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Programs for MotorTrend on Saturday, December 14, 2019
12:00 AM
Roadkill Classics El Paso To LA: The Hard Way! (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) David and Mike take a trip to the city of El Paso, Texas, where they attempt to track down a car they can purchase, restore and drive back to L.A. David Freiburger(Host), Mike Finnegan(Host)
12:30 AM
Roadkill Classics Cheap Truck Challenge (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) An off-road automotive competition features a highly-modified 1979 Ford Bronco, a 1980 Toyota pickup truck and a 1987 Chevrolet Suburban. David Freiburger(Host), Mike Finnegan(Host)
1:00 AM
Graveyard Carz Take It to the Limit (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Allysa finds out the crew faces large fines subsequent to an OSHA inspection as they work on the final assembly of the problematic 1969 GTX. Mark Worman(Participant), Royal Yoakum(Participant), Allysa Rose(Participant), Will Scott(Participant), Dave Rea(Participant)
2:00 AM
Roadkill Classics Stubby Bob Fails, El Camino Wins, and Blasphemi Flops (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The hosts shorten a 1950 Ford two-ton truck into a bobber rat rod, as well as take a classic 1969 El Camino to a Wisconsin car show. David Freiburger(Host), Mike Finnegan(Host)
3:00 AM
Graveyard Carz Raise the Roof (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Doug builds out the rear end assembly for the 1969 Plymouth GTX; George and Mark reverse the damage done to Mark's newest ride; a Graveyard favorite returns. Mark Worman(Participant), Royal Yoakum(Participant), Allysa Rose(Participant), Will Scott(Participant), Dave Rea(Participant)
4:00 AM
Garage Squad Li'l Red Distress (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A man reacquires a Dodge "Li'l Red Express" he purchased from his boss at a local pizza joint in the past, so he enlists the crew to restore it. Bruno Massel(Host), Lauren Bohlander(Host)
5:00 AM
Iron Resurrection Cat-Eye Cruiser (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Joe Martin and the automotive crew at Martin Bros Customs upgrade a customer's classic 1959 Chevrolet Impala by utilizing a creative concept. Joe Martin(Participant), Amanda Martin(Participant), Jayson 'Shag' Arrington (Participant), Javier 'Shorty' Ponce (Participant), Jason Martin(Participant)
6:00 AM
Hot Rod Garage Drift 'Cuda Hits the SEMA Show and Then the Track!! #fishtailcuda (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Tony and Lucky deal with limited shop time, part mix-ups, and a flood in L.A. as they attempt to get the 1972 'Cuda drift car to SEMA on time.
6:30 AM
2019-2020 FIA WEC RACES Bahrain (HD, New, TV-PG)
8:00 AM
Gearz Fins, Logo and Mystery Paint (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Stacey works on the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express by installing fins, spraying a custom paint job, and creating a captivating logo for the stealth build. Stacey David(Host)
8:30 AM
My Classic Car Richard Petty (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Host Dennis Cage visits racing legend Richard Petty to take a look at his extensive car collection, and he discusses the different automotive carpeting. Richard Petty(Guest), Dennis Gage(Host)
9:00 AM
Chasing Classic Cars Ford GT40 vs. Ferrari Take Two (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Wayne visits a racetrack to find out if a Ford GT40, a high-performance American-British endurance racing car, or a Ferrari, an Italian sports car, is faster. Wayne Carini(Host)
9:30 AM
Brand New Muscle Car: Classic Bronco Finishing Touches (HD, New, TV-G)
10:00 AM
Chasing Classic Cars Two Times the Barn Finds (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Wayne tracks down a 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport Cabriolet, which has been stored in a garage for more than 30 years, and a 1948 Harley-Davidson. Wayne Carini(Host)
10:30 AM
Two Guys Garage Ranger Maintenance (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The guys replace the power-steering pump, and the front and rear suspension, on a 1999 Ford Ranger, as well as repair some of its other maintenance issues. Kevin Byrd(Host), Willie B(Host)
11:00 AM
Car Fix Love It or List It (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Jared Zimmerman repairs a clutch problem on his 1990s Chevrolet Blazer so he can trade it for a brand new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Zora C8. Lou Santiago(Host), Jared Zimmerman(Host)
11:30 AM
All Girls Garage 2003 BMW 325i (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The crew replaces the timing chain on a 2003 BMW 325i, as well as fixes its electrical draw issue, two problems that both require the use of special tools. Jessi Combs(Participant), Bogi Lateiner(Participant), Cristy Lee(Participant)
12:00 PM
FOURWHEELER Engine Swap (HD, New, TV-PG)
12:30 PM
"Motor Trend Presents: The Land Cruiser Rally" (HD, New, TV-PG)
1:00 PM
Truck U Jeepin' Up With the Jones (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Hosts Bruno Massel and Matt Steele modify and boost trucks while increasing the power and performance in a simple, easy to replicate way. Bruno Massel(Host), Matt Steele(Host)
1:30 PM
Two Guys Garage Trackhawk! (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Hosts Kevin and Willie add some extra power to the supercharged Hellcat V8 in one of the fastest SUVs on the planet, the Jeep Trackhawk. Kevin Byrd(Host), Willie B(Host)
2:00 PM
2019-2020 FIA WEC RACES Bahrain (HD, New, TV-PG)
3:30 PM
Roadkill Classics Chevy 55 (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Justin "Big Chief" Shearer and Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington of "Street Outlaws" visit with David and Mike; the guys work on a classic 1955 Chevrolet. David Freiburger(Host), Mike Finnegan(Host)
4:00 PM
FantomWorks 1965 Cadillac DeVille and 1984 Monte Carlo (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Dan takes on a 1965 Cadillac DeVille so full of leaves and rat droppings that it becomes a health hazard and a 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo intended to be a gift. Dan Short(Host)
5:00 PM
FantomWorks 1964 Impala and 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Dan Short and the team takes on a 1964 Chevrolet Impala that is very close to heading to the junkyard; Dan and the team tackle a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon. Dan Short(Host)
6:00 PM
FantomWorks 1963 Corvette and 1931 Model A Hot Rod (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Dan Short needs to add a split window to James' 1963 Chevrolet Corvette and fix a 1931 Model A Ford that has been converted to a hot rod and is in pieces. Dan Short(Host)
7:00 PM
FantomWorks 1966 VW Beetle and 1976 Triumph TR6 Convertible (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Host Dan Short and the team take on a 1966 Volkswagon Beetle that ends up on the curb because of challenges with the owner and a 1976 Triumph TR6. Dan Short(Host)
8:00 PM
Full Custom Garage 55 Oldsmobile Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Car builder Ian Roussel takes a beat-up 1955 Oldsmobile and looks to transform this old machine into a classic custom, featuring a breakdown of the process. Ian Roussel(Host)
9:00 PM
Full Custom Garage Space Junky Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Vehicle builder Ian Roussel puts his skills to the test creating unique automobiles, as he builds everything from fast-racing street cars to trash trucks. Ian Roussel(Host)
10:00 PM
Full Custom Garage Dune Buggy (HD, TV-PG) While working with a surprise client, Ian Roussel finds a 1960s dune buggy and looks to make modifications that would transform it into a modern machine. Ian Roussel(Host)
11:00 PM
Iron Resurrection: Refueled Good to Go GTO: Refueled (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Joe customizes a 1969 Pontiac GTO by giving it unique body modifications and a new power train that boasts wider tires; bonus content is added.
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