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Programs for HBOF-E on Thursday, August 6, 2020
10:20 PM
Midnight Special (PG-13, ***) A father and his young son are forced to go on the run after it is discovered that the little boy possesses mysterious, special powers. Michael Shannon(Actor), Joel Edgerton(Actor), Kirsten Dunst(Actor), Adam Driver(Actor), Sam Shepard(Actor)
12:13 AM
The Big Year (PG, **+) Tired of their everyday lives back home, three bird watchers decide to travel the country in an annual event known for its rare birds. Jack Black(Actor), Zahf Paroo(Actor), Owen Wilson(Actor), Rosamund Pike(Actor), Steve Martin(Actor)
1:55 AM
Emma (PG, ***) A young Englishwoman sets out to find her new friend a mate, but one prospect falls for her instead and another is the one she secretly wants for herself. Gwyneth Paltrow(Actor), Toni Collete(Actor), Alan Cumming(Actor), Ewan McGregor(Actor), Jeremy Northam(Actor)
3:57 AM
The Last Unicorn (G, **+) A beautiful but lonely white unicorn journeys into the forest in search of others of her kind, and comes across an evil, obsessive king. Alan Arkin(Voice Of), Jeff Bridges(Voice Of), Mia Farrow(Voice Of), Angela Lansbury(Voice Of), Christopher Lee(Voice Of)
5:30 AM
El Perro y El Gato Sigue Soñando, Keep on Dreaming (TV-Y) A hyperactive dog and an easygoing cat teach pre-school aged kids about animals and nature, while also teaching them vocabulary words in English and Spanish.
6:01 AM
A Little Curious Open Close Ring (TV-Y) A collection of zany everyday objects, such as a rubber ball and mop, delight in the world around them as they teach and learn basic words, phrases and ideas. Cameron Bowen(Voice Of), Rafael Ferrer(Voice Of), Bob Kaliban(Voice Of), Mandy Kaplan(Voice Of), Marilyn Pasekoff(Voice Of)
6:31 AM
Sesame Street Having a Ball (TV-Y) Elmo and Rosita agree to help Saul the Ball use his imagination in order to create games that they can play inside the house together. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor), Alison Bartlett(Actor)
7:02 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Boom! Sonic Boom!; Pinky the Pet (TV-Y) After the superhero Boom Sonic Boom saves the day in a super-powered wheelchair, Pinky pretends to be a reporter trying to get the school on him.
7:30 AM
Sesame Street Abby Schools in Cool (TV-Y) Mando and Abby help Telly, Rosita and Elmo understand why they should do things that they enjoy, even if they are not considered cool. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor), Emilio Delgado(Actor)
8:30 AM
A Little Curious Bubble Picture Mirror (TV-Y) A collection of zany everyday objects, such as a rubber ball and mop, delight in the world around them as they teach and learn basic words, phrases and ideas. Cameron Bowen(Voice Of), Rafael Ferrer(Voice Of), Bob Kaliban(Voice Of), Mandy Kaplan(Voice Of), Marilyn Pasekoff(Voice Of)
8:59 AM
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Puss in Boots (TV-Y) A playful and roguish cat tries to improve the life of his new owner by using his wits and cunning to help the young Hawaiian find and marry a princess. Denzel Washington(Actor), David Hyde Pierce(Voice Of), Dean Cain(Voice Of), Noriyuki "Pat" Morita(Voice Of), Ming Nah Wen(Voice Of)
9:30 AM
Crashbox (TV-Y7) Game show allows grade school kids to play interactively through their TVs and brain teasers focus on subjects like history, math, spelling & nature. Michael McShane(Voice Of), Edie McClurg(Voice Of), Greg Eagles(Voice Of), Mari Weiss(Voice Of), Jerry Stiller(Host)
10:00 AM
The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina (G, *+) Tom Thumb goes on an adventure to find others of his size but after meeting Thumbelina she is captured and it's up to him to save her from the Mole King. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Voice Of), Elijah Wood(Voice Of), Peter Gallagher(Voice Of), Jon Stewart(Voice Of), Michael Chiklis(Voice Of)
11:18 AM
Battle for Terra (PG, ***) When mankind is forced to find a planet to inhabit, they find a planet that already has peaceful citizens, so the humans declare war. Chad Allen(Voice Of), Evan Rachel Wood(Voice Of), Rosanna Arquette(Voice Of), Bill Birch(Voice Of), Brooke Bloom(Voice Of)
12:40 PM
Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House (PG) A young boy who proves himself to be extremely resourceful spends the holidays with his newly divorced father and attempts to protect the house from villains. Mike Weinberg(Actor), French Stewart(Actor), Jason Beghe(Actor), Joanna Going(Actor), Clare Carey(Actor)
3:32 PM
Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists (G, *+) The daughter of a benevolent king persuades a sailor to help her create a magic potion to stop an evil wizard who is threatening her home. Brendan Fraser(Actor), Jennifer Hale(Actor)
5:00 PM
Weight of the Nation for Kids The Great Cafeteria Takeover (TV-G) Kids in post-Katrina New Orleans came together with a plan to transform their school's lunch menu and help their community fight against obesity. Shari Cookson(Director)
5:30 PM
Everyone's Hero (G, **+) A determined boy sets out on a cross-country quest to recover Babe Ruth's stolen bat, help the Yankees win the World Series, and restore his father's good name. William H. Macy(Voice Of), Rob Reiner(Voice Of), Raven-Symoné(Voice Of), Whoopi Goldberg(Voice Of), Ritchie Allen(Voice Of)
7:00 PM
MXP: Most Xtreme Primate (G, *+) A chimpanzee is depressed over no longer being able to play hockey, but an airport mix-up leads to a Colorado trip and the new hobby of extreme snowboarding. Robby Benson(Actor), Devin Douglas Drewitz(Actor), Trevor Wright(Actor), Ian Bagg(Actor), Robert Tinkler(Actor)
8:30 PM
The Kite Runner (PG-13, ***) Two childhood friends who spend their time getting into trouble and preparing for their town's kite-flying tournament are torn apart by war. Khalid Abdalla(Actor), Homayoun Ershadi(Actor), Shaun Toub(Actor), Atossa Leoni(Actor), Saïd Taghmaoui(Actor)
10:40 PM
Wednesday (TV-14, NR) A teenage girl who recently become homeless and lives in a car with her mother decides to reacquire a semblance of her former life by doing something reckless. Mychala Lee(Actor), Chene Lawson(Actor)
10:55 PM
Clockstoppers (PG, **) A scientist's teenage son uses his father's strange watch to stop and start time, but he soon is pursued by the CEO of the corporation that was developing it. Jesse Bradford(Actor), Paula Garcés(Actor), French Stewart(Actor), Michael Biehn(Actor), Robin Thomas(Actor)
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