburn(Actor), Willem Dafoe(Actor), Mary Beth Hurt(Actor)
10:00 PM
Cold Creek Manor (R, **) A family moves into a house in the country, but upon arrival they learn that the dwellings have a dark past of their own that they must be weary of. Dennis Quaid(Actor), Sharon Stone(Actor), Stephen Dorff(Actor), Juliette Lewis(Actor), Kristen Stewart(Actor)
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