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Programs for MAXWAL on Sunday, May 24, 2020
11:00 PM
Revenge of the Nerds (R, ***) A group of nerds frequently targeted by fraternity bullies forms an alliance with a misfit sorority to exact the perfect revenge. Robert Carradine(Actor), Anthony Edwards(Actor), Timothy Busfield(Actor), Andrew Cassese(Actor), Curtis Armstrong(Actor)
12:35 AM
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (PG-13, **+) When a child star from the 1970s discovers his lack of a childhood is keeping him from landing a role, he hires a family to adopt him and show him normality. David Spade(Actor), Mary McCormack(Actor), John Lovitz(Actor), Craig Bierko(Actor), Alyssa Milano(Actor)
2:15 AM
Night School (PG-13, **+) When a high-school dropout finds himself unemployed and in debt, he meets a group of misfits set on doing everything to pass their GED exam. Kevin Hart(Actor), Tiffany Haddish(Actor), Rob Riggle(Actor), Taran Killam(Actor), Romany Malco(Actor)
4:10 AM
Fathers' Day (PG-13, **) A woman enlists the help of two former lovers in locating her missing teen-age son by tricking them into believing each is the boy's father. Robin Williams(Actor), Billy Crystal(Actor), Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Actor), Nastassja Kinski(Actor), Charlie Hofheimer(Actor)
5:50 AM
Chronicle (PG-13, ***) After gaining superpowers, three high school friends embrace the darker side of their powers, causing their lives to spin out of control. Dane DeHaan(Actor), Alex Russell(Actor), Michael B. Jordan(Actor), Michael Kelly(Actor), Ashley Hinshaw(Actor)
7:15 AM
The Package (R, **+) A military man realizes he's become a pawn for American and Russian dissidents who are opposed to a treaty that would end the threat of nuclear war. Gene Hackman(Actor), Joanna Cassidy(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), John Heard(Actor), Dennis Franz(Actor)
9:05 AM
Monkey Shines (R, **+) An injection of human brain cells into a monkey to create an aid for a quadriplegic in getting on with his life turns into an experiment in terror. Jason Beghe(Actor), John Pankow(Actor), Kate McNeil(Actor), Joyce Van Patten(Actor), Christine Forrest(Actor)
11:00 AM
A Prairie Home Companion (PG-13, ***) The cast of a long-running radio show makes the best of their final performance as a giant corporation prepares to demolish their theater. Woody Harrelson(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Garrison Keillor(Actor), Kevin Kline(Actor), Lindsay Lohan(Actor)
12:50 PM
Marvin's Room (PG-13, ***) Two sisters, one of whom has sacrificed her life to take care of their invalid father, end a 20-year feud when one of them needs a bone-marrow donor. Meryl Streep(Actor), Leonardo DiCaprio(Actor), Diane Keaton(Actor), Robert De Niro(Actor), Hume Cronyn(Actor)
2:30 PM
The Way of the Dragon (R, ***) The Mafia wants to buy a Roman family's restaurant, and when their cousin arrives to protect them, the mob imports a martial artist from America to kill him. Bruce Lee(Actor), Chuck Norris(Actor), Nora Miao(Actor), Ping-Ao Wei(Actor), Chung-Hsin Huang(Actor)
4:09 PM
Bruce Lee: Fist of Fury (R, **+) Chen Jun returns to school in Shanghai and finds his master was killed by Japanese from a competing school, which initiates his destructive campaign of revenge. Bruce Lee(Actor), Nora Miao(Actor), James Tien(Actor), Maria Yi(Actor), Robert Baker(Actor)
5:57 PM
Rapid Fire (R, **+) A college student who is a martial arts expert becomes unwillingly involved in a violent drug war between Mafia and Asian gangs in Chicago. Brandon Lee(Actor), Powers Boothe(Actor), Nick Mancuso(Actor), Raymond J. Berry(Actor), Kate Hodge(Actor)
7:35 PM
Kiss of the Dragon (R, ***) A police officer turns to a prostitute for assistance after learning of a vice operative's connection to a Chinese drug lord. Jet Li(Actor), Bridget Fonda(Actor), Tchéky Karyo(Actor), Max Ryan(Actor), Ric Young(Actor)
9:15 PM
The Crow (R, ***+) A murdered rock guitarist comes back from the dead to take revenge on the violent people that took the lives of him and his fiancée. Brandon Lee(Actor), Rochelle Davis(Actor), Ernie Hudson(Actor), Michael Wincott(Actor), Bai Ling(Actor)
11:00 PM
Backdraft (R, ***) Two conflicting brothers become firefighters together, and when an arsonist tortures the city, they are forced to unite and find the person responsible. Kurt Russell(Actor), William Baldwin(Actor), Scott Glenn(Actor), Jennifer Jason Leigh(Actor), Rebecca DeMornay(Actor)
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