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Programs for TMC2XW on Tuesday, June 2, 2020
11:00 PM
Dan in Real Life (PG-13, ***) A widower vacations with his family on the Rhode Island shore, where he falls for a woman who turns out to be involved with his younger brother. Steve Carell(Actor), Juliette Binoche(Actor), Dane Cook(Actor), Alison Pill(Actor), Brittany Robertson(Actor)
12:40 AM
RV (PG, **+) A man plans a getaway with false intentions in a rented RV for his problematic family, but along their journey they become tolerant with each other. Robin Williams(Actor), Jeff Daniels(Actor), Kristin Chenoweth(Actor), Cheryl Hines(Actor), JoJo(Actor)
2:25 AM
The Happytime Murders (R, **) A detective puppet rejoins the police department and reunites with his former human partner to investigate the murders of puppets from an old TV show. Melissa McCarthy(Actor), Elizabeth Banks(Actor), Maya Rudolph(Actor), Joel McHale(Actor), Leslie Baker(Actor)
4:00 AM
Year One (TV-14, PG-13, **) After being banished from their tribe, two men later learn their tribe has become enslaved, and they attempt to save the women they love. Jack Black(Actor), Michael Cera(Actor), Oliver Platt(Actor), David Cross(Actor), Vinnie Jones(Actor)
5:40 AM
Project Ithaca (R, *+) Five strangers wake up to find themselves trapped aboard a spaceship that they come to realize is connected to extraterrestrials who have been abducting humans. James Gallander(Actor), Deragh Campbell(Actor), Daniel Fathers(Actor), Alex Woods(Actor), Caroline Raynaud(Actor)
7:05 AM
The Hummingbird Project (R, ***) Two cousins involved in the risky business of high-frequency trading concoct the idea to build a fiber-optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey. Jesse Eisenberg(Actor), Alexander Skarsgard(Actor), Michael Mando(Actor), Salma Hayek(Actor), Johan Heldenbergh(Actor)
9:00 AM
The Jane Austen Book Club (PG-13, ***) Friends of a recently divorced woman organize a book club, recruiting a teacher, a teen and a sci-fi fan to read one Austen novel per month. Kathy Baker(Actor), Maria Bello(Actor), Marc Blucas(Actor), Emily Blunt(Actor), Amy Brenneman(Actor)
10:50 AM
Phantom (R, **+) A captain of a Soviet submarine suffering from traumatizing events is forced to leave his family behind in an effort to lead a covert mission. Ed Harris(Actor), David Duchovny(Actor), William Fitchtner(Actor), Lance Henriksen(Actor), Jonathon Schaech(Actor)
12:50 PM
Adrift (PG-13, ***) A woman takes her newfound lover on a journey across the ocean, but they are suddenly engulfed in an enormous hurricane that leaves them injured and stranded. Sharilene Woodley(Actor), Sam Claflin(Actor), Grace Palmer(Actor), Elizabeth Hawthorne(Actor), Jeffery Thomas(Actor)
2:10 PM
Zathura (PG, **+) Two brothers find a jungle adventure-themed board game, but they discover a second outer-space-themed game inside, in which each move produces a real effect. Josh Hutcherson(Actor), Jonah Bobo(Actor), Dax Shepard(Actor), Kristen Stewart(Actor), Tim Robbins(Actor)
4:00 PM
Serpico (R, ***+) A detective puts his life on the line when he refuses pay from drug dealers and exposes crooked police officers who are extorting money from criminals. Al Pacino(Actor), John Randolph(Actor), Jack Kehoe(Actor), Tony Roberts(Actor), Biff McGuire(Actor)
6:15 PM
When a Stranger Calls (PG-13, **) A teenager forced to babysit to pay off her cell phone bill finds her evening going from tedious to terrifying when she starts getting ominous phone calls. Camilla Belle(Actor), Brian Geraghty(Actor), Katie Cassidy(Actor), Clark Gregg(Actor), Tommy Flanagan(Actor)
8:00 PM
Twisted (R, **) A promiscuous police officer finds herself at the center of her own investigation when her former casual lovers start turning up dead. Ashley Judd(Actor), Samuel L. Jackson(Actor), Andy Garcia(Actor), David Strathairn(Actor), Camryn Manheim(Actor)
9:40 PM
Speed of Life (TV-14) When a man is swallowed by a wormhole created by the death of singer David Bowie in 2016, he disappears for 24 years, until he's returned to a future world.
11:00 PM
I Feel Pretty (PG-13, **) When a woman struggling with low self-esteem experiences a brutal fall, she wakes up with the mindset and confidence that she is a supermodel. Amy Schumer(Actor), Michelle Williams(Actor), Emily Ratajkowski (Actor), Busy Phillips(Actor), Lauren Hutton(Actor)
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