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Programs for HdlnNews on Wednesday, July 8, 2020
12:00 AM
Forensic Files Bitter Potion (TV-14) A waitress complains of flu-like symptoms but doctors can't determine what is causing the condition and then her sons begin suffering from the same illness. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
12:30 AM
Forensic Files The Blood Trail (TV-14) A farmer working in a quiet village in Great Britain receives a chilling threat in the form of a severed lamb's head impaled on his fence post. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
1:00 AM
Forensic Files Fatal Fungus (TV-14) An infant is admitted to the ER with a deadly breathing condition, and doctors are baffled when over 30 cases crop up in the next several months. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
1:30 AM
Forensic Files Something's Fishy (TV-14) Two people die inexplicably after taking the same over-the-counter pain relief medication, and investigators find a lethal dose of cyanide on the pills. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
2:00 AM
Very Scary People NorCal Rapist: Phantom Predator (Repeat) Insight into the NorCal Rapist, who was wanted for multiple sex attacks against women in Northern California over three decades, is provided. Donnie Wahlberg(Host)
4:00 AM
Forensic Files Three's a Crowd (TV-14) A woman's husband is suspected of killing her in a church parking lot after discovering she had been having a three-year long affair just a month before. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
4:30 AM
Forensic Files A Squire's Riches (TV-14) Investigators must determine if a man's death was an accident or a murder after the truck he is working on falls off of the hydraulic jack lifting it. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
5:00 AM
Forensic Files Home of the Brave (TV-14) A man is questioned about the death of his wife after her body is found in his parents' house with signs of a home invasion, but there is conflicting evidence. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
5:30 AM
Forensic Files Freeze Framed (TV-PG) A man is killed over a period of days and his wife, who's first husband died young, claims suicide and refuses to allow an autopsy. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
6:00 AM
Morning Express with Robin Meade (New) Anchor Robin Meade provides information, weather, sports, entertainment, money and travel reports; additionally, the newscast also features "Viewer Quick Pick." Robin Meade(Anchor)
10:00 AM
Morning Express with Robin Meade (Repeat) Anchor Robin Meade provides information, weather, sports, entertainment, money and travel reports; additionally, the newscast also features "Viewer Quick Pick." Robin Meade(Anchor)
11:00 AM
Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo Confessions of a Serial Killer Pt. 1 (Repeat) Chris Cuomo speaks with a woman who escaped the brutal serial killer Andrew Urdiales, who is currently awaiting execution for the murder of eight women. Chris Cuomo(Host), Jennifer Asbenson(Participant)
12:00 PM
Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo Confessions of a Serial Killer Pt. 2 (Repeat) Chris Cuomo attempts to get inside the mind of serial killer Andrew Urdiales and understand his motives in the final interview he will ever give. Chris Cuomo(Host)
1:00 PM
Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo Revenge Killing (Repeat) Chris Cuomo travels to southwestern Missouri to talk with members of a group who were convicted of murdering a man when they were teenagers in 1987. Chris Cuomo(Host)
2:00 PM
Forensic Files The List Murders (TV-14) John List left his mansion with a note and a pile of dead bodies, his mother, wife and three children, while funeral organ music played, and vanished. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
2:30 PM
Forensic Files Raw Terror (TV-14) A boy complains of fever and digestive issues a few days before he is scheduled to attend space camp, and it turns out to be the result of a deadly infection. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
3:00 PM
Forensic Files The Common Thread (TV-14) Ten bodies are found in different places, initiating a seven-month investigation that cracks when a girl escapes the killer with a carpet fiber on her body. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
3:30 PM
Forensic Files The Dirty Deed (TV-14) Careful analysis of the crime scene reveals a soil sample that proves instrumental in solving the case of a married couple who disappeared from their home. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
4:00 PM
Forensic Files Second Shot at Love (TV-14) A recently remarried heart surgeon's apparent suicide is made all the more puzzling by a test shot fired into the sofa. Patrick McNellis(Actor), Jeff Stein(Actor), Lars Peterson(Actor), Joseph Winter(Actor), Rachel Snukis(Actor)
4:30 PM
Forensic Files Journey to Justice (TV-14) A prosecutor seeks the aid of a video specialist to offer the jury a graphic demonstration of a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of a child. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
5:00 PM
Forensic Files II Family Tree (Repeat) When a young couple is brutally murdered on a road trip, their families begin receiving disturbing letters that forensic scientist use to track down the killer. Bill Camp(Narrator)
5:30 PM
Forensic Files II A Killer Disguise (Repeat) A young mother is killed in a crowded park in the middle of the day. Bill Camp(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Forensic Files II Human Sawdust (Repeat) Investigators are led to a gruesome crime that was nearly perfect by clues uncovered from a suitcase by forensic scientists using new technology. Bill Camp(Narrator)
6:30 PM
Forensic Files II The Barn (Repeat) Detectives investigate the murder of a popular handyman in a New Hampshire town, and forensic clues lead investigators to a shocking revelation. Bill Camp(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Forensic Files Best Foot Forward (TV-14) An exotic dancer's disappearance leads to the discovery of a site where someone was creamated; DNA analysis leads to identification of the victim. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
7:30 PM
Forensic Files Purebread Murder (TV-14) After years of domestic abuse lead to a young mother's murder, a freshly-baked hamburger bun is the key to tying the culprit to his crimes. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
8:00 PM
Forensic Files Micro-Clues (TV-14) Forensic scientists uncover a key piece of microscopic evidence in the water near the last known location of a boy who never returned home from a fishing trip. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
8:30 PM
Forensic Files Deadly Parasites (TV-PG) A scientist finds a parasite which causes people to die in the city's water supply in Milwaukee, and puts the entire city into a panic. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
9:00 PM
Forensic Files Cement the Case (TV-14) When a 42-year-old mother of three was found beaten to death, her husband confessed he may have been drunk, blacked out, and killed her. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
9:30 PM
Forensic Files Innocence Lost (TV-14) Melissa Branned disappears and police zero in on a suspect and find blue fibers in his car which they hope will match the outfit the girl was last seen wearing. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
10:00 PM
Forensic Files Frozen Evidence (TV-14) Two masked robbers break into a home, and a struggle leaves the homeowner critically injured; police work hard to identify the assailants. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
10:30 PM
Forensic Files Soft Touch (TV-14) Police are unable to solve the spiteful murder of a woman until a new technology is developed that allows for the retrieval of fingerprints from fabric. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
11:00 PM
Forensic Files Pure Evil (TV-14) Law enforcement officials combine intuitive behavioral profiling with forensic science in order to track down a couple of teenage killers in Texas. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
11:30 PM
Forensic Files Root of All Evil (TV-14) A plant pathologist and a dendrochronologist test the validity of a wild tale of murder and cremation told by the lover of a farmer's missing wife. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
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