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Programs for SHOX-E on Thursday, August 6, 2020
10:00 PM
Showtime Championship Boxing Broner vs. Taylor (TV-14) The 12-round super lightweight main event features former three division world champion Adrien Broner (28-1, 22 KOs) vs. Emmanuel Taylor (18-2, 12 KOs). Adrien Broner(Participant), Emmanuel Taylor(Participant)
12:30 AM
Son of a Gun (R, ***) An imprisoned teen finds protection in a notorious criminal but must break him out upon his own release to join a gold heist, and it all may soon backfire. Ewan McGregor(Actor), Brenton Thwaites(Actor), Alicia Vikander(Actor), Jacek Koman(Actor), Matt Nable(Actor)
2:30 AM
Enemy (R, ***+) When a historian watches a film, he spots an actor who looks exactly like him, so he sets off to find the stranger and discovers he has a different personality. Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Mélanie Laurent(Actor), Sarah Gadon(Actor), Isabella Rossellini(Actor), Joshua Peace(Actor)
4:00 AM
Punisher: War Zone (R, **+) A hardened vigilante's brutal war on crime is threatened when he accidentally kills an undercover FBI agent during an attempt to take down a mob boss. Ray Stevenson(Actor), Dominic West(Actor), Doug Hutchison(Actor), Colin Salmon(Actor), Wayne Knight(Actor)
5:45 AM
Beowulf (PG-13, **+) A mighty Scandinavian warrior arrives at a Danish kingdom to fight a beast, deal with its vengeful mother and eventually protect the kingdom from a dragon. Ray Winstone(Actor), Anthony Hopkins(Actor), John Malkovich(Actor), Robin Wright(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor)
7:40 AM
Best of Showtime Boxing 2019 (TV-14)
8:10 AM
King Kong (PG-13, ***) An adventurous filmmaker takes a struggling actress on an expedition to a mysterious island, on which they seek the legendary giant gorilla named Kong. Naomi Watts(Actor), Jack Black(Actor), Adrien Brody(Actor), Andy Serkis(Actor), Jamie Bell(Actor)
11:30 AM
Kingpin (PG-13, ***) A former bowling phenomenon turned hustler runs afoul of some men who mangle his hand, but the talents of an Amish boy bring him back to the game. Woody Harrelson(Actor), Randy Quaid(Actor), Vanessa Angel(Actor), Bill Murray(Actor), Chris Elliott(Actor)
1:30 PM
The Devil's Own (TV-MA, R, **+) A young Irish terrorist rooms with the family of a dedicated New York cop who is unaware that his purpose in the city is to conduct an arms deal for the IRA. Harrison Ford(Actor), Brad Pitt(Actor), Margaret Colin(Actor), Rubén Blades(Actor), Treat Williams(Actor)
3:30 PM
The Raven (R, **+) Gothic author Edgar Allan Poe joins forces with a young Baltimore detective in order to track down a serial killer committing murders inspired by Poe's works. John Cusack(Actor), Luke Evans(Actor), Alice Eve(Actor), Brendan Gleeson(Actor), Kevin McNally(Actor)
5:20 PM
The Manchurian Candidate (R, **+) The ambush of a group of Gulf War soldiers may have been part of an elaborate political brainwashing scheme to eventually seize the White House. Denzel Washington(Actor), Meryl Streep(Actor), Liev Schreiber(Actor), Jon Voight(Actor), Jeffrey Wright(Actor)
7:30 PM
The Shining (TV-14, R, ****) An author and his family go to stay at an isolated resort with a dark past, and soon the unquiet spirits of the place begin to affect the man's sanity. Jack Nicholson(Actor), Shelley Duvall(Actor), Danny Lloyd(Actor), Scatman Crothers(Actor), Barry Nelson(Actor)
10:00 PM
Showtime Championship Boxing Garcia vs. Rios from Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas (TV-14) Danny Garcia (33-1, 19 KOs) who lost his last fight against Keith Thurman, returns to the ring to face Brandon Rios (34-3-0) who won his last fight by KO. Danny Garcia(Participant), Brandon Rios(Participant)
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