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Programs for HBOF-E on Wednesday, May 27, 2020
11:55 PM
The Wizard (TV-PG, PG, **+) A boy takes his mentally unstable brother, who has a knack for beating video games, on a journey across the country for a video game competition. Beau Bridges(Actor), Christian Slater(Actor), Fred Savage(Actor), Luke Edwards(Actor), Vince Trankina(Actor)
1:35 AM
Max Keeble's Big Move (PG, **) A bullied middle-school student plots revenge on his tormenters when he thinks that his family is moving and he will be safe from reprisals. Alex D. Linz(Actor), Larry Miller(Actor), Jamie Kennedy(Actor), Zena Grey(Actor), Josh Peck(Actor)
3:05 AM
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (G, *) A litter of outlandishly behaved Chihuahua puppies attempts to help their parents in order to save their owners, who are in great danger. Bridgit Mendler(Actor), Miguel Ferrer(Actor), Elaine Hendrix(Actor), Odette Yustman(Voice Of), Emily Osment(Voice Of)
4:30 AM
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! (G, *+) The family of outlandishly behaved Chihuahuas help the smallest member of the group find the strength and confidence to pursue her dreams. Marcus Coloma(Actor), Erin Cahill(Actor), Kyle Gass(Actor), Frances Fisher(Actor), Briana Lane(Actor)
6:00 AM
Kindergarten Doin' the Right Thing (TV-Y) The children receive valuable lessons on being polite to other people.
6:30 AM
Sesame Street Pigs for Another Day (TV-Y) Grover, Rosita and Cookie Monster agree to become pigs for a day when the three little pigs become sick and make a doghouse for Chris' friend. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Violet Tinnirello(Actor), Carroll Spinney(Voice Of)
7:00 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Speed Rocket; Great Biscotti (TV-Y) Speed Rocket Guinea Pig learns that he must keep trying, even when he is not doing very well; Pinky helps Nicholas learn to ask for help.
7:30 AM
Sesame Street Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin (TV-Y) Chris provides assistance to Penelope, an enthusiastic and animated penguin, to learn how to properly control herself in order to make new friends. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor)
8:30 AM
A Little Curious Hard Easy Change (TV-Y) A collection of zany everyday objects, such as a rubber ball and mop, delight in the world around them as they teach and learn basic words, phrases and ideas. Cameron Bowen(Voice Of), Rafael Ferrer(Voice Of), Bob Kaliban(Voice Of), Mandy Kaplan(Voice Of), Marilyn Pasekoff(Voice Of)
9:00 AM
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child The Little Mermaid (TV-Y) A young mermaid visiting the world on the surface meets and falls in love with a human boy, so she makes a deal with a witch for a chance to be with her love. Denzel Washington(Actor), Tia Carrere(Voice Of), Margaret Cho(Voice Of), Amy Hill(Voice Of), Gedde Watanabe(Voice Of)
9:30 AM
Crashbox (TV-Y7) Game show allows grade school kids to play interactively through their TVs and brain teasers focus on subjects like history, math, spelling & nature. Michael McShane(Voice Of), Edie McClurg(Voice Of), Greg Eagles(Voice Of), Mari Weiss(Voice Of), Jerry Stiller(Host)
9:55 AM
D2: The Mighty Ducks (PG, **+) After injuring his knee, the coach of a rag-tag hockey team gets the chance to coach Team USA, incorporating his own team, in the Junior Goodwill Games. Emilio Estevez(Actor), Kathryn Erbe(Actor), Michael Tucker(Actor), Jan Rubes(Actor), Carsten Norgaard(Actor)
11:45 AM
Jingle All the Way (PG, **) As a career-driven dad frantically searches the stores for a sold-out toy the day before Christmas, he gets competition from a crazy postman on the same quest. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), Sinbad(Actor), Phil Hartman(Actor), Rita Wilson(Actor), Robert Conrad(Actor)
1:15 PM
Babe: Pig in the City (TV-G, G, **+) After Farmer Hoggett is injured and cannot work, Mrs. Hoggett takes Babe to a distant fair for a paid appearance, but they get separated in a strange city. James Cromwell(Actor), Magda Szubanski(Actor), Mickey Rooney(Actor), Mary Stein(Actor), Paul Livingston(Actor)
2:50 PM
Battle for Terra (PG, ***) When mankind is forced to find a planet to inhabit, they find a planet that already has peaceful citizens, so the humans declare war. Chad Allen(Voice Of), Evan Rachel Wood(Voice Of), Rosanna Arquette(Voice Of), Bill Birch(Voice Of), Brooke Bloom(Voice Of)
4:10 PM
Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (PG, ***) The Teen Titans try to get the hottest director in Hollywood to film their movie, but an evil villain's plan interrupts their attempt at stardom. Will Arnett(Voice Of), Kristen Bell(Voice Of), Greg Cipes(Voice Of), Scott Menville(Voice Of), Khary Payton(Voice Of)
5:00 PM
HBO Storybook Musicals (TV-Y) With specialized animation and one-of-a-kind songs, a number of the most well-known children's stories from around the world are brought to life.
5:35 PM
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (PG, **) In their 2011 live summer concert tour, the ragtag group of singers in the glee club strives to perform at their best as they sing in front of large audiences. Dianna Agron(Actor), Chris Colfer(Actor), Darren Criss(Actor), Kevin McHale(Actor), Lea Michele(Actor)
7:00 PM
D3: The Mighty Ducks (PG, **) A motley team of junior hockey players wins scholarships to a prestigious private academy with a big hockey program and encounters snobbery and prejudice. Emilio Estevez(Actor), Jeffrey Nordling(Actor), Joshua Jackson(Actor), David Selby(Actor), Heidi Kling(Actor)
8:45 PM
POKÉMON Detective Pikachu (PG, ***) When an ace detective goes missing, his 21-year-old son goes on a mission to find out what happened with help from his father's wise-cracking Pokémon partner. Justice Smith(Actor), Kathryn Newton(Actor), Bill Nighy(Actor), Ken Watanabe(Actor), Chris Geere(Actor)
10:30 PM
Eragon (PG, **) An orphaned farm boy's discovery of a dragon egg leads him on a quest to save his homeland from the harsh rule of an evil, war-loving king and his wizard. Ed Speelers(Actor), Jeremy Irons(Actor), Sienna Guillory(Actor), Robert Carlyle(Actor), John Malkovich(Actor)
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