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Programs for ENCMYS on Thursday, February 27, 2020
10:43 PM
Sleeping with the Enemy (R, **+) A frightened woman fakes her own death in a desperate attempt to escape from her abusive, obsessive husband and creates a new identity in Iowa. Julia Roberts(Actor), Patrick Bergin(Actor), Kevin Anderson(Actor), Kyle Secor(Actor), Elizabeth Lawrence(Actor)
12:25 AM
The Thing (R, ***+) A research team at a remote Antarctic outpost unearths a buried spaceship and accidentally unleashes a carnivorous, shape-shifting alien organism. Kurt Russell(Actor), Wilford Brimley(Actor), T.K. Carter(Actor), Richard Masur(Actor), Keith David(Actor)
2:15 AM
Darkness Falls (PG-13, **) A bucolic New England town is disturbed when the spirit of a woman wrongly executed for the death of a child returns to seek revenge. Chaney Kley(Actor), Emma Caulfield(Actor), Lee Cormie(Actor), Grant Piro(Actor), Sullivan Stapleton(Actor)
3:43 AM
Bug (R, **+) A lonely waitress living in a dilapidated motel meets a Gulf War veteran who claims that the government subjected him to a series of secret experiments. Ashley Judd(Actor), Michael Shannon(Actor), Harry Connick Jr.(Actor), Lynn Collins(Actor), Brian F. O'Byrne(Actor)
5:27 AM
Every Secret Thing (R, **+) After a child goes missing, a detective pursues two newly-released teenage girls convicted in the deaths of two children eight years prior. Diane Lane(Actor), Elizabeth Banks(Actor), Dakota Fanning(Actor), Danielle Macdonald(Actor), Nate Parker(Actor)
7:01 AM
The Truth About Charlie (PG-13, **) Returning to Paris intent on divorcing her husband, a woman learns not only that he is dead but has stolen money from some undesirable men who want it back. Mark Wahlberg(Actor), Thandie Newton(Actor), Tim Robbins(Actor), Joong-Hoon Park(Actor), Ted Levine(Actor)
8:47 AM
The Presidio (R, **) A detective with the San Francisco Police Department begins a murder investigation on the Presidio military instillation and he uncovers a smuggling operation. Sean Connery(Actor), Mark Harmon(Actor), Meg Ryan(Actor), Jack Warden(Actor), Mark Blum(Actor)
10:26 AM
Vice (R, *+) At a resort in which visitors can live out their fantasies with artificial humans, one of the human-like beings becomes self-aware and escapes. Thomas Jane(Actor), Bruce Willis(Actor), Ambyr Childers(Actor), Bryan Greenberg(Actor), Jonathon Schaech(Actor)
12:04 PM
The Hitcher (R, **+) A young couple is forced to match wits with a brilliant and twisted serial killer they found hitchhiking during a cross-country road trip. Sean Bean(Actor), Sophia Bush(Actor), Zachary Knighton(Actor), Neal McDonough(Actor), Kyle Davis(Actor)
1:30 PM
The Dark Half (R, **+) The author of a popular series of pulp fiction mysteries becomes the prime suspect in a string of gruesome murders after he tries to get rid of his alter-ego. Timothy Hutton(Actor), Amy Madigan(Actor), Julie Harris(Actor), Michael Rooker(Actor), Robert Joy(Actor)
3:33 PM
Shaun of the Dead (R, ***+) A desperate slacker uses an uprising of flesh-eating zombies as an opportunity to turn his life around and win back his former girlfriend. Simon Pegg(Actor), Kate Ashfield(Actor), Nick Frost(Actor), Lucy Davis(Actor), Dylan Moran(Actor)
5:14 PM
The Happening (R, **) When a mysterious suicide epidemic sweeps across the northeastern United States, a science teacher, his wife and friends try to escape the affected area. Mark Wahlberg(Actor), Zooey Deschanel(Actor), John Leguizamo(Actor), Ashlyn Sanchez(Actor), Betty Buckley(Actor)
6:47 PM
Chinatown (R, ***+) A Los Angeles private eye uncovers government corruption and sordid family secrets after taking what appears to be a simple case of infidelity. Jack Nicholson(Actor), Faye Dunaway(Actor), John Hillerman(Actor), Perry Lopez(Actor), Burt Young(Actor)
9:00 PM
Changeling (R, ***+) In 1928 Los Angeles, a woman realizes the boy who has been brought to her by the police is not her missing son, but city officials try to silence her. Angelina Jolie(Actor), John Malkovich(Actor), Jeffrey Donovan(Actor), Jason Butler Harner(Actor), Amy Ryan(Actor)
11:24 PM
Angels & Demons (PG-13, ***) Experts in symbolism frantically work together after they discover the mystery connecting a murder, terrorism, the Vatican and lost historical artifacts. Tom Hanks(Actor), Ewan McGregor(Actor), Ayelet Zurer(Actor), Stellan SkarsgÄrd(Actor), Armin Mueller-Stahl(Actor)
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