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Programs for AMX-W on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
11:10 PM
The Sentinel (PG-13, **+) A sage veteran secret service agent tries to save the President from an assassination plot despite being disgraced and framed for a White House agent's murder. Michael Douglas(Actor), Kiefer Sutherland(Actor), Eva Longoria(Actor), Martin Donovan(Actor), Ritchie Coster(Actor)
1:00 AM
Greta (R, **+) When a young girl attempts to return a lost handbag, she meets a piano teacher, but their budding friendship soon turns into a disturbing relationship. Isabelle Huppert(Actor), Chloe Moretz(Actor), Maika Monroe(Actor), Colm Feore(Actor), Stephen Rea(Actor)
2:40 AM
Open Water (R, **+) A couple vacationing in the Caribbean go on a scuba diving trip, but a miscount on their boat leaves them stranded in the middle of shark-infested waters. Blanchard Ryan(Actor), Daniel Travis(Actor), Saul Stein(Actor), John Charles(Actor), Michael Williamson(Actor)
4:00 AM
Jingle All the Way (PG, **) As a career-driven dad frantically searches the stores for a sold-out toy the day before Christmas, he gets competition from a crazy postman on the same quest. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), Sinbad(Actor), Phil Hartman(Actor), Rita Wilson(Actor), Robert Conrad(Actor)
5:30 AM
Troll 2 (PG-13) A young boy become horrified at the realization that his family has stumbled upon a goblin kingdom that contains evil monsters who plan to eat them. Michael Stephenson(Actor), George Hardy(Actor), Margo Prey(Actor), Connie Young(Actor), Robert Ormsby(Actor)
7:05 AM
The Hills Have Eyes (R, **+) A family traveling cross-country is stranded in the New Mexico desert and soon finds themselves under attack from a group of deranged inhabitants. Vanessa Shaw(Actor), Kathleen Quinlan(Actor), Aaron Stanford(Actor), Emilie de Ravin(Actor), Dan Byrd(Actor)
8:52 AM
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (PG, *+) The misfit police force heads to Miami to watch their commandant accept an award and to prevent their archrival from ruining the awards presentation. Bubba Smith(Actor), George Gaynes(Actor), David Graf(Actor), Michael Winslow(Actor), Marion Ramsey(Actor)
10:22 AM
The Lucky One (PG-13, ***) After returning from Iraq, a Marine travels to North Carolina in search of a woman whose photograph he found and carried throughout the war to bring him luck. Zac Efron(Actor), Taylor Schilling(Actor), Blythe Danner(Actor), Riley Thomas Stewart(Actor), Jay Ferguson(Actor)
12:06 PM
Birth of the Dragon (PG-13, *+) Based on a true, legend-creating story, a young martial arts expert named Bruce Lee, propelled by a student, challenges a Shaolin monk and kung fu master. Philip Ng(Actor), Yu Xia(Actor), Xing Jing(Actor), Jingjing Qu(Actor), Ron Yuan(Actor)
1:45 PM
The Apparition (PG-13, *+) After strange events start to occur in their home, a young couple is plagued with the presence of an evil spirit created by an experiment years earlier. Ashley Greene(Actor), Sebastian Stan(Actor), Tom Felton(Actor), Julianna Guill(Actor), Luke Pasqualino(Actor)
3:12 PM
Running Scared (R, ***+) A low-level member of the mafia must search for a "hot" gun that has gone missing in the underworld of the city while evading the Russian mafia and the cops. Paul Walker(Actor), Cameron Bright(Actor), Vera Farmiga(Actor), Chazz Palminteri(Actor), Johnny Messner(Actor)
5:17 PM
Bad Times at the El Royale (R, ***) When seven strangers meet at a rundown hotel, they each attempt to hide their various secrets, but the night forces everyone to confront their dark past. Jeff Bridges(Actor), Cynthia Erivo(Actor), Dakota Johnson(Actor), Jon Hamm(Actor), Chris Hemsworth(Actor)
7:42 PM
The Book of Henry (PG-13, **+) A single mother discovers a plan that her oldest son has written in his book, in which he details a rescue of a young classmate from her abusive father. Naomi Watts(Actor), Jaeden Lieberher(Actor), Jacob Tremblay (Actor), Sarah Silverman(Actor), Lee Pace(Actor)
9:30 PM
The Old Man & the Gun (PG-13, ***) When an elderly man manages to escape from San Quentin prison, he sets off on a journey involving a series of heists that engulf the public's attention. Robert Redford(Actor), Casey Affleck(Actor), Danny Glover(Actor), Tika Sumpter(Actor), Tom Waits(Actor)
11:05 PM
Killerman (R, **) A New York City money launderer goes on a search for answers after he wakes up with no memory and millions of stolen money and drugs. Liam Hemsworth(Actor), Emory Cohen(Actor), Diane Guerrero(Actor), Zlatko Buric(Actor), Suraj Sharma(Actor)
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