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Programs for SHOHD on Thursday, February 27, 2020
10:45 PM
House Party 2 (HD, R, **) A hip-hop duo is offered a record deal and one of them loses the other's tuition money and then plans a big fund-raising party in order to pay him back. Christopher Reid(Actor), Christopher Martin(Actor), Eugene Allen(Actor), George Bell(Actor), Georg Stanford Brown(Actor)
12:20 AM
DESUS & MERO THAT'S A LOTTA RAPPIN' (HD, Repeat, TV-MA) Comedian John Mulaney. John Mulaney(Guest), Desus(Participant), The Kid Mero(Participant)
1:00 AM
Beloved (TV-14, R, **+) An odd, young woman may hold the key to redemption for a woman who is haunted both by her past as a slave and by a secret that surrounds the death of her child. Oprah Winfrey(Actor), Danny Glover(Actor), Thandie Newton(Actor), Kimberly Elise(Actor), Beah Richards(Actor)
4:00 AM
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (HD, R, ***) Rock 'n roll legend stars in his own TV show, runs through 411 girlfriends, and makes friends with the stars but considers giving it all up for one woman. John C. Reilly(Actor), Jenna Fischer(Actor), Tim Meadows(Actor), Kristen Wiig(Actor), Nat Faxon(Actor)
5:45 AM
Jerry Maguire (HD, R, ***) A successful agent for sports celebrities begins his own company after an attack of conscience costs him his job and nearly all of his clients. Tom Cruise(Actor), Cuba Gooding Jr.(Actor), Renée Zellweger(Actor), Kelly Preston(Actor), Jerry O'Connell(Actor)
8:05 AM
A League of Their Own (HD, TV-PG, PG, ***) During World War II, a group of fiesty women step in to fill the shoes of absent baseball players, creating a female baseball league. Tom Hanks(Actor), Geena Davis(Actor), Madonna(Actor), Lori Petty(Actor), John Lovitz(Actor)
10:15 AM
Girl, Interrupted (HD, TV-14, R, ***) After begin diagnosed with a personality disorder, a teenager in a mental ward makes friends with young women whose complex problems make her own seem simple. Winona Ryder(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Whoopi Goldberg(Actor), Jared Leto(Actor), Clea DuVall(Actor)
12:30 PM
The Parts You Lose (HD, TV-MA, NR) When a young deaf boy secretly helps an injured fugitive hiding in his family's barn, the two form a bond, and the boy is faced with a difficult choice. Mary Elizabeth Winstead(Actor), Aaron Paul(Actor), Scoot McNairy(Actor), Kristen Harris(Actor), Jane Wu(Actor)
2:15 PM
Them That Follow (HD, R) Inside the Appalachia region of the United States, a devoted daughter of a pastor is forced to confront the deadly traditions of her father's church. Kaitlyn Dever(Actor), Alice Englert(Actor), Jim Gaffigan(Actor), Walt Goggins(Actor), Thomas Mann(Actor)
4:00 PM
District 9 (HD, R, ***+) In Johannesburg, South Africa, extraterrestrial refugees are forced to live in a concentration camp where military officials try to utilize their technology. Sharlto Copely(Actor), Nathalie Boltt(Actor), William Allen Young(Actor), Greg Melvill-Smith(Actor), Nick Blake(Actor)
6:00 PM
Kidding Episode 3101 (HD, Repeat, TV-MA) Jeff attempts to teach children about change during the premiere episode of "Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time's" 31st season. Jim Carrey(Actor), Catherine Keener(Actor), Frank Langella(Actor), Judy Greer(Actor), Cole Allen(Actor)
6:31 PM
Kidding The Death of Fil (HD, Repeat, TV-MA) Jeff, Deirdre, Will and Seb attend a funeral at sea following an international incident. Jim Carrey(Actor), Catherine Keener(Actor), Frank Langella(Actor), Judy Greer(Actor), Cole Allen(Actor)
7:00 PM
Homeland False Friends (HD, Repeat, TV-MA) Carrie sets up a meeting; Haqqani is faced with trouble at home; Saul makes a deal. Claire Danes(Actor), Mandy Patinkin(Actor), Elizabeth Marvel(Actor)
8:00 PM
The Brothers (HD, R, **+) Four lifelong friends begin to question their own romantic entanglements when one announces his impending wedding and a shocking revelation comes to light. Morris Chestnut(Actor), D.L. Hughley(Actor), Bill Bellamy(Actor), Shemar Moore(Actor), Gabrielle Union(Actor)
9:45 PM
Mo'Nique & Friends: Live from Atlanta (Repeat, TV-MA) Comedy legend Mo'Nique hosts an evening of comedy with some of her friends, including Prince T-Dub, Just Nesh, Tone-X, Correy Bell and Donnell Rawlings. Prince T-Dub(Comic), Taneshia "Just Nesh" Rice(Comic), Anthony "Tone-X" Belser(Comic), Correy Bell(Comic), Monique(Host)
11:00 PM
DESUS & MERO WOKE SWITCHEROO (HD, New, TV-MA) Rapper Killer Mike. Killer Mike(Guest), Desus(Participant), The Kid Mero(Participant)
11:30 PM
Our Cartoon President Hillary 2020 (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Cartoon Hillary Clinton launches a bid for president after Cartoon Michael Bloomberg's campaign falters; Cartoon Kellyanne Conway distracts the president. Jeff Bergman(Voice Of)
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