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Programs for OUTMAX on Saturday, May 30, 2020
12:00 AM
The Lucky Ones (R, ***) Three soldiers returning from Iraq form an unlikely bond when a recent blackout cancels all flights and forces them to pursue their destinations by highway. Tim Robbins(Actor), Rachel McAdams(Actor), Michael Peña(Actor), Molly Hagan(Actor), Mark L. Young(Actor)
1:55 AM
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (R, ***) When celebrity biographer finds herself unable to get her works published, she decides to use the help of a friend to concoct a plan of deception. Melissa McCarthy(Actor), Richard E. Grant(Actor), Christian Navarro (Actor), Marc Evan Jackson(Actor), Anna Deavere Smith(Actor)
3:41 AM
Day of the Dead (NR, ***) A small cluster of scientists and military officers cowering in an underground bunker are the last remnants of humanity in a world overrun by the living dead. Lori Cardille(Actor), Terry Alexander(Actor), Joseph Pilato(Actor), Jarlath Conroy(Actor), Anthony Dileo Jr. (Actor)
5:23 AM
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (PG, ***) A promising racehorse's future on the track is cut short by a broken leg, but it is trained to race again by a once-great horse trainer and his daughter. Kurt Russell(Actor), Dakota Fanning(Actor), Kris Kristofferson(Actor), Elisabeth Shue(Actor), David Morse(Actor)
7:09 AM
Twilight Zone: The Movie (PG, **+) Four directors remake eerie tales of fantasy and horror from Rod Serling's landmark TV series. Dan Aykroyd(Actor), John Lithgow(Actor), Scatman Crothers(Actor), Vic Morrow(Actor), Stephen Bishop(Actor)
8:51 AM
Monkey Shines (R, **+) An injection of human brain cells into a monkey to create an aid for a quadriplegic in getting on with his life turns into an experiment in terror. Jason Beghe(Actor), John Pankow(Actor), Kate McNeil(Actor), Joyce Van Patten(Actor), Christine Forrest(Actor)
10:45 AM
Red Corner (R, **+) An international lawyer from America travels to Beijing for a business trip, where he spends the night with a young Chinese woman who ends up dead. Richard Gere(Actor), Bai Ling(Actor), Tzi Ma(Actor), Bradley Whitford(Actor), Byron Mann(Actor)
12:47 PM
Frequency (PG-13, ***) While tinkering with his late father's old ham radio, a police officer discovers he can communicate with his father three decades in the past. Dennis Quaid(Actor), Jim Caviezel(Actor), Andre Braugher(Actor), Elizabeth Mitchel(Actor), Noah Emmerich(Actor)
2:46 PM
Happy Gilmore (PG-13, ***) An aspiring hockey player turns the normally sedate sport of golf into a media circus after discovering he has an unheard-of 400-yard drive. Adam Sandler(Actor), Christopher McDonald(Actor), Julie Bowen(Actor), Frances Bay(Actor), Allan Covert(Actor)
4:17 PM
Lying And Stealing (TV-14, R, **) An art thief eager to break free from the criminal world teams up with a con-woman to pull off a heist that will hopefully let them live their lives in freedom. Theo James(Actor), Emily Ratajkowski (Actor), Fred Melamed(Actor), Ebon Moss-Bachrach(Actor), Isiah Whitlock Jr.(Actor)
5:57 PM
Amélie (R, ***+) A shy Parisian waitress decides to bring delight and awe into the lives of her friends, neighbors and co-workers through subtle machinations. Audrey Tautou(Actor), Mathieu Kassovitz(Actor), Rufus(Actor), Yolande Moreau(Actor), Lorella Cravotta(Actor)
8:00 PM
He Got Game (TV-MA, R, ***) A governor offers clemency to a convicted murderer if he can talk his son, a high-school basketball star, into going to college at the politician's alma mater. Denzel Washington(Actor), Ray Allen(Actor), Milla Jovovich(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Hill Harper(Actor)
10:17 PM
Shame (NC-17, ***) A 30-something New Yorker satisfies his sexual addiction in his private life, but when his sister moves in, his life begins to spiral out of control. Michael Fassbender(Actor), Carey Mulligan(Actor), Mari-Ange Ramirez(Actor), James Badge Dale(Actor), Nicole Beharie(Actor)
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