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Programs for TMCEAL on Tuesday, June 2, 2020
11:40 PM
Speed of Life (TV-14) When a man is swallowed by a wormhole created by the death of singer David Bowie in 2016, he disappears for 24 years, until he's returned to a future world.
1:00 AM
Donnybrook (R, ***) When a struggling marine, a destructive drug dealer and a tormented woman take a shot at escaping their lives by winning $100,000 in a cage match. Frank Grillo(Actor), Margaret Qualley(Actor), James Badge Dale(Actor), Jamie Bell(Actor), Pat Healy(Actor)
2:45 AM
Palm Swings (TV-MA, NR, **+) Following their recent move to Palm Springs, a young married couple finds their relationship tested when they discover that their new neighbors are swingers. Stephanie Beard(Actor), Jackson Davis(Actor), Diane Farr(Actor), Jason Lewis(Actor), Tia Carrere(Actor)
4:20 AM
Head of State (PG-13, **) An obscure city councilman is selected to replace a deceased presidential candidate and surprises everyone by voicing the hopes of voters with his campaign. Chris Rock(Actor), Bernie Mac(Actor), Dylan Baker(Actor), Nick Searcy(Actor), Lynn Whitfield(Actor)
6:00 AM
Ishtar (PG-13, *+) Two dim-witted, second-rate singer-songwriters become hopelessly embroiled in political intrigue while en route to a dubious gig in Northern Africa. Warren Beatty(Actor), Dustin Hoffman(Actor), Isabelle Adjani(Actor), Charles Grodin(Actor), Jack Weston(Actor)
7:50 AM
The Eye (PG-13, **) A successful concert violinist begins experiencing terrifying visions after undergoing a cornea transplant to restore her eyesight. Jessica Alba(Actor), Alessandro Nivola(Actor), Parker Posey(Actor), Rade Serbedzija(Actor), Fernanda Romero(Actor)
9:30 AM
The Fog (PG-13, *+) A boat captain seeks a connection between a ghost horde's attack on his fishing village and an incident at the town's founding 100 years earlier. Tom Welling(Actor), Maggie Grace(Actor), Rade Serbedzija(Actor), Selma Blair(Actor), DeRay Davis(Actor)
11:10 AM
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (TV-14, PG-13, **) The Angels pursue an ex-member they suspect is responsible for a series of murders that occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database. Drew Barrymore(Actor), Cameron Diaz(Actor), Lucy Liu(Actor), Bernie Mac(Actor), Demi Moore(Actor)
1:00 PM
The Hummingbird Project (R, ***) Two cousins involved in the risky business of high-frequency trading concoct the idea to build a fiber-optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey. Jesse Eisenberg(Actor), Alexander Skarsgard(Actor), Michael Mando(Actor), Salma Hayek(Actor), Johan Heldenbergh(Actor)
3:00 PM
The Hours (PG-13, ***) The lives of three women living in different eras are interconnected through Virginia Woolf's classic masterpiece, "Mrs. Dalloway." Meryl Streep(Actor), Julianne Moore(Actor), Nicole Kidman(Actor), Ed Harris(Actor), Toni Collete(Actor)
5:00 PM
Goodland (TV-MA, NR, ***) A local sheriff attempts to piece together a string of events when the body of a drifter is discovered the same day a photographer arrives in a small community. Matt Weiss(Actor), Cinnamon Schultz(Actor), Sara Carolynn Kennedy(Actor), Jason Curtis Miller(Actor), Kip Niven(Actor)
6:30 PM
13 (R, **+) When medical costs put his dad's life at risk, a man overhears a message of quick money, leading to a game of Russian roulette, where the rich place hefty bets. Sam Riley(Actor), Alice Barrett-Mitchell(Actor), Gaby Hoffmann(Actor), Jason Statham(Actor), Stephen Beach(Actor)
8:00 PM
Seven (R, ****) Two detectives team up to track a serial killer who chooses each of his victims based on one of the seven deadly sins and executes them accordingly. Brad Pitt(Actor), Morgan Freeman(Actor), Gwyneth Paltrow(Actor), R. Lee Ermey(Actor), Kevin Spacey(Actor)
10:10 PM
Carriers (PG-13, **+) As a viral pandemic ravages the globe, four young friends try to flee to a safe and isolated place, passing through a crumbling social infrastructure. Lou Taylor Pucci(Actor), Piper Perabo(Actor), Emily Vancamp(Actor), Chris Pine(Actor), Christopher Meloni(Actor)
11:35 PM
Charlie Says (R) When three women receive life sentences for their roles in an infamous murder case, a graduate student is given the task of becoming their teacher. Suki Waterhouse(Actor), Hannah Murray(Actor), Matt Smith(Actor), Sosie Bacon(Actor), Marianne Rendón (Actor)
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