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Programs for NGC-E on Thursday, July 9, 2020
11:03 PM
To Catch a Smuggler Coke in the Coat (Repeat, TV-14) The federal security personnel at New York City's JFK Airport are trained to intercept everything from drugs to radioactive material.
12:03 AM
To Catch a Smuggler: Colombia Cocaine Cocktail (Repeat, TV-14) A man goes free following his arrest when officers fail to find evidence to support his imprisonment, and they are forced to look at additional suspects.
1:03 AM
To Catch a Smuggler: Colombia Loaded Luggage (Repeat, TV-14) Officers engage in a series of drug busts against involving cocaine shipments, and they discover an individual attempting to smuggle fake documents.
2:03 AM
To Catch a Smuggler: Colombia Pills and Powder (Repeat, TV-14) An examination is made into the screening processes of airport security, and the methods used to capture smugglers attempting to move shipments.
3:03 AM
To Catch a Smuggler: Colombia Tested and Arrested (Repeat, TV-14) Potential suspects at a busy airport located in Colombia are tested for narcotics in an ongoing struggle by officers to prevent creative smuggling efforts.
4:02 AM
To Catch a Smuggler: Colombia Narcotourist (Repeat, TV-14) Memorable stories from a busy airport are shared by anti-narcotics police officers as they revisit situations they have been forced to overcome.
5:01 AM
To Catch a Smuggler: Colombia Cocaine Connection (Repeat, TV-14) A look is taken at different ways in which smugglers attempt to hide their drugs, and the efforts made to ensure these substances pass through customs is shown.
6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
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7:00 AM
Best Bra Ever
7:30 AM
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8:00 AM
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8:30 AM
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9:00 AM
World's Deadliest Africa (TV-14) The wide open spaces of Africa are explored for the many different deadly creatures that dominate the region using unique traits refined over millions of years.
10:00 AM
World's Deadliest Ocean Killers (TV-PG) The oceans are explored for the creatures that live there, including a barracuda, an urchin and a Great White Shark's power illustrated by a personal account.
11:00 AM
World's Deadliest Underwater Killers (TV-PG) Presented are the natural defenses of underwater creatures, armed with powerful jaws, razor-sharp teeth, deadly poisons and unimaginable powers.
12:00 PM
World's Deadliest Speed Kills (TV-PG) Split-second killers of the animal kingdom are presented and include the cheetah, the Humboldt squid, the cone snail, and the plant kingdom's Venus flytrap.
1:00 PM
World's Deadliest 7 Deadly Sins (TV-PG) Gluttonous horned frogs, wrathful hippos and examples of the most prideful, greedy, slothful, lustful and envious members of the animal kingdom are presented.
2:00 PM
World's Deadliest More 7 Deadly Sins (TV-PG) Prideful octopus, slothful crocodile and examples of the most wrathful, gluttonous, greedy, lustful and envious sea and sky predators are presented.
3:00 PM
World's Deadliest War of the Carnivores (TV-PG) The deadliest animals in the world take one another on in a battle for survival, including carnivores, animals that feed on flesh.
4:00 PM
World's Deadliest War of the Worlds (TV-PG) Intense altercations happen between land creatures and water creatures as the beaches, riverbanks, swamps and frozen ice of the world turn into battlegrounds.
5:00 PM
World's Deadliest Born To Kill (TV-PG) As part of their preparation for life in the dangerous wild, baby predators are taught to hunt by their parents, but some are born with killer instincts.
6:00 PM
World's Deadliest America (TV-PG) Scientists look to the Americas to uncover the unique aspects that the animals of the region have developed to make them some of the deadliest on the planet.
7:00 PM
World's Deadliest Snakes (TV-PG) Displays of the shocking range of killing strategies that are at the disposal of snakes are shown, including secret weapons and instant death strikes.
8:00 PM
World's Deadliest Transformers (TV-PG) From changing color to changing shape, some creatures in the animal kingdom can transform to assist in the hunt or as a means of protection.
9:00 PM
World's Deadliest Animal Ninja Warriors (TV-PG) Creatures in the animal kingdom that possess speed, stealth, agility, patience and deadly weapons are presented as covert animal assassins.
10:03 PM
World's Deadliest Predator Paradise (TV-PG) The world's most ideal locations with crystal-clear water, gold sand and palm trees are the hunting grounds for some of the fiercest predators on the planet.
11:03 PM
World's Deadliest Rivers of Death (TV-PG) An in-depth, informative look is taken at various rivers that exhibit extremely dangerous, deadly conditions.
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