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Programs for TLC on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
12:00 AM
Counting On Still Growing: The Duggar Dash (Repeat, TV-PG) The Duggars compete to determine which family member is the most competitive; the family goes on a race around town; bonus scenes are added. Jill Duggar(Participant), Jessa Duggar(Participant)
1:00 AM
Counting On A Baby Girl for Joe & Kendra (Repeat, TV-PG) Jeremy learns a skateboarding lesson; Kendra enters labor, but as contractions intensify, her birth team fears that her doctor may not arrive in time. Jill Duggar(Participant), Jessa Duggar(Participant)
3:00 AM
OutDaughtered When Danielle's Away, the Quints Will Play (Repeat, TV-PG) Despite the overwhelming task, Adam has something planned for his kids while Danielle is gone; Hazel receives news after an eye appointment. Adam Busby(Participant), Danielle Busby(Participant)
4:00 AM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Skin Deep (Repeat, TV-14) A shocking discovery is made when a man passes out from the pain; an estranged daughter solves a mystery; delirious actors end up in the ER.
5:00 AM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Blackout, Bleedout (Repeat, TV-14) A wrist fracture leads to a medical mystery; two fishermen get stuck on a lure; a cheerleader fights for her life; a power outage threatens a patient's life.
6:00 AM
Sweet Home Sextuplets The Flu Scare (Repeat, TV-PG) Eric and Courtney try to keep the kids healthy; Layke gets a surprise result from the cardiologist; Courtney and Eric disagree over renovations. Eric Waldrop(Participant), Courtney Waldrop(Participant)
7:00 AM
Sweet Home Sextuplets Valentines - Times Nine! (Repeat, TV-PG) Courtney hangs out with the boys as Eric takes on her share of the workload; a big scare forces the Waldrops to consider renting a house. Eric Waldrop(Participant), Courtney Waldrop(Participant)
8:00 AM
Sweet Home Sextuplets Vacation: Impossible (Repeat, TV-PG) When their house is under construction, Courtney and Eric go on vacation with the sextuplets only to find it difficult to keep them happy. Eric Waldrop(Participant), Courtney Waldrop(Participant)
9:00 AM
My Crazy Obsession Mouse Mania & Wigged Out (Repeat, TV-PG) Over the last 30 years, Janet has collected over 5,000 Mickey Mouse memorabilia items for her astounding collection; Tamis tends to her 2,000 wigs.
9:30 AM
My Crazy Obsession Mannequin Invasion & Carrot Queen (Repeat, TV-PG) A young man unveils his collection of more than 300 life-size mannequins that are filling his home, while a 35-year-old carrot lover recalls her favorite toys.
10:00 AM
My Crazy Obsession Airline Addict & Crazy for Capybaras (Repeat, TV-PG) Anthony has been collecting airplane memorabilia since he was a child, while Melanie spends countless hours bonding with her pet capybara, a giant rodent.
10:30 AM
My Crazy Obsession Raggedy Ann & a Rat's Tale (Repeat, TV-PG) Chantal shocks loved ones once they meet her 19 pet rats who seem to be treated as more than animals; Robyn shares her affinity for Raggedy Ann dolls.
11:00 AM
My Kid's Obsession (Repeat, TV-PG) Five kids across the USA share their unique collections that they have collected for numerous years, including the world's largest collection of fishing lures.
12:00 PM
My 600-lb Life Annjeannette's Story (Repeat, TV-14) Annjeanette is ashamed of being overweight and is desperate to save her life as she tries to cope with her food addiction and drop the pounds.
2:00 PM
My 600-lb Life Brandi and Kandi's Story (Repeat, TV-14) Twins Kandi and Brandi fear losing each other to obesity and a serious event during weight loss surgery may separate them forever.
4:00 PM
My 600-lb Life Brianne's Story (Repeat, TV-PG) Brianne has a body weight of over 700-pounds and intends to make some life-changing choices but becomes distracted when her husband suffers from a heart attack.
6:00 PM
My 600-lb Life Benji & David's Story (Repeat, TV-14) Benji, at 475-pounds, worries that he will end up in the same situation as his older brother David, who now weighs 700-pounds and is unable to work.
8:00 PM
My 600-lb Life Erica's Story (Repeat, TV-14) Erica weighs 661-pounds and regrets not keeping a promise she made to her mother, but due to her previous shortcomings, her siblings are hesitant to help out.
10:00 PM
My 600-lb Life David & Benji & Erica (Repeat, TV-14) A woman succeeds during her weight loss journey, but she ends up facing romantic difficulties; a man must reach his goal weight without his brothers support.
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