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Programs for TMX-E on Tuesday, January 21, 2020
11:57 PM
Natural Born Killers (R, ***) A sociopathic couple goes on a killing spree across the American Southwest, pursued by an obsessed detective and made into media superstars by a talk-show host. Woody Harrelson(Actor), Juliette Lewis(Actor), Robert Downey Jr.(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Rodney Dangerfield(Actor)
1:57 AM
Johnny English (PG, **+) An inept British secret agent and his competent partner are assigned to stop a French madman who wants the throne of Great Britain for himself. Rowan Atkinson(Actor), John Malkovich(Actor), Natalie Imbruglia(Actor), Ben Miller(Actor), Douglas McFerran(Actor)
3:25 AM
Puppet Master (R, **) A psychic discovers the long lost secret of a puppet maker who brought his dolls to life using an ancient Egyptian procedure before killing himself. Paul LeMat(Actor), Irene Miracle(Actor), Matt Roe(Actor), Robin Frates(Actor), Marya Small(Actor)
4:55 AM
The Liability (R) A teen agrees to work as a driver for his mother's boyfriend, an assassin who thrusts the teen into a violent world of murder, revenge and sex trafficking. Jack O'Connell(Actor), Tim Roth(Actor), Talulah Riley(Actor), Peter Mullan(Actor), Kierston Wareing(Actor)
6:22 AM
Suitable (TV-MA, NR) A tomboy student confronts issues regarding her sexuality while she selects suitable attire to wear at her upcoming high school prom.
6:36 AM
Best Laid Plans (R, **+) Two young people in trouble with the mob and desperate to leave town decide to hatch a scheme that will make them some quick money. Alessandro Nivola(Actor), Reese Witherspoon(Actor), Josh Brolin(Actor), Gene Wolande(Actor), Jonathan McMurtry(Actor)
8:10 AM
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (PG-13, ***) A married couple find excitement and wealth as assassins, but they both are shocked to learn that their spouse is also a hired killer and their next target. Brad Pitt(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Vince Vaughn(Actor), Adam Brody(Actor), Kerry Washington(Actor)
10:10 AM
Jaws: The Revenge (PG-13, *) Disregarding the behavior typically exhibited by the rest of its species, a revenge-minded shark follows a woman from New England to the Bahamas. Lorraine Gary(Actor), Lance Guest(Actor), Mario Van Peebles(Actor), Karen Young(Actor), Michael Caine(Actor)
11:40 AM
Teen Witch (PG-13, **+) After learning that she is a witch, a teenage girl uses her newly acquired powers to get her dream date and to seek revenge on a mean English teacher. Robyn Lively(Actor), Zelda Rubinstein(Actor), Dan Gauthier(Actor), Joshua Miller(Actor), Dick Sargent(Actor)
1:15 PM
Casino Royale (PG-13, ***+) British secret agent James Bond goes on his first mission as 007, entering a high-stakes poker game against a dastardly terrorist banker. Daniel Craig(Actor), Eva Green(Actor), Mads Mikkelsen(Actor), Judi Dench(Actor), Jeffrey Wright(Actor)
3:40 PM
The Tree of Life (PG-13, ***) As a Texas boy grows into an adult in the 1950s, he seeks to regain the lost innocence of his youth and find meaning in his unsatisfying life. Brad Pitt(Actor), Sean Penn(Actor), Jessica Chastain(Actor), Hunter McCracken(Actor), Laramie Eppler(Actor)
6:00 PM
Traffic (R, ***+) International drug trafficking and the U.S.'s escalating war on drugs affect the public and personal lives of several people in the U.S. and Mexico. Michael Douglas(Actor), Don Cheadle(Actor), Benicio del Toro(Actor), Dennis Quaid(Actor), Catherine Zeta-Jones(Actor)
8:28 PM
Beyond the Reach (R, **+) In the desert, a guide takes a rich businessman hunting, but when he accidentally kills someone, the client conceals his act by ridding the witness. Michael Douglas(Actor), Jeremy Irvine(Actor), Ronny Cox(Actor), Hanna Mangan Lawrence(Actor), P.B. Hutton(Actor)
10:00 PM
Margin Call (R, ***) After an entry-level analyst discovers important information, the members of an investment firm attempt to handle the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. Kevin Spacey(Actor), Paul Bettany(Actor), Jeremy Irons(Actor), Zachary Quinto(Actor), Penn Badgley(Actor)
11:47 PM
The Thomas Crown Affair (R, ***) When a priceless Monet painting is stolen, an insurance investigator suspects a brilliant and manipulative billionaire committed the crime for thrills. Pierce Brosnan(Actor), Rene Russo(Actor), Denis Leary(Actor), Ben Gazzara(Actor), Fritz Weaver(Actor)
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