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10:08 PM
The Kingdom (R, ***) An FBI Special Agent assembles an elite counter-terrorist team to capture the mastermind responsible for a deadly attack on Americans working in Saudi Arabia. Jamie Foxx(Actor), Chris Cooper(Actor), Jennifer Garner(Actor), Jason Bateman(Actor), Ashraf Barhom(Actor)
12:03 AM
Another 48 Hrs. (R, **+) Detective Jack Cates' future as a policeman depends on working with ex-con Reggie Hamilton one more time, and the two have 48 hours to complete a mission. Eddie Murphy(Actor), Nick Nolte(Actor), Brion James(Actor), Kevin Tighe(Actor), Ed O'Ross(Actor)
1:42 AM
The Walking Dead (R, **) Four determined Marines, who survived an ambush by the Viet Cong, attempt to carry out their squad's mission to rescue members of a POW camp. Allen Payne(Actor), Eddie Griffith(Actor), Joe Morton(Actor), Vonte Sweet(Actor), Roger Floyd(Actor)
3:13 AM
One Night Stand (R, **+) A married L.A. commercial director has an affair with a woman while visiting a friend with AIDS, only to make a shocking discovery years later. Wesley Snipes(Actor), Nastassja Kinski(Actor), Kyle MacLachlan(Actor), Ming Nah Wen(Actor), Robert Downey Jr.(Actor)
5:00 AM
Bowfinger (PG-13, **+) Unable to land the action star he wants for the lead role in his movie, a down-on-his-luck producer stalks the star, secretly filming his every move. Steve Martin(Actor), Eddie Murphy(Actor), Heather Graham(Actor), Terence Stamp(Actor), Christine Baranski(Actor)
6:39 AM
The Express (PG, ***) Ernie Davis leads his Syracuse University team to the 1959 national championship and becomes the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy two years later. Rob Brown(Actor), Dennis Quaid(Actor), Darrin Dewitt Henson(Actor), Omar Benson Miller(Actor), Nelsan Ellis(Actor)
8:51 AM
Escape from Alcatraz (PG, ***) A new inmate who is told that no one can escape from Alcatraz Prison takes it as a challenge, improvising tools and stealing raincoats to build a raft. Clint Eastwood(Actor), Patrick McGoohan(Actor), Roberts Blossom(Actor), Jack Thibeau(Actor), Fred Ward(Actor)
10:46 AM
Thick as Thieves (R, **+) An overly cautious career thief's world turns upside-down when he comes into conflict with an arrogant gangster, an aging mob boss and a sexy cop. Alec Baldwin(Actor), Michael Jai White(Actor), David Byrd(Actor), Rebecca DeMornay(Actor), Andre Braugher(Actor)
12:23 PM
8 Mile (R, ***) A rapper from the rough part of Detroit labors to overcome insurmountable personal conflicts and racial stereotypes to secure a place in hip-hop stardom. Eminem(Actor), Kim Basinger(Actor), Mekhi Phifer(Actor), Brittany Murphy(Actor), Chloe Greenfield(Actor)
2:17 PM
Soul Food (R, ***) Sisters attempt to understand the importance of their family tradition of Sunday dinner throughout a series of domestic problems and their mother's illness. Vanessa L. Williams(Actor), Vivica A. Fox(Actor), Nia Long(Actor), Michael Beach(Actor), Mekhi Phifer(Actor)
4:14 PM
Posse (R, **) A black soldier evades the trap his white commander set for him and leads his comrades back to the American West to confront the sheriff who killed his father. Mario Van Peebles(Actor), Stephen Baldwin(Actor), Big Daddy Kane(Actor), Charles Lane(Actor), Tiny Lister(Actor)
6:08 PM
Lethal Weapon (TV-14, R, ***+) An L.A. cop on the verge of retirement and his edgy young partner investigate a group of ex-mercenaries who are smuggling heroin into the city. Mel Gibson(Actor), Danny Glover(Actor), Gary Busey(Actor), Mitchell Ryan(Actor), Tom Atkins(Actor)
8:00 PM
Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 3: The Wedding (TV-PG) J.J. borrows money from the neighborhood hustler in order to finance Thelma's wedding, which goes well until an accident at the end of the ceremony. Esther Rolle(Actor), Ja'net DuBois(Actor), Jimmie Walker(Actor), Ralph Carter(Actor), BernNadette Stanis(Actor)
8:27 PM
The Parent 'Hood The Taxi Man (TV-PG) Nicholas finds himself afraid after hearing about a ghost who drives taxis, while Michael works out an idea on how to frighten Zaria. Robert Townsend(Actor), Suzanne Douglas(Actor), Kenny Blank(Actor), Reagan Gomez-Preston(Actor), Curtis Williams(Actor)
8:52 PM
Sanford and Son The Escorts (TV-PG) Wanting to make more money, Fred decides to start an escort service with a friend of his, which results in Fred escorting three ladies in one night. Redd Foxx(Actor), Demond Wilson(Actor), Arnold Johnson(Actor), George Wiltshire(Actor), Fritzi Burr(Actor)
9:19 PM
The Jeffersons A Night to Remember (TV-PG) Anniversary activities cease when an argument about honesty causes George to move to another hotel; Louise follows him and sees that his secretary is there too. Isabel Sanford(Actor), Sherman Hemsley(Actor), Roxie Roker(Actor), Franklin Cover(Actor), Marla Gibbs(Actor)
9:46 PM
The Bernie Mac Show Who's Your Mama? (TV-PG) Bryan challenges Bernie's supremacy after moving in to help with housework while Wanda is away from home on a business trip; "Best Smile" school award. Bernie Mac(Actor), Kellita Smth(Actor), Camille Winbush(Actor), Jeremy Suarez(Actor), Dee Dee Davis(Actor)
10:10 PM
Lethal Weapon 2 (TV-14, R, ***) Assigned to protect a murder witness, Riggs and Murtaugh are targeted by a sinister South African consul who is protected by diplomatic immunity. Mel Gibson(Actor), Danny Glover(Actor), Joe Pesci(Actor), Joss Ackland(Actor), Derrick O'Connor(Actor)
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