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Programs for ID on Saturday, December 14, 2019
12:00 AM
Love and Hate Crime Killing in the Classroom (Repeat, TV-14) When Abel Cedeno takes a knife to his high school, within hours one of his classmates is dead and the story causes a sensation in the press, dividing the city. Ben Steele(Director)
1:00 AM
Love and Hate Crime God is His Witness (Repeat, TV-14) A father denies a series of killings linked to his daughter but has secrets from his past, it was one of the largest police investigations in Texas history. Ben Steele(Director)
2:00 AM
Body Cam The Chase (Repeat, TV-14) A dangerous felon steels a truck; a lone officer is attacked by a crazed, half naked man; a gunman open fires at unarmed officers at a county jail.
3:00 AM
Love and Hate Crime Evidence of Prejudice (Repeat, TV-14) A jury has to decide whether a young American who is accused of a racial hate killing in Florida will walk, or will he spend the rest of his life behind bars. Ben Steele(Director)
4:00 AM
48 Hours on ID The Strange Life of Dr. Schwartz (Repeat, TV-14) When Dr. Steven Schwartz gets murdered in his Florida home, police uncover strained family relationships and a secret that Schwartz hid from his children. Maureen Maher(Host), Peter Van Sant(Host)
5:00 AM
48 Hours on ID What Happened in Apartment 1601? (Repeat, TV-14) A 23-year-old man is stabbed to death in an apartment in Silver Spring, Md., after having dinner and drinks with two friends for a birthday celebration. Maureen Maher(Host)
6:00 AM
48 Hours on ID The Hunter (Repeat, TV-14) A young combat medic is reported missing after she fails to report for duty, but an unusual relationship leads to a shocking discovery. Maureen Maher(Host)
7:00 AM
48 Hours on ID What Happened in the Sutton Place Apartment? (Repeat, TV-14) Erin Moriarty explores the story of 26-year-old Joey Comunale, a successful young man from Connecticut, whose life ended the night of a party in New York City. Erin Moriarty(Correspondent), Maureen Maher(Host)
8:00 AM
48 Hours on ID The Last Ride Home (Repeat, TV-14) Although wealthy Atlanta lawyer Tex McIver is known to have shot his wife in 2016, it remains to be determined if the assault was an accident or murder. Maureen Maher(Host)
9:00 AM
People Magazine Investigates Cabin 28: Horror in the Woods (Repeat, TV-14) Police look to use recently discovered evidence to help solve the brutal murders of a mother and three teenagers in Keddie, Calif.
10:00 AM
People Magazine Investigates Marked for Murder (Repeat, TV-14) When an esteemed criminal law professor gets executed in his garage, investigators follow a series of leads that takes them through the entire state of Florida.
11:00 AM
Primal Instinct The Wrath of Love (Repeat, TV-14) Jealousy, obsession and news of a surprise engagement leads to a deadly case of road rage for 33-year-old Zachary Sanders of Orange, N.J.
12:00 PM
Primal Instinct Red Wedding (Repeat, TV-14) When 39-year-old Gladys Ricart found true love during a chance encounter on a New York subway, she never knew that her plans to marry would end in tragedy.
1:00 PM
Primal Instinct From Diamonds to Death (Repeat, TV-14) After Ann McDonald fell in love with business broker, Al Braunberger, they conspired to kill her 57-year-old fifth husband Rich, by hiring two hitmen.
2:00 PM
Primal Instinct Evil Eye (Repeat, TV-14) After 35-year-old Patrick Brown falls for 38-year-old Cecelia Land, he is plagued by mysterious phone calls and a sense that someone is watching him.
3:00 PM
Married with Secrets Dr. Deception (Repeat, TV-14) A wife surprisingly encounters her husband's other wife after he becomes the victim of a hit-and-run, which leads to her being introduced to his double life. Craig Klein(Narrator)
4:00 PM
Married with Secrets Two-Faced (Repeat, TV-14) When the decomposed body of a San Francisco businessman is discovered in the California Aqueduct, it takes investigators decades to find the murderer. Craig Klein(Narrator)
5:00 PM
Married with Secrets She Loves Me Not (Repeat, TV-14) As investigators delve into the personal life of Maj. David Shannon, who was shot in his home, they reveal sordid secrets that could have led to his murder. Craig Klein(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Married with Secrets Dancing with Death (Repeat, TV-14) When a beloved wife and mother-of-three vanishes in a blizzard a few days before Thanksgiving, officers unearth the sordid details of a secret love triangle. Craig Klein(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Married with Secrets The Girl in the Window (Repeat, TV-14) When the police visit Lisa Bradford and her husband one day, they unveil a criminal double-life that's so heinous that it rips their marriage apart. Craig Klein(Narrator)
8:00 PM
The Lies That Bind Warning Signs (Repeat, TV-14) A deputy discovers the body of 45-year-old missing father, Randall Ferguson, of Puyallup, Wash., in the trunk of his car having been shot twice in the head.
9:00 PM
20/20 on ID Your Biggest Fan - Part One (New, TV-14) Those who knew television actress Rebecca Schaeffer talk about her life, hopes and dreams, and her murder in 1989 when she was shot by a stalker in 1989. John QuiƱones(Host)
10:00 PM
20/20 on ID Your Biggest Fan - Part Two (New, TV-14) Those who knew television actress Rebecca Schaeffer talk about her life, hopes and dreams, and her murder in 1989 when she was shot by a stalker in 1989. John QuiƱones(Host)
11:00 PM
In Pursuit with John Walsh Deadly Poser (Repeat, TV-14) Former Marine Raymond "RJ" McLeod is wanted for murdering his girlfriend; Callahan Walsh travels to Atlanta, to investigate how Maurice Nesbitt escaped the law. John Walsh(Host)
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