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Programs for HBOF-E on Friday, July 3, 2020
10:25 PM
Planet of the Apes (PG-13, **+) An astronaut stranded on a world of intelligent apes leads a rebellion against armed forces intent on enslaving the last vestiges of humanity. Mark Wahlberg(Actor), Tim Roth(Actor), Helena Bonham Carter(Actor), Paul Giamatti(Actor), Estella Warren(Actor)
12:25 AM
Yesterday (PG-13) After a bus accident causes a mysterious global blackout, a singer-songwriter wakes up in a world where the Beatles band never existed. Himesh Patel(Actor), Lily James(Actor), Kate McKinnon(Actor), Ed Sheeran(Actor), Joel Fry(Actor)
2:25 AM
The Sun Is Also a Star (PG-13) When a young girl is on the verge of being deported with her family, she finds herself spending her last day in the U.S. falling in love. Yara Shahidi(Actor), Charles Melton(Actor), John Leguizamo(Actor), Gbenga Akinnagbe(Actor), Jake Choi(Actor)
4:10 AM
D2: The Mighty Ducks (PG, **+) After injuring his knee, the coach of a rag-tag hockey team gets the chance to coach Team USA, incorporating his own team, in the Junior Goodwill Games. Emilio Estevez(Actor), Kathryn Erbe(Actor), Michael Tucker(Actor), Jan Rubes(Actor), Carsten Norgaard(Actor)
6:00 AM
Sesame Street Saved By Super Foods (TV-Y) When Elmo and Super Grover are unable to figure out what kiwi is, they receive a surprise visit from the Super Food Super Heroes, who give them a lesson. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor), Emilio Delgado(Actor)
7:00 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Think Pink; Tyler's First Flight (TV-Y) Pinky tells Tyler a story about their Great Grandmother Dinky Doo and her encounter with a saber-tooth guinea pig; Tyler is afraid of flying.
7:30 AM
Sesame Street Grover's Street Safari (TV-G) Grover brings Elmo and friends along on a Sesame Street safari where they get the chance to pretend like they are the wild animals they see and hear. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor)
8:00 AM
Sesame Street Lucky's Unlucky Day (TV-Y) Big Bird and Nina help teach a bulldozer that it is okay to make mistakes as long as he is willing to try again and learn from them. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Violet Tinnirello(Actor), Carroll Spinney(Voice Of)
8:30 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Pinky and the Castle of Cards; Daddy's Special Shirt (TV-Y) Pinky tells the gang a story about a king who built a castle out of playing cards but had difficulty enjoying his creation; Pinky tells Tyler a story.
9:00 AM
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child The Little Mermaid (TV-Y) A young mermaid visiting the world on the surface meets and falls in love with a human boy, so she makes a deal with a witch for a chance to be with her love. Denzel Washington(Actor), Tia Carrere(Voice Of), Margaret Cho(Voice Of), Amy Hill(Voice Of), Gedde Watanabe(Voice Of)
9:30 AM
Crashbox (TV-Y7) A game show allows grade school kids to play interactively through their televisions, and the educational games focus on subjects like history and math. Michael McShane(Voice Of), Edie McClurg(Voice Of), Greg Eagles(Voice Of), Mari Weiss(Voice Of), Jerry Stiller(Host)
10:00 AM
Fly Me to the Moon (G, **) A housefly and his two friends attempt to stow away on the Apollo 11 rocket for the NASA moon mission, but they are discovered as the ship malfunctions. Tim Curry(Voice Of), Christopher Lloyd(Voice Of), Robert Patrick(Voice Of), Kelly Ripa(Voice Of), Trevor Gagnon(Voice Of)
11:30 AM
Alpha and Omega (PG, **) Two young wolves from different ends of the social order are taken away from their home in Canada, sending them on a dangerous journey back home. Justin Long(Voice Of), Hayden Panettiere(Voice Of), Dennis Hopper(Voice Of), Danny Glover(Voice Of), Christina Ricci(Voice Of)
1:00 PM
Babe (TV-PG, G, ***) A precocious piglet creates a stir of controversy within the farmyard when he decides that he wants to become a sheepdog and decides to pursue his dreams. James Cromwell(Actor), Magda Szubanski(Actor), Zoe Burton(Actor), Paul Goddard(Actor), Wade Hayward(Actor)
2:35 PM
Beverly Hills Chihuahua (PG, *+) A ritzy dog becomes stranded in Mexico after accidentally getting left behind by her wealthy owner, and she must find a way to get back home. Piper Perabo(Actor), Jamie Lee Curtis(Actor), Manolo Cardona(Actor), José María Yazpik(Actor), Maury Sterling(Actor)
4:10 PM
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (G, *) A litter of outlandishly behaved Chihuahua puppies attempts to help their parents in order to save their owners, who are in great danger. Bridgit Mendler(Actor), Miguel Ferrer(Actor), Elaine Hendrix(Actor), Odette Yustman(Voice Of), Emily Osment(Voice Of)
5:35 PM
Underdog (PG, **) A security guard and his teenage son adopt a runaway dog, but the boy finds out that his dog is no ordinary dog, but a superhero with special superpowers. Jim Belushi(Actor), Alex Neuberger(Actor), Taylor Momsen(Actor), Peter Dinklage(Actor), Patrick Warburton(Actor)
7:00 PM
Flushed Away (PG, ***) A posh rat leaves his lonely life behind when a disgusting intruder decides to flush him down the toilet and to the London sewers below. Jean Reno(Voice Of), Hugh Jackman(Voice Of), Kate Winslet(Voice Of), Kathy Burke(Voice Of), David Suchet(Voice Of)
8:25 PM
The Pacifier (PG, **+) After his squad fails to protect a scientist, a Navy SEAL is assigned to protect his late charge's children from the same people who killed their father. Vin Diesel(Actor), Lauren Graham(Actor), Faith Ford(Actor), Brittany Snow(Actor), Max Thieriot(Actor)
10:05 PM
The Great Gilly Hopkins (PG, ***) An out-of-control and assertive 11-year-old girl in the foster system is taken in by a strange family, but she learns that they may not be so bad. Sophie Nélisse(Actor), Kathy Bates(Actor), Julia Stiles(Actor), Bill Cobbs(Actor), Octavia Spencer(Actor)
11:45 PM
Baby's Day Out (PG, **) Bumbling kidnappers posing as photographers find themselves outwitted by a clever baby when he foils their nefarious plans and enjoys an exciting outing. Joe Mantegna(Actor), Lara Flynn Boyle(Actor), Joe Pantoliano(Actor), Brian Haley(Actor), Cynthia Nixon(Actor)
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