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Programs for ID on Tuesday, June 2, 2020
12:00 AM
Vanished in New Canaan: An ID Mystery (Repeat, TV-14) When clues at Jennifer Dulos's home in New Canaan, Conn., prompt police to search for the missing mother, her estranged husband's behavior deepens the mystery.
1:00 AM
Southern Gothic Bloodshed in the Bayou (Repeat, TV-14) After a mother is slain in her home, police collect evidence they hope will lead to a murderer, but then a second body turns up in a Louisiana community.
2:00 AM
People Magazine Investigates Murder at Sea (Repeat, TV-14) In the small fishing town of Craig, Alaska, a premiere fishing boat bursts into flames just offshore, leaving the remains of a young family and several clues.
3:00 AM
Evil Lives Here Cheating Death (Repeat, TV-14) A woman finds the man of her dreams, but when she realizes who he really is, she and her son have to try and escape a man who is considered pure evil.
4:00 AM
The Perfect Murder The Devil Made Me Do It (Repeat, TV-14) A father is brutally fatally stabbed 32 times and has an "X" carved into his neck, prompting investigators to believe it may have been a ritualistic killing. Bill Graves(Narrator)
5:00 AM
The Perfect Murder Vanished in Vegas (Repeat, TV-14) When Las Vegas real estate mogul Ronald Rudin disappeared on December 18, 1994, the police soon discovered motives of obsession and greed involving his wife. Bill Graves(Narrator)
6:00 AM
Body Cam Worst Case Scenario (Repeat, TV-14) A relationship breakup turns deadly; a minor traffic stop puts a child's life at stake; a killer on the run leaves a State Trooper fighting for his life.
7:00 AM
Body Cam Disorderly Conduct (Repeat, TV-14) A police officer tracks down an armed carjacker; a stabbing forces the police to take decisive action; a routine traffic stop results in an officer being shot.
8:00 AM
Body Cam Standoff (Repeat, TV-14) A man with an AK-47 steals a cop car taking fire at police during a 16-mile citywide chase; a home invasion call escalates into something far more terrifying.
9:00 AM
Body Cam Up Against the Clock (Repeat, TV-14) Police hunt two suspects responsible for armed robberies; an undercover cop foils a double murder; a known felon tries to force an officer off the road.
10:00 AM
Body Cam High Stakes (Repeat, TV-14) A detective leads his team on a search; a traffic stop turns violent when the suspect makes a getaway; a knife-wielding man draws police into a foot chase.
11:00 AM
Body Cam Shots Fired (Repeat, TV-14) A domestic dispute turns into a hostage situation; an auto accident turns into a shocking multiple murder; an officer responds to trouble at a liquor store.
12:00 PM
Body Cam Officer Down (Repeat, TV-14) Officers find themselves in the sights of a lone gunman hiding in a home; a rookie cop's courage is tested when a routine stop on the highway goes wrong.
1:00 PM
See No Evil Good Samaritan (Repeat, TV-14) A bright college student disappears, and every lead to find her comes up cold, until detectives find surveillance footage of what happened. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
2:00 PM
See No Evil One Chance, One Look (Repeat, TV-14) Millionaire Rick Chance is murdered in a Tempe, Ariz. hotel room; the murder leaves his family heartbroken and looking for the person responsible for the crime. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
3:00 PM
See No Evil Stalking Carl (Repeat, TV-14) After 36-year-old Carl Starke is murdered on August 18, 2015, in St. Augustine, Fla., there were no witnesses, so police turn to CCTV to find his killer. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
4:00 PM
See No Evil Don't Get in the Truck (Repeat, TV-14) When Emily Lambert of Garland, Texas, went missing after a night at a bar with her boyfriend Robert Earley, she was later found murdered in Carlsbad, N.M. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
5:00 PM
See No Evil Watching Dru (Repeat, TV-14) Dru Sjodin is a student who is missing after her shift at Victoria's Secret; police use surveillance camera footage as they piece together her last movements. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
6:00 PM
See No Evil Last Look of Summer (Repeat, TV-14) When a young woman's dead body is discovered in a Texas landfill, police race to find the murderer behind the vicious crime without any leads. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
7:00 PM
See No Evil On Her Watch (Repeat, TV-14) When an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant is murdered at her job, police discover the safe open and a mysterious note next to the woman's body. Ross Huguet(Narrator)
8:00 PM
People Magazine Investigates The Unicorn Killer (Repeat, TV-14) When a Philadelphia woman goes missing, the police uncover the horrific truth about the woman's whereabouts but capturing the killer proves even more difficult.
9:00 PM
The Truth Behind Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story (New, TV-14) Reality TV producer Rick Kirkham exposes the truth behind what he saw at the G.W. Zoo and his time with the eccentric figure known as Joe "Tiger King" Exotic. Rick Kirkham(Participant)
10:00 PM
Body Cam Deception (New, TV-14) After a high-speed chase, a sheriff's K9 is let loose; deputies face a battle when inmates turn violent; officers hunt down a violent felon in the woods.
11:00 PM
Body Cam Long Shot (Repeat, TV-14) A mother starts a desperate search for her son; an officer fights for his life; when a man shoots his coworkers, police must find him to stop the threat.
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