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Programs for HBOZ-W on Friday, June 5, 2020
11:20 PM
Blindspotting (R, ***+) When a man tries to reach the end of his probation period, he must deal with life changes after an event causes him to miss his mandatory curfew. Daveed Diggs(Actor), Rafael Casal(Actor), Janina Gavanakar(Actor), Jasmine Cephas Jones(Actor), Ethan Embry(Actor)
1:00 AM
In a Valley of Violence (R, **+) Hoping to shorten their trip toward Mexico, a drifter and his dog find the town of Denton, a once-popular mining town now controlled by a band of misfits. Ethan Hawke(Actor), Taissa Farmiga(Actor), James Ransone(Actor), Karen Gillan(Actor), John Travolta(Actor)
2:45 AM
Michael Clayton (R, ***) An attorney with a prestigious New York firm is drawn into a web of corruption and murder after a fellow lawyer suffers from a nervous breakdown in court. George Clooney(Actor), Tom Wilkinson(Actor), Tilda Swinton(Actor), Sydney Pollack(Actor), Michael O'Keefe(Actor)
4:45 AM
Hackers (PG-13, **+) When a group of computer wizards are framed for someone else's illegal hacking activities, they must use their own skills to prove themselves innocent. John Lee Miller(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Fisher Stevens(Actor), Matthew Lillard(Actor), Laurence Mason(Actor)
6:30 AM
Van Helsing (PG-13, **+) A supernatural hunter with no memory of his true identity is sent on a mission to help the last member of a family dedicated in ending the rampage of Dracula. Hugh Jackman(Actor), Kate Beckinsale(Actor), Richard Roxburgh(Actor), David Wenham(Actor), Will Kemp(Actor)
8:45 AM
Flight (TV-PG) A boy from Jamaica is determined to overcome his circumstances and his father's lack of support to fulfill his dream of flying to the moon. Rohiem Phillips(Actor), Jermaine Nelson(Actor), Craig Robinson(Actor), Danielo Reid(Actor), Akalia Golding(Actor)
9:00 AM
Wimbledon (PG-13, **+) A failing tennis pro falls for a rising American player as the two of them are competing in the world-famous Wimbledon match, but her father does not approve. Kirsten Dunst(Actor), Paul Bettany(Actor), Sam Neill(Actor), James McAvoy(Actor), Robert Lindsay(Actor)
10:40 AM
In A World... (R, ***) A struggling vocal coach doesn't get very far in the voiceover business until she is encouraged to fight for a place in the male-dominated field. Lake Bell(Actor), Demetri Martin(Actor), Fred Melamed(Actor), Rob Corddry(Actor), Michaela Watkins(Actor)
12:15 PM
The Family Stone (PG-13, **+) A free-spirited family's Christmas gathering becomes the scene of conflict when a son brings his very uptight girlfriend home to propose to her. Claire Danes(Actor), Diane Keaton(Actor), Rachel McAdams(Actor), Dermont Mulroney(Actor), Craig T. Nelson(Actor)
2:00 PM
Arizona (TV-MA, NR, **+) When a struggling real-estate agent attempts to deal with a housing crisis, she unexpectedly witnesses a murder and deals with an unhinged former client. Danny R. McBride(Actor), Rosemarie DeWitt(Actor), Luke Wilson(Actor), Lolli Sorenson(Actor), Elizabeth Gillies(Actor)
3:25 PM
Grandma's Boy (R, ***) A video game designer in his mid-30s is forced to move in with his grandmother and her two elderly roommates as his latest project faces deadline trouble. Allan Covert(Actor), Doris Roberts(Actor), Shirley Jones(Actor), Shirley Knight(Actor), Kevin Nealon(Actor)
5:00 PM
Johnny English Strikes Again (PG) Johnny English serves as the last line of defense when all of Britain's active undercover agents' identities are exposed by a cyberattack. Rowan Atkinson(Actor), Ben Miller(Actor), Olga Kurylenko(Actor), Emma Thompson(Actor), Jake Lacy(Actor)
6:30 PM
Shazam! (PG-13) An orphan's attempt at finding his lost mother leads him to a wizard who chooses him to be a champion to save the world from an evil enemy. Zachary Levi(Actor), Mark Strong(Actor), Asher Angel(Actor), Jack Dylan Grazer (Actor), Djimon Hounsou(Actor)
8:45 PM
X-Men: First Class (PG-13, ***+) Before becoming Professor X and Magneto, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr create a special school in which mutants can safely learn to harness their powers. James McAvoy(Actor), Michael Fassbender(Actor), Kevin Bacon(Actor), Jennifer Lawrence(Actor), Oliver Platt(Actor)
11:00 PM
Nocturnal Animals (R, ***+) A woman is shaken upon receiving a manuscript, a violent thriller, written by her former husband, and as she reads it, she begins to view it as a threat. Amy Adams(Actor), Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Michael Shannon(Actor), Aaron Johnson(Actor), Isla Fisher(Actor)
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