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Programs for HBOF-E on Tuesday, March 31, 2020
10:40 PM
The Kid Who Would Be King (PG, **+) When a young boy unexpectedly finds a magic sword in a stone, he attempts to unite his legion of knights to fight against an evil enchantress. Patrick Stewart(Actor), Louis Serkis(Actor), Rebecca Ferguson(Actor), Tom Taylor(Actor), Rhianna Dorris(Actor)
12:45 AM
Bridge to Terabithia (PG, ***) Though he trained all summer for the school race, after being bested by the new girl in school two fifth graders become friends and create a magical land. Josh Hutcherson(Actor), AnnaSophia Robb(Actor), Zooey Deschanel(Actor), Robert Patrick(Actor), Bailee Madison(Actor)
2:25 AM
Elephant Kingdom (TV-PG)
4:05 AM
Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (PG, **+) When a young boy's boat capsizes and he is stranded in the wilderness, he relies on his clever and loyal Labrador to help him survive the elements. Bruce Davison(Actor), Mimi Rogers(Actor), Jesse Bradford(Actor), Tom Bower(Actor), Joel Palmer(Actor)
5:29 AM
I Can't Do This But I Can Do That (TV-G) The stories of eight students with learning differences reveal that they have real problems along with other gifts that can help them overcome their challenges. Michael D'Addario(Narrator)
6:00 AM
Kindergarten Many Kinds of Kindness (TV-Y) The students learn how to be kind to people during "Kindness Day."
6:30 AM
Sesame Street If Me Had That Wand (TV-Y) After watching Abby make things magically appear with her wand, Cookie Monster become determine to take Abby's wand and make cookies for himself. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor), Emilio Delgado(Actor)
7:30 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Think Pink; Tyler's First Flight (TV-Y) Pinky tells Tyler a story about their Great Grandmother Dinky Doo and her encounter with a saber-tooth guinea pig; Tyler is afraid of flying.
8:00 AM
Sesame Street Calm Down and Think, Elmo (TV-Y) Elmo is thinking about owning a new bicycle horn when a game show host offers him that exact prize if he can stay calm and answer three questions. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor), Emilio Delgado(Actor)
9:00 AM
A Little Curious Work Hard Bump (TV-Y) A collection of zany everyday objects, such as a rubber ball and mop, delight in the world around them as they teach and learn basic words, phrases and ideas. Cameron Bowen(Voice Of), Rafael Ferrer(Voice Of), Bob Kaliban(Voice Of), Mandy Kaplan(Voice Of), Marilyn Pasekoff(Voice Of)
9:30 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Think Pink; Tyler's First Flight (TV-Y) Pinky tells Tyler a story about their Great Grandmother Dinky Doo and her encounter with a saber-tooth guinea pig; Tyler is afraid of flying.
10:00 AM
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Rumpelstiltskin (TV-Y) A strange Jamaican man has the ability to spin ordinary straw into gold, but his gift come with an unthinkable price for the young woman he is helping. Denzel Washington(Actor,Voice Of), Robert Townsend(Voice Of), Jasmine Guy(Voice Of), Roscoe Lee Brown(Voice Of)
10:30 AM
Crashbox (TV-Y7) Game show allows grade school kids to play interactively through their TVs and brain teasers focus on subjects like history, math, spelling & nature. Michael McShane(Voice Of), Edie McClurg(Voice Of), Greg Eagles(Voice Of), Mari Weiss(Voice Of), Jerry Stiller(Host)
10:55 AM
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (G, **+) A cat and two dogs become lost in the city and fend off human and canine adversaries while trying to find their way back to their owners. Robert Hays(Actor), Kim Griest(Actor), Veronica Lauren(Actor), Kevin Chevalia(Actor), Benj Thall(Actor)
12:25 PM
HBO Storybook Musicals Lyle, Lyle Crocodile: The Musical: The House on East 88th Street (TV-Y) A family moves into a new house and finds a crocodile in the bathtub, and after spending a fun day together, the real owners come back for their pet. Tony Randall(Voice Of), Liz Callaway(Voice Of), Arnold Stang(Voice Of)
12:55 PM
Nim's Island (PG, **+) A girl living on a secluded island seeks help from her favorite author when her scientist father goes missing during an ocean voyage and the island is invaded. Abigail Breslin(Actor), Jodie Foster(Actor), Gerard Butler(Actor), Michael Carman(Actor), Mark Brady(Actor)
2:35 PM
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (G, *) A litter of outlandishly behaved Chihuahua puppies attempts to help their parents in order to save their owners, who are in great danger. Bridgit Mendler(Actor), Miguel Ferrer(Actor), Elaine Hendrix(Actor), Odette Yustman(Voice Of), Emily Osment(Voice Of)
4:00 PM
The Electric Company Abracadabra Cadabra Ca-Green! (TV-G) When Danny discovers a book of magic spells, and Jessica is turned into a lizard, the team works to find a way to change her back to normal. Priscilla Star(Actor), Jenni Barber(Actor), Josh Segarra(Actor), Ricky Smith(Actor), Ashley Morris(Actor)
4:31 PM
HBO Storybook Musicals Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (TV-Y) A young boy's bad day gets worse when he gets gum stuck in his hair, trips over his skateboard, and misplaces his most beloved yo-yo.
5:05 PM
HBO Storybook Musicals A Child's Garden of Verses (TV-Y7) When a boy can't escape the confines of his bed, he uses his imagination to go to a place where he can experience fun and excitement. Jonathan Pryce(Voice Of)
5:35 PM
The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (G, **) After Littlefoot finds his father, he must think about staying with his friends in the Great Valley, or staying with his father to begin a new life. Kenneth Mars(Voice Of), Aria Noel Curzon(Voice Of), Jeff Glen Bennett(Voice Of), Rob Paulsen(Voice Of), John Ingle(Voice Of)
7:00 PM
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (G, ***+) Wallace and his dog Gromit set out to discover the gigantic creature that threatens their town's annual giant vegetable contest. Peter Sallis(Voice Of), Peter Kay(Voice Of), Nicholas Smith(Voice Of), Liz Smith(Voice Of), Ralph Fiennes(Voice Of)
8:25 PM
Johnny English Strikes Again (PG) Johnny English serves as the last line of defense when all of Britain's active undercover agents' identities are exposed by a cyberattack. Rowan Atkinson(Actor), Ben Miller(Actor), Olga Kurylenko(Actor), Emma Thompson(Actor), Jake Lacy(Actor)
9:55 PM
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (PG-13, ***+) After being encaged due to a misunderstood act of friendship, an ape with genetically enhanced intelligence frees his fellow apes and begins a war. Andy Serkis(Actor), James Franco(Actor), Terry Notary(Actor), John Lithgow(Actor), Brian Cox(Actor)
11:45 PM
The Last Unicorn (G, **+) A beautiful but lonely white unicorn journeys into the forest in search of others of her kind, and comes across an evil, obsessive king. Alan Arkin(Voice Of), Jeff Bridges(Voice Of), Mia Farrow(Voice Of), Angela Lansbury(Voice Of), Christopher Lee(Voice Of)
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