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Programs for SHOX-W on Monday, August 3, 2020
11:05 PM
I Know What You Did Last Summer (R, **+) Four teenagers become the target of a vengeful stalker after they accidentally hit a man while driving on a darkened road and try to cover up the accident. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Actor), Ryan Phillippe(Actor), Sarah Michelle Gellar(Actor), Freddie Prinze Jr.(Actor), Johnny Galecki(Actor)
12:45 AM
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (R, **) Julie heads to the Bahamas with her roommate, her roommate's boyfriend, and her boyfriend, but she is still haunted by the previous summer's tragic massacre. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Actor), Freddie Prinze Jr.(Actor), Brandy(Actor), Mekhi Phifer(Actor), Jeffrey Combs(Actor)
2:30 AM
I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (R, *+) When a prank goes horribly wrong and a teen is killed, the other teens involved agree to keep it a secret, but a year later, they die violently one by one. Brooke Nevin(Actor), David Paetkau(Actor), Torrey DeVitto(Actor), Ben Easter(Actor), Don Shanks(Actor)
4:05 AM
Boogie Nights (R, ***+) A director of pornographic movies transforms a busboy into an adult film star, but the young man falls into a world of drugs and promiscuity. Mark Wahlberg(Actor), Julianne Moore(Actor), Burt Reynolds(Actor), Don Cheadle(Actor), John C. Reilly(Actor)
6:45 AM
Die Another Day (PG-13, **+) Agent 007 tracks the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a British billionaire before a terrifying new weapon is unleashed on the earth. Pierce Brosnan(Actor), Halle Berry(Actor), Toby Stephens(Actor), Rosamund Pike(Actor), Rick Yune(Actor)
9:00 AM
Black 47 (R, ***) An Irish ranger leaves his post to return to his homeland and family, but he soon becomes shocked by the sight of the aftermath of a widespread famine. Hugo Weaving(Actor), James Frecheville(Actor), Stephen Rea(Actor), Freddie Fox(Actor), Barry Keoghan(Actor)
10:40 AM
Stealth (PG-13, **) Navy fighter pilots working on a top-secret military program struggle to bring a computerized piloting system under control before it initiates a world war. Josh Lucas(Actor), Jessica Biel(Actor), Jamie Foxx(Actor), Sam Shepard(Actor), Joe Morton(Actor)
12:45 PM
Rules of Engagement (R, **+) A combat-tested colonel assigned to protect an American embassy in a strife-torn third world country faces a court-martial when a protest erupts in violence. Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Samuel L. Jackson(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor), Bruce Greenwood(Actor), Blair Underwood(Actor)
3:00 PM
Abducted (TV-MA, NR, ***) A U.S. military veteran thats still mourning the death of his wife takes matters into his own hands when his young daughter is kidnapped. Scout Taylor-Compton(Actor), Michael Urie(Actor), Najarra Townsend(Actor), Daniel Josev(Actor), Ken Davitian(Actor)
4:30 PM
The Ring (PG-13, ***) With help from her ex-boyfriend and her son, a newspaper reporter investigates a videotape that causes each person who sees it to die seven days later. Naomi Watts(Actor), Martin Henderson(Actor), Brian Cox(Actor), David Dorfman(Actor), Daveigh Chase(Actor)
6:30 PM
The Shining (TV-14, R, ****) An author and his family go to stay at an isolated resort with a dark past, and soon the unquiet spirits of the place begin to affect the man's sanity. Jack Nicholson(Actor), Shelley Duvall(Actor), Danny Lloyd(Actor), Scatman Crothers(Actor), Barry Nelson(Actor)
8:55 PM
Outbreak (R, ***) Scientists specializing in diseases race to find a cure for a lethal virus outbreak before the U.S. government can take drastic steps to conceal the problem. Dustin Hoffman(Actor), Rene Russo(Actor), Morgan Freeman(Actor), Kevin Spacey(Actor), Cuba Gooding Jr.(Actor)
11:05 PM
Private Parts (R, ***) A controversial radio personality tells his life story, detailing his rise from small radio stations to nationwide syndication and his devotion to his wife. Howard Stern(Actor), Mary McCormack(Actor), Robin Quivers(Actor), Fred Norris(Actor), Paul Giamatti(Actor)
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