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Programs for MAXWAL on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
11:55 PM
Margaret (R, ***) Things change for a young woman when she witnesses a bus accident, forcing her into a troubling mental state as many of the people deal with the aftermath. Anna Paquin(Actor)
2:25 AM
Widows (R, ***+) When four women are left behind by their dead husbands, they find themselves riddled with a debt from their former spouses' criminal activities. Viola Davies(Actor)
4:35 AM
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (PG, **) A Franciscan monk looks into the deaths of five people who fell when an old rope bridge collapsed to see if there was divine intervention in the tragedy. F. Murray Abraham(Actor), Kathy Bates(Actor), Gabriel Byrne(Actor)
6:35 AM
Willard (PG, **+) A lonely, depressed and isolated young man uses his only friends, his pet rats that live in his depilated home, to exact revenge on his tormenters. Bruce Davison(Actor)
8:12 AM
Ghoulies II (PG-13, *) A pack of little, killer demons escapes from a mansion, hides out on an amusement park ride and ends up bringing the dying fair back to life. Royal Dano(Actor), Damon Martin(Actor), Phil Fondacaro(Actor), Dale Wyatt(Actor)
9:43 AM
The Three Stooges (PG, **) Three comically abusive friends get involved in a murder plot while on a mission to save the orphanage that was responsible for raising them. Sean Hayes(Actor), Peter Farrelly(Director)
11:16 AM
Harry and the Hendersons (PG, **+) Upon returning from a hunting trip in the forest, a family hits a Bigfoot-type creature with their car, so they decide to take him to their home. John Lithgow(Actor), Fred Newman(Voice Of)
1:08 PM
Reality Bites (PG-13, ***) A college graduate who is filming a documentary about the lives of her friends is torn between dating a young executive and one of her roommates. Winona Ryder(Actor)
2:48 PM
The Stunt Man (R, ***+) While on the run from the police, a former soldier decides to hide out with a group of filmmakers, who believe he is a famous Hollywood stuntman. Peter O'Toole(Actor), Steve Railsback(Actor), Richard Rush(Director)
5:00 PM
Keeping up with the Steins (PG-13, **) A boy prepares for his bar mitzvah and does not know its meaning while facing his overbearing father, leading him to invite his grandfather to change things. Jami Gertz(Actor)
6:30 PM
The Sitter (R, **+) Hoping to hook up with his girlfriend, an irresponsible babysitter decides to drive three children around the streets of New York City. Jonah Hill(Actor), David Gordon Green(Director)
7:55 PM
Chronicle (PG-13, ***) After gaining superpowers, three high school friends embrace the darker side of their powers, causing their lives to spin out of control. Daisy Tormé(Voice Of)
9:20 PM
Rollerball (PG-13, *) An athlete hoping to become a professional hockey player gets introduced to the world of an extremely dangerous sport that combines roller derby and basketball. Chris Klein(Actor), John McTiernan(Director,Producer)
11:00 PM
Shallow Hal (PG-13, **+) A superficial man falls in love with an obese woman he believes to be thin after a self-help guru tricks him into judging women by inner beauty. Gwyneth Paltrow(Actor)
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