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Programs for HBOZ-W on Tuesday, March 31, 2020
11:10 PM
Hall Pass (R, **+) When a woman allows her husband to have a guiltless affair, he and his friends try to lure women at bars, but their wives may have their own ulterior motives. Owen Wilson(Actor), Jason Sudeikis(Actor), Jenna Fischer(Actor), Christina Applegate(Actor), Nicky Whelan(Actor)
1:00 AM
Rapture-Palooza (R) After the Rapture, a young redhead and her boyfriend try to lead a normal life but the Antichrist is interested in making the girl his bride. Anna Kendrick(Actor), Craig Robinson(Actor), Ken Jeong(Actor), John Daley(Actor), Rob Corddry(Actor)
2:30 AM
Prisoners (R, ***+) A small-town carpenter starts a frantic search for his missing daughter and her friend after he clashes with a cocky detective in charge of the investigation. Hugh Jackman(Actor), Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Viola Davies(Actor), Maria Bello(Actor), Terrence Howard(Actor)
5:05 AM
American Animals (R, ***) Four friends from Kentucky decide to steal the most valuable books from the Transylvania Library, but soon question the ends they are trying to achieve. Evan Peters(Actor), Barry Keoghan(Actor), Blake Jenner(Actor), Jared Abrahamson(Actor), Udo Kier(Actor)
7:05 AM
Truth Or Dare (PG-13, **) A group of friends must tell the truth or complete a dare unless they want to be killed by the person or thing spearheading a game of truth-or-dare. Lucy Hale(Actor), Tyler Posey(Actor), Violett Beane(Actor), Hayden Szeto(Actor), Sophia Taylor Ali(Actor)
8:45 AM
Emergency (TV-MA, NR) A collection of young latino and black men find themselves in a nightmarish situation upon returning home to find an unconscious white woman in their home.
9:00 AM
My Soul to Take (R, **) A murderer vows to kill seven children born the night he died, and years later, the teens suffer terrorizing events, forcing one with premonitions to save them. Max Thieriot(Actor), Denzel Whitaker(Actor), Zena Grey(Actor), Nick Lashaway(Actor), Paulina Olszynski(Actor)
10:50 AM
Red Planet (PG-13, **+) With the mothership damaged, the landing craft crashed, and a robot helper gone hostile, the crew of the first Mars mission fights to survive against all odds. Val Kilmer(Actor), Tom Sizemore(Actor), Carrie-Anne Moss(Actor), Benjamin Bratt(Actor), Simon Baker(Actor)
12:40 PM
Cake (R, ***) Curious about a woman's suicide from her support group, a brash woman learns the details from her widower as she deals with her own painful tragedy. Jennifer Aniston(Actor), Adriana Barraza(Actor), Anna Kendrick(Actor), Sam Worthington(Actor), Felicity Huffman(Actor)
2:25 PM
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (PG-13, ***) A group of unlikely "athletes" bands together to train for a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in order to win the money they need to save their beloved gym. Vince Vaughn(Actor), Ben Stiller(Actor), Christine Taylor(Actor), Rip Torn(Actor), Justin Long(Actor)
4:00 PM
Metro (R, **+) A fast-talking hostage negotiator finds that he has to save his girlfriend and several other innocent people when a psychotic thief threatens to kill them. Eddie Murphy(Actor), Michael Rapaport(Actor), Michael Wincott(Actor), Carmen Ejogo(Actor), Art Evans(Actor)
6:00 PM
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (PG-13, ***) A married couple find excitement and wealth as assassins, but they both are shocked to learn that their spouse is also a hired killer and their next target. Brad Pitt(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Vince Vaughn(Actor), Adam Brody(Actor), Kerry Washington(Actor)
8:00 PM
Greta (R, **+) When a young girl attempts to return a lost handbag, she meets a piano teacher, but their budding friendship soon turns into a disturbing relationship. Isabelle Huppert(Actor), Chloe Moretz(Actor), Maika Monroe(Actor), Colm Feore(Actor), Stephen Rea(Actor)
9:40 PM
Black Swan (R, ***+) Two rival ballet dancers compete and challenge each other but turn into friends, and one of the dancers learns about her sensual side from the other. Natalie Portman(Actor), Vincent Cassel(Actor), Mila Kunis(Actor), Barbara Hershey(Actor), Winona Ryder(Actor)
11:30 PM
Red Eye (PG-13, ***) During a flight home, a hotel manager discovers she has been kidnapped by a fellow passenger who needs her help to assassinate the head of Homeland Security. Rachel McAdams(Actor), Cillian Murphy(Actor), Brian Cox(Actor), Jayma Mays(Actor), Jack Scalia(Actor)
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