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Programs for OUTMAX on Sunday, August 9, 2020
12:00 AM
The Operative (TV-MA, NR) The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad sends a young Western woman to Tehran to spy on the Iran nuclear program, but she goes rogue as the job stretches on. Diane Kruger(Actor), Martin Freeman(Actor), Cas Anvar(Actor), Rotem Keinan(Actor), Lana Ettinger (Actor)
1:56 AM
The Evil that Men Do (R, *+) A doctor who uses his skills to torture is hunted down by a retired hit man who takes the job after finding out about the death of an old, involved friend. Charles Bronson(Actor), Theresa Saldana(Actor), Joseph Maher(Actor), José Ferrer(Actor)
3:34 AM
The Dogs of War (R, **) A mercenary questions his decision to help a British consortium overthrow an African dictatorship for one that protects the company's interests. Christopher Walken(Actor), Tom Berenger(Actor), Colin Blakely(Actor), Hugh Millais(Actor), Paul Freeman(Actor)
5:19 AM
The Shadow (PG-13, **+) A formerly ruthless opium merchant is abducted by a mystic, converted to a force for good, and taught the ability to cloud minds and thus appear invisible. Alec Baldwin(Actor), John Lone(Actor), Penelope Ann Miller(Actor), Peter Boyle(Actor), Ian McKellen(Actor)
7:08 AM
The Astronaut Farmer (PG, **+) A former astronaut, forced to retire from NASA in order to save the family farm, builds his own rocket to continue his relentless quest for outer space. Billy Bob Thornton(Actor), Virginia Madsen(Actor), Max Thieriot(Actor), Jasper Polish(Actor), Logan Polish(Actor)
8:54 AM
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (PG, ***) A visionary automobile designer unsuccessfully tries to take on the big three automakers of the 1940s by producing a "car of the future." Jeff Bridges(Actor), Joan Allen(Actor), Martin Landau(Actor), Frederic Forrest(Actor), Mako(Actor)
10:46 AM
Alfie (R, **+) An encounter with a feminist prompts an unapologetic, British womanizer who drives a limousine to rethink his outlook on life and his treatment of women. Jude Law(Actor), Marisa Tomei(Actor), Renee Taylor(Actor), Omar Epps(Actor), Jane Krakowski(Actor)
12:33 PM
Cursed (PG-13, **) After being attacked by a werewolf, a brother and sister are forced to find and destroy the monster before their fates are tragically irreversible. Christina Ricci(Actor), Joshua Jackson(Actor), Jesse Eisenberg(Actor), Judy Greer(Actor), Scott Baio(Actor)
2:12 PM
Mary Queen of Scots (R, ***) When Mary Stuart returns home to Scotland to claim her throne, she finds herself immediately pitted against the powerful Queen Elizabeth. Saoirse Ronan(Actor), Margot Robbie(Actor), Jack Lowden(Actor), Joe Alwyn(Actor), David Tennant(Actor)
4:17 PM
Red Tails (PG-13, **) In 1944 during World War II, a squadron of black pilots in the Tuskegee program deals with racial segregation before being called into the action. Terrence Howard(Actor), Cuba Gooding Jr.(Actor), Nate Parker(Actor), David Oyelowo(Actor), Tristan Wilds(Actor)
6:24 PM
The Hurt Locker (R, ***+) The members of an Army bomb squad try to survive the final days of their rotation in Iraq after they are saddled with a reckless new leader. Jeremy Renner(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor), Brian Geraghty(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor), Ralph Fiennes(Actor)
8:36 PM
Saw II (R, ***) When a new victim shows all the signs of Jigsaw's work, a detective tracks down the ingenious killer, but getting caught is all part of Jigsaw's sinister plan. Donnie Wahlberg(Actor), Glenn Plummer(Actor), Beverley Mitchell(Actor), Dina Meyer(Actor), Emmanuelle Vaugier(Actor)
10:10 PM
Saw III (R, **+) A doctor is kidnapped and forced to keep a deranged serial killer alive while his apprentice tortures a victim during one of their twisted games of survival. Tobin Bell(Actor), Shawnee Smith(Actor), Angus Macfadyen(Actor), Bahar Soomekh(Actor), Donnie Wahlberg(Actor)
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