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Programs for HBO2 on Monday, July 13, 2020
10:45 PM
Intolerable Cruelty (PG-13, **+) A successful attorney at law, known for winning difficult divorce cases for his wealthy clients, falls madly in love with a beautiful gold digger. George Clooney(Actor), Catherine Zeta-Jones(Actor), Geoffrey Rush(Actor), Cedric the Entertainer(Actor), Edward Herrmann(Actor)
12:30 AM
The Kids Are All Right (R, ***) A teen conceived by artificial insemination puts in a call to the sperm bank, which puts her in touch with her biological dad, a restaurant owner. Julianne Moore(Actor), Annette Bening(Actor), Mark Ruffalo(Actor), Mia Wasikowska(Actor), Josh Hutcherson(Actor)
2:20 AM
He Got Game (R, ***) A governor offers clemency to a convicted murderer if he can talk his son, a high-school basketball star, into going to college at the politician's alma mater. Denzel Washington(Actor), Ray Allen(Actor), Milla Jovovich(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Hill Harper(Actor)
4:40 AM
Picture Perfect (PG-13, **+) An up-and-coming advertising art director fabricates a fiancé to get a promotion and attract a co-worker and has to introduce her boss to her Mr. Right Jennifer Aniston(Actor), Jay Mohr(Actor), Kevin Bacon(Actor), Olympia Dukakis(Actor), Illeana Douglas(Actor)
6:25 AM
Being Serena (TV-PG) A new discovery is made by the player nearing the completion of her 23rd title involving her recent entrance into motherhood, and she puts sports aside. Serena Williams(Participant)
6:55 AM
Lights Out (PG-13, ***) A young woman, her younger brother and their mother must find a way to protect themselves from a dark entity when the lights go out. Teresa Palmer(Actor), Gabriel Bateman(Actor), Billy Burke(Actor), Maria Bello(Actor), Alexander DiPersia(Actor)
8:20 AM
The Sun Is Also a Star (PG-13) When a young girl is on the verge of being deported with her family, she finds herself spending her last day in the U.S. falling in love. Yara Shahidi(Actor), Charles Melton(Actor), John Leguizamo(Actor), Gbenga Akinnagbe(Actor), Jake Choi(Actor)
10:05 AM
American Pie 2 (R, **+) The sexual shenanigans continue as Jim Levinstein and his former high school pals gather for a summer reunion at a Lake Michigan summerhouse. Jason Biggs(Actor), Shannon Elizabeth(Actor), Alyson Hannigan(Actor), Chris Klein(Actor), Natasha Lyonne(Actor)
11:50 AM
Fathers' Day (PG-13, **) A woman enlists the help of two former lovers in locating her missing teen-age son by tricking them into believing each is the boy's father. Robin Williams(Actor), Billy Crystal(Actor), Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Actor), Nastassja Kinski(Actor), Charlie Hofheimer(Actor)
1:35 PM
A Star is Born (R, ***+) When a seasoned musician falls in love with a struggling singer, he helps push her into the spotlight but soon realizes his best days may be behind him. Bradley Cooper(Actor), Lady GaGa(Actor), Bonnie Somerville(Actor), Anthony Ramos(Actor), Dave Chappelle(Actor)
3:56 PM
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (TV-PG) Bryant Gumbel explores key issues with athletes, coaches, activists, broadcasters and writers; Bryant Gumbel revisits the case of Robbie Tolan. Killer Mike(Guest), Doc Rivers(Guest), Darrell Wallace Jr.(Guest), Hank Aaron(Guest), Bryant Gumbel(Host)
4:54 PM
I'll Be Gone in the Dark Rat in a Maze (TV-MA) As the East Area Rapist starts stalking through the area of Santa Barbara, Calif., DNA evidence connects the crimes there to the attacks in Sacramento, Calif. Amy Ryan(Narrator)
5:53 PM
Ad Astra (PG-13, ***) An astronaut goes on a mission to the outer edge of the solar system in an attempt to find his missing father, but on his journey, he uncovers a mystery. Brad Pitt(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Ravi Kapoor(Actor), Donald Sutherland(Actor), Greg Bryk(Actor)
7:58 PM
I May Destroy You That Was Fun (TV-MA) Arabella's therapist helps teach her how to cope with her trauma; Arabella's agents task another client with helping her finish her first draft. Michaela Coel(Actor), Weruche Opia(Actor), Paapa Essiedu(Actor), Andi Osho (Actor), Fehinti Balogun(Actor)
8:29 PM
I May Destroy You …It Just Came Up (TV-MA) Arabella suffers through a chaotic day that leads her to reflect on a sexual encounter with Zain and discuss her assault; Kwame makes a police report. Michaela Coel(Actor), Weruche Opia(Actor), Paapa Essiedu(Actor), Karan Gill(Actor), Marouane Zotti(Actor)
9:00 PM
Slumdog Millionaire (R, ***+) A young Indian man recounts how his tragic life in the slums of Mumbai, India, prepared him to answer the questions on a popular trivia game show. Dev Patel(Actor), Anil Kapoor(Actor), Saurabh Shukla(Actor), Freida Pinto(Actor), Rajendranath Zutshi(Actor)
11:05 PM
Winter's Bone (R, ***) A teenage girl living in the Ozarks defies social conventions in order to track down her drug dealing father after he posted bail using the family's home. Jennifer Lawrence(Actor), John Hawkes(Actor), Kevin Breznahan(Actor), Garret Dillahunt(Actor), Dale Dickey(Actor)
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