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Programs for TMC2XW on Thursday, February 27, 2020
11:00 PM
What's Love Got to Do With It? (TV-14, R, ***) Legendary singer Tina Turner struggles to find the courage to escape from her abusive husband while finding fame and fortune on her own terms. Angela Bassett(Actor), Laurence Fishburne(Actor), Jenifer Lewis(Actor), Vanessa Bell Calloway(Actor), Phyllis Stickney(Actor)
1:00 AM
Rust Creek (R, **+) When a woman's journey to a job interview leads to a wrong turn into the woods, she must fights against the elements and a group of outlaws to survive. Hermione Corfield(Actor), Jay Paulson(Actor), Micah Hauptman(Actor), Sean O'Bryan(Actor), Daniel R. Hill(Actor)
3:00 AM
Elizabeth Harvest (R, **+) When a newlywed bride and her scientist husband make their way to his sprawling estate, the wife becomes suspicious of a secret room at the home. Abbey Lee(Actor), CiarĂ¡n Hinds(Actor), Carla Gugino(Actor), Matthew Beard(Actor), Dylan Baker(Actor)
5:00 AM
Desert Hearts (R, **+) An uptight female college professor is pursued by a young lesbian while staying at a ranch in Reno during the 1950s. Helen Shaver(Actor), Patricia Charbonneau(Actor), Audra Lindley(Actor), Andra Akers(Actor), Dean Butler(Actor)
6:35 AM
A Lonely Place to Die (TV-MA, R, ***) Five mountaineers go hiking in the Scottish Highlands and discover a young Serbian girl who has been buried in a small chamber in the middle of the wild. Melissa George(Actor), Ed Speelers(Actor), Eamonn Walker(Actor), Sean Harris(Actor), Alec Newman(Actor)
8:15 AM
The Catcher Was A Spy (R, **+) When a baseball player is recruited by a government agency to become a spy during World War II, he must stop a German scientist from building a bomb. Paul Rudd(Actor), Mark Strong(Actor), Sienna Miller(Actor), Jeff Daniels(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor)
9:50 AM
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (PG-13, **+) When a child star from the 1970s discovers his lack of a childhood is keeping him from landing a role, he hires a family to adopt him and show him normality. David Spade(Actor), Mary McCormack(Actor), John Lovitz(Actor), Craig Bierko(Actor), Alyssa Milano(Actor)
11:30 AM
Age of Summer (TV-MA, PG, **) A teenage boy attempts to navigate the summer of 1986, as he struggles with being accepted within the ranks of the junior lifeguards at Hermosa Beach. Percy Hynes White(Actor), Jake Ryan(Actor), Charlotte Sabina(Actor), Jonathan Daviss(Actor), Bryana Salaz(Actor)
1:00 PM
All Creatures Here Below (TV-MA, NR, **+) When a young couple struggles with poverty, one decision forces them to seek refuge in their hometown while on the run from the police. Karen Gillan(Actor), David Dastmalchian(Actor), David Koechner(Actor), Richard Cabral(Actor), John Doe(Actor)
2:35 PM
Christmas at the Chateau (TV-PG, NR) A group of sisters attempt to save a historic mansion and beloved family home in their town from a corrupt bank that plans to foreclose on Christmas.
4:15 PM
The Man Who Invented Christmas (PG, ***) Charles Dickens combines events from real-life with his extravagant imagination to create the unforgettable characters and scenes of "The Christmas Carol." Dan Stevens(Actor), Christopher Plummer(Actor), Jonathan Pryce(Actor), Miriam Margolyes(Actor), Simon Callow(Actor)
6:00 PM
Somewhere in Time (PG, **+) A young Chicago playwright sees a photograph of an actress who appeared at the Grand Hotel in 1912 and conspires to go back in time and recapture his love. Christopher Reeve(Actor), Jane Seymour(Actor), Christopher Plummer(Actor), Teresa Wright(Actor), Bill Erwin(Actor)
7:45 PM
Metropolitan (PG-13, ***+) A self-proclaimed working-class supporter embroils himself into a group of Upper East Side socialite friends whose debonair party-hopping lives disturb him. Carolyn Farina(Actor), Edward Clements(Actor), Taylor Nichols(Actor), Allison Parisi(Actor), Dylan Hundley(Actor)
9:25 PM
Midnight in Paris (PG-13, ***+) A writer with a nostalgia for the past finds himself transported back to 1920s Paris, leading to events that make him question his upcoming marriage. Kathy Bates(Actor), Adrien Brody(Actor), Carla Bruni(Actor), Marion Cotillard(Actor), Rachel McAdams(Actor)
11:00 PM
Groundhog Day (PG, ***+) An egocentric weatherman covering Groundhog Day in a small Pennsylvania town suddenly finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. Bill Murray(Actor), Andie MacDowell(Actor), Chris Elliott(Actor), Stephen Tobolowsky(Actor), Brian Doyle Murray(Actor)
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