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Programs for SHBY-E on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
11:30 PM
Dawn of the Dead (R, ***) After her husband is attacked, a young woman flees to a local shopping mall where she unites with a group of survivors to battle a growing horde of zombies. Sarah Polley(Actor)
1:15 AM
Redcon-1 (TV-MA, NR) A viral outbreak forces a group of special forces soldiers to infiltrate a quarantine zone to rescue a scientist who has the only cure that can save mankind.
3:15 AM
Play or Die (TV-MA, NR) Two passionate gamers decide to participate in a very exclusive escape game, where they soon realize that only one of them will get out alive. Charley Palmer Rothwell(Actor), Roxane Mesquida(Actor), Marie Zabukovec(Actor)
4:45 AM
Speed of Life (TV-14) When a man is swallowed by a wormhole created by the death of singer David Bowie in 2016, he disappears for 24 years, until he's returned to a future world.
6:05 AM
Q (R, **+) A small time hoodlum finds a flesh-devouring flying serpent living at the top of a building and uses his discovery to lure his enemies to their deaths. Michael Moriarty(Actor)
7:45 AM
Jurassic Galaxy (TV-MA, NR, *) When a ship of space explorers crash on a mysterious planet, they encounter some of their worst nightmares as they learn monstrous dinosaurs inhabit the planet. Ryan Budds(Actor), James Kondelik(Director,Producer)
9:00 AM
Exposure (TV-MA, NR, *+) When a man and a woman go to an isolated cabin, they come across an ancient evil, which haunts the land and has the ability to turn people into monsters. Carmen Anello(Actor), Austin Snell(Director,Screenwriter)
10:30 AM
The Wind (R) When a frontierswoman finds herself living in an isolated portion of America, she starts to feel the sinister presence of imminent terror. Caitlin Gerard(Actor)
12:00 PM
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (PG-13, ***) A young girl a part of a family living in a small town turns her tortured life into a series of scary stories that become a nightmare for a group of teenagers. Guillermo del Toro(Producer)
2:00 PM
Dropa (TV-MA, NR) A retired government assassin goes on the hunt for a killer alien life-form that has been murdering the members of his former team.
3:45 PM
Event Horizon (R, ***) A rescue crew travels through space and time to uncover the truth regarding a space vessel found beyond Neptune seven years after its disappearance. Laurence Fishburne(Actor), Paul Anderson(Director)
5:30 PM
Minority Report (PG-13, ***+) A detective in the year 2054 attempts to countermand destiny after his department's crime-prediction technology indicates he will commit a murder. Tom Cruise(Actor)
8:00 PM
Virtuosity (R, **+) A computer-generated bad guy 'sampled' from the world's worst serial killers is on the loose and an ex-cop and a convict are out to stop him. Denzel Washington(Actor), Frank Welker(Voice Of)
10:00 PM
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (TV-MA, R, **) After awakening from a coma, a man discovers that his wife and daughter were brutally murdered during a home invasion and sets out to find the killer. Jean-Claude Van Damme(Actor)
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