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Programs for TMX-E on Friday, January 24, 2020
10:00 PM
The Island (PG-13, ***) Awaiting transfer to a secluded paradise, two people escape the holding facility to expose the truth behind the seemingly Utopian society. Ewan McGregor(Actor), Scarlett Johansson(Actor), Djimon Hounsou(Actor), Sean Bean(Actor), Steve Buscemi(Actor)
12:17 AM
Sexy Beast (R, ***) A retired gangster, content with his peaceful new life in rural Spain, is forced to break into the safe of a London bank for a menacing mob leader. Ray Winstone(Actor), Sir Ben Kingsley(Actor), Ian McShane(Actor), Cavan Kendall(Actor), Amanda Redman(Actor)
1:46 AM
Suitable (TV-MA, NR) A tomboy student confronts issues regarding her sexuality while she selects suitable attire to wear at her upcoming high school prom.
2:01 AM
The American (R, **+) A veteran assassin seeks refuge in the Italian countryside, where he struggles to escape his dark past, despite preparing for one final assignment. George Clooney(Actor), Irina Björklund(Actor), Johan Leysen(Actor), Thekla Reuten(Actor), Violante Placido(Actor)
3:46 AM
Emergency (TV-MA, NR) A collection of young latino and black men find themselves in a nightmarish situation upon returning home to find an unconscious white woman in their home.
3:58 AM
Lifeforce (R, **+) A shuttle sent to survey Halley's Comet returns with three dead humanoids, but its crew is murdered and the humanoids awaken to create a race of zombies. Steve Railsback(Actor), Peter Firth(Actor), Frank Finlay(Actor), Mathilda May(Actor), Patrick Stewart(Actor)
5:40 AM
Masquerade (R, **+) A recently orphaned millionaire despises her step father, but falls in love with a young yacht racing captain who isn't completely truthful with her. Rob Lowe(Actor), Meg Tilly(Actor), Kim Cattrall(Actor), John Glover(Actor), Doug Savant(Actor)
7:12 AM
Child's Play 2 (R, **+) To prove its innocence, a toy factory accidentally begins to reassemble and sell a psychopathic, killer-possessed doll at the center of a murderous rampage. Alex Vincent(Actor), Jenny Agutter(Actor), Gerrit Graham(Actor), Christine Elise(Actor), Grace Zabriskie(Actor)
8:36 AM
Bigger (PG-13, ***) Two brothers attempt to start an extreme fitness empire, but they must first overcome the odds of racism and overwhelming poverty. Julianne Hough(Actor), Kevin Durand(Actor), Tyler Hoechlin(Actor), Colton Haynes(Actor), D.J. Qualls(Actor)
10:24 AM
The Merchant of Venice (R, ***) A cruel moneylender demands a grisly payment from a Venice merchant in order to make good on a defaulted loan given to a friend besotted by romance. Al Pacino(Actor), Jeremy Irons(Actor), Joseph Fiennes(Actor), Lynn Collins(Actor), Zuleikha Robinson(Actor)
12:35 PM
The Darkest Minds (PG-13, **+) When a group of teenagers survive a childhood disease that gives them superpowers, they escape an internment camp to resist against government forces. Amandla Stenberg(Actor), Mandy Moore(Actor), Gwendoline Christie(Actor), Bradley Whitford(Actor), Harris Dickinson(Actor)
2:20 PM
Slumdog Millionaire (R, ***+) A young Indian man recounts how his tragic life in the slums of Mumbai, India, prepared him to answer the questions on a popular trivia game show. Dev Patel(Actor), Anil Kapoor(Actor), Saurabh Shukla(Actor), Freida Pinto(Actor), Rajendranath Zutshi(Actor)
4:21 PM
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (PG-13, ***) A married couple find excitement and wealth as assassins, but they both are shocked to learn that their spouse is also a hired killer and their next target. Brad Pitt(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Vince Vaughn(Actor), Adam Brody(Actor), Kerry Washington(Actor)
6:22 PM
Traffik (R, **+) A travelling couple encounters a biker gang during their romantic getaway deep in the mountains, and they must find a way to protect themselves. Paula Patton(Actor), Omar Epps(Actor), Rosalyn Sanchez(Actor), Laz Alonso(Actor), Dawn Olivieri(Actor)
7:59 PM
Mr. Brooks (R, ***) A successful businessman and loving father is also an infamous serial killer that no one suspects, until a tough detective develops a relationship to catch him. Kevin Costner(Actor), Demi Moore(Actor), Dane Cook(Actor), William Hurt(Actor), Marg Helgenberger(Actor)
10:00 PM
The Gunman (R, **+) A soldier formerly affiliated with the Special Forces makes an attempt to reunite with a lost love, but he first must travel across Europe to clear his name. Sean Penn(Actor), Idris Elba(Actor), Ray Winstone(Actor), Mark Rylance(Actor), Javier Bardem(Actor)
11:55 PM
Natural Born Killers (R, ***) A sociopathic couple goes on a killing spree across the American Southwest, pursued by an obsessed detective and made into media superstars by a talk-show host. Woody Harrelson(Actor), Juliette Lewis(Actor), Robert Downey Jr.(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Rodney Dangerfield(Actor)
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