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Programs for TCM on Wednesday, April 8, 2020
11:45 PM
He Walked by Night (TV-14, NR, **+) A burglar shoots a Los Angeles policeman, setting off a manhunt that lasts more than a month because the killer is monitoring police calls on a custom radio. Richard Basehart(Actor), Scott Brady(Actor), Ray Roberts(Actor), Whit Bissell(Actor), Jimmy Cardwell(Actor)
1:15 AM
Key Largo (TV-G, NR, ***+) A disillusioned war veteran visits a cheap hotel in the Florida Keys and encounters a gang of violent mobsters, who are hiding out in the hotel. Humphrey Bogart(Actor), Edward G. Robinson(Actor), Lauren Bacall(Actor), Lionel Barrymore(Actor), Claire Trevor(Actor)
3:15 AM
Berlin Express (TV-PG, NR, ***) Following the Second World War, several nations launch a joint effort to save a German statesman from members of the Nazi underground. Merle Oberon(Actor), Robert Ryan(Actor), Charles Korvin(Actor), Paul Lukas(Actor), Robert Coote(Actor)
5:00 AM
The Naked City (TV-14, NR, ***+) An attractive blonde model is found dead in her New York City apartment but police soon realize that the apparent suicide is much more than that. Barry Fitzgerald(Actor), Howard Duff(Actor), Dorothy Hart(Actor), Don Taylor(Actor), Frank Conroy(Actor)
7:00 AM
The Big Store (TV-G, NR, **+) The world's worst private detective is hired to unravel a mystery after attempts are made on the life of a department store's new owner. Groucho Marx(Actor), Chico Marx(Actor), Harpo Marx(Actor), Tony Martin(Actor), Virginia Grey(Actor)
8:30 AM
Lady Be Good (TV-PG, NR, ***) A well-meaning mutual friend makes a kind-hearted attempt to convince a divorced couple, who clearly still love each other, to consider getting remarried. Eleanor Powell(Actor), Robert Young(Actor), Ann Sothern(Actor), Lionel Barrymore(Actor), Red Skelton(Actor)
10:30 AM
Hullabaloo (TV-G, NR, **+) An actor attempts to revive his evaporating career by becoming a sensation on radio, but his first success may cost him his job as he terrifies listeners. Frank Morgan(Actor), Virginia Grey(Actor), Dan Dailey(Actor), Billie Burke(Actor), Nydia Westman(Actor)
12:00 PM
The Great Morgan (TV-G, NR, **) An actor attempts to produce his own movie, and he does so by combining several unrelated humorous and musical shorts, such as a 1940's musical number. Frank Morgan(Actor), Leon Ames(Actor), Carlos Ramirez(Actor), Lucille Norman(Actor), Eleanor Powell(Actor)
1:00 PM
Merton of the Movies (TV-G, NR, **) A klutz somehow manages to bumble his way into a major movie studio's screen test in the hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming a dramatic actor. Red Skelton(Actor), Virginia O'Brien(Actor), Gloria Grahame(Actor), Leon Ames(Actor), Alan Mowbray(Actor)
2:30 PM
Meet the People (TV-G, NR, **) In this wartime musical, a stuck-up Broadway diva goes to work as a shipyard welder, where she meets and falls in love with a coworker. Lucille Ball(Actor), Dick Powell(Actor), Virginia O'Brien(Actor), Bert Lahr(Actor), Rags Ragland(Actor)
4:15 PM
Ship Ahoy (TV-G, NR, **) A talented young dancer performing with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is duped into transporting an experimental weapon for enemy agents. Eleanor Powell(Actor), Red Skelton(Actor), Bert Lahr(Actor), Virginia O'Brien(Actor), William Post, Jr.(Actor)
6:00 PM
Martin Block's Musical M-G-R #4 (NR)
6:15 PM
Du Barry Was a Lady (TV-G, NR, **) After a hat check man wins the Irish Sweepstakes, he marries a beautiful nightclub star and when he is knocked on the head, he dreams that he is King Louis XV. Lucille Ball(Actor), Red Skelton(Actor), Gene Kelly(Actor), Virginia O'Brien(Actor), Rags Ragland(Actor)
8:00 PM
Carmen Jones (TV-PG, NR, ***) A young, African American soldier sacrifices a promising career for the love of an alluring, fickle factory worker during World War II. Harry Belafonte(Actor), Dorothy Dandridge(Actor), Pearl Bailey(Actor), Olga James(Actor), Joe Adams(Actor)
10:00 PM
Odds Against Tomorrow (TV-PG, NR, ***) A bitter former cop creates racial tension when he enlists the help of a jazz musician addicted to gambling and a disturbed war veteran to help him rob a bank. Harry Belafonte(Actor), Robert Ryan(Actor), Shelley Winters(Actor), Ed Begley(Actor), Gloria Grahame(Actor)
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