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Programs for NGC-E on Friday, August 14, 2020
11:03 PM
Life and Death Row Truth (Repeat, TV-14) Two Ohio 19-year-olds who murdered a young man who was about to go into the Navy tell conflicting stories during their arraignment and trial. Ellena Wood(Director)
12:03 AM
Life and Death Row Judgment (Repeat, TV-14) A 26-year-old defendant is tried for allegedly beating eight people to death, and as the trial progresses, lawyers negotiate over whether he should be executed. John Douglas(Director)
1:03 AM
Life and Death Row Execution (Repeat, TV-14) On execution day, the victim of one of two men scheduled to die examines her feelings, while the mother of the other one fights for a stay of execution. Ben Anthony(Director)
2:03 AM
Hitler's Last Stand Nazi Fortress (Repeat, TV-14) Nazi paratroopers endure a siege at the hands of a combined allied force that is determined to carry out their orders to capture a water port. Mark Oliver(Narrator)
3:03 AM
Hitler's Last Stand Forest of Death (Repeat, TV-14) A strategic peak on the German border is the source of a violent battle between US Rangers and Nazi forces who both are determined to succeed. Mark Oliver(Narrator)
4:02 AM
Hitler's Last Stand Panzer Fury (Repeat, TV-14) Allies struggle to capture an abbey in France that has been recently occupied by Nazi forces, and they learn that the unit at the location is wanted. Mark Oliver(Narrator)
5:01 AM
Hitler's Last Stand Enemy Allies (Repeat, TV-14) French prisoners held as captives by the Nazis are targeted for a rescue effort, and German soldiers unexpectedly form an alliance with the Americans. Mark Oliver(Narrator)
6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
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7:00 AM
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7:30 AM
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8:00 AM
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8:30 AM
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9:00 AM
World's Deadliest Ice Cold Killers (TV-PG) Predators that prowl through the snow and leave blood on the ice and bodies floating in the frigid water are examined in great detail.
10:00 AM
World's Deadliest Born To Kill (TV-PG) As part of their preparation for life in the dangerous wild, baby predators are taught to hunt by their parents, but some are born with killer instincts.
11:00 AM
World's Deadliest War of the Carnivores (TV-PG) The deadliest animals in the world take one another on in a battle for survival, including carnivores, animals that feed on flesh.
12:00 PM
World's Deadliest Ultimate Predators (TV-PG) Authentic footage grants viewers the opportunity to witness as some of the most feared animals demonstrate their unparalleled hunting abilities.
1:00 PM
World's Deadliest When Prey Attacks (TV-PG) Predators can have the tables turned on them by their prey, such as the crocodile that learned a lesson from a hippo and the lion that was bested by a buffalo
2:00 PM
World's Deadliest Predator Paradise (TV-PG) The world's most ideal locations with crystal-clear water, gold sand and palm trees are the hunting grounds for some of the fiercest predators on the planet.
3:00 PM
World's Deadliest Animal Ninja Warriors (TV-PG) Creatures in the animal kingdom that possess speed, stealth, agility, patience and deadly weapons are presented as covert animal assassins.
4:00 PM
Africa's Deadliest Mob Rule (TV-14) A look is taken at how being in a gang is a matter of life or death in Botswana, a country in Africa that becomes an animal habitat during seasonal floods. Jason Carvell(Narrator)
5:00 PM
Africa's Deadliest Ambush Hunters (TV-PG) Predators lie in wait across the continent of Africa, using special skills and the surroundings to avoid detection until the moment they strike down their prey. Jason Carvell(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Africa's Deadliest Ganglands (TV-PG) The two kinds of animals in the animal kingdom are presented, the hunter and the hunted, gaining strength and protection in teams, battling for territory. Jason Carvell(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Africa's Deadliest Moving Targets (TV-14) A revealing evaluation of how an animal's instinct to move is paramount to their survival in Southern Africa, a region that's home to 230 mammal species. Jason Carvell(Narrator)
8:00 PM
Africa's Deadliest Arms Race (TV-14) An informative examination is taken of a wide variety of lethal species that live in the African wilderness. Jason Carvell(Narrator)
9:00 PM
Savage Kingdom A Mother's Sacrifice (TV-14) A female lion makes a tough decision on behalf of her pride as she attempts to save the pride's young cubs from a dangerous situation. Charles Dance(Narrator)
10:03 PM
Savage Kingdom The Rebellion (TV-14) As the teenagers deal with the aftermath of their fight with Thata, they put their lives in danger as they strike out on their own. Charles Dance(Narrator)
11:03 PM
Africa's Deadliest Bloodlines (TV-14) Predators have been known and feared for their ability to fight, hunt and kill, but it is up to the young predators to acquire those skills through practice. Jason Carvell(Narrator)
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