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Programs for OUTMAX on Tuesday, January 21, 2020
12:00 AM
Water for Elephants (PG-13, ***) After his parents are killed, a veterinary student leaves his studies behind and joins a traveling circus as a vet, where he falls in love with a circus star. Reese Witherspoon(Actor), Robert Pattinson(Actor), Christoph Waltz(Actor), Paul Schneider(Actor), Jim Norton(Actor)
2:02 AM
Ready Player One (PG-13, ***+) An Easter egg contained in a video that was made by the creator of a virtual reality world, and can be used to find his fortune, is released upon his death. Tye Sheridan(Actor), Olivia Cooke(Actor), Ben Mendelsohn(Actor), Lena Waithe(Actor), T.J. Miller(Actor)
4:23 AM
Bad Influence (R, **+) A financial analyst who seems to have everything going for him is saved from a bar fight by a stranger who smooth-talks his way into the man's life. Rob Lowe(Actor), James Spader(Actor), Lisa Zane(Actor), Marcia Cross(Actor), Rosalyn Landor(Actor)
6:04 AM
Patton (PG, ***+) During World War II, General George S. Patton takes charge of demoralized American troops and leads them to one victory after another, but causes controversy. George C. Scott(Actor), Karl Malden(Actor), Stephen Young(Actor), Michael Strong(Actor), Michael Bates(Actor)
8:55 AM
The Last Seduction (R, ***) An amoral woman and her husband organize a high-dollar drug deal and then she plots to scam him out of the money and leave him to face the consequences. Linda Fiorentino(Actor), Bill Pullman(Actor), J.T. Walsh(Actor), Bill Nunn(Actor), Peter Berg(Actor)
10:47 AM
Moths & Butterflies (TV-MA, NR) A socially awkward man randomly encounters an old friend with a bubbly personality as he attempts to cope with his day-to-day struggle with various anxieties.
11:04 AM
Mr. Brooks (R, ***) A successful businessman and loving father is also an infamous serial killer that no one suspects, until a tough detective develops a relationship to catch him. Kevin Costner(Actor), Demi Moore(Actor), Dane Cook(Actor), William Hurt(Actor), Marg Helgenberger(Actor)
1:06 PM
Welcome Home (R, **) When a couple decides to spend some time at a vacation home in Italy, the evil plans of the homeowner lead to a fighter for survival. Emily Ratajkowski (Actor), Aaron Paul(Actor), Riccardo Scamarcio(Actor), Katy Louise Saunders(Actor), Alice Bellagamba(Actor)
2:45 PM
Deadpool 2 (R, ***+) Deadpool decides to form his own team of super-powered mutants, in order to save a young and angry mutant targeted by a time-travelling cyborg from the future. Ryan Reynolds(Actor), Josh Brolin(Actor), Morena Baccarin(Actor), Julian Dennison(Actor), Zazie Beetz(Actor)
4:46 PM
Incarnate (PG-13, **) A single mother is referred to a scientist who wants to enter her son's unconscious mind in order to confront a demon and rid him of the evil spirit. Aaron Eckhart(Actor), Carice van Houten(Actor), Catalina Sandino Moreno(Actor), David Mazouz(Actor), Keir O'Donnell(Actor)
6:13 PM
Z for Zachariah (PG-13, **+) Following a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, the bond between a cautious young woman and a scientist is tested when another man joins them. Margot Robbie(Actor), Chris Pine(Actor), Chiwetel Ejiofor(Actor)
7:52 PM
Loving (PG-13, ***) In the 1960s, an interracial married couple must fight for the right to live as a family in their hometown, eventually taking their fight to the Supreme Court. Joel Edgerton(Actor), Ruth Negga(Actor), Marton Csokas(Actor), Nick Kroll(Actor), Michael Shannon(Actor)
9:56 PM
EDtv (PG-13, **+) An interesting video store clerk becomes an overnight celebrity when a desperate cable television network decides to broadcast every moment of his life. Matthew McConaughey(Actor), Jenna Elfman(Actor), Woody Harrelson(Actor), Sally Kirkland(Actor), Martin Landau(Actor)
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