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Programs for HBOSG on Tuesday, March 31, 2020
11:00 PM
Out of Sight (R, ***) A federal agent develops feelings for the career criminal, but she attempts to look past her emotions in order to help the FBI track him down and catch him. George Clooney(Actor), Jennifer Lopez(Actor), Ving Rhames(Actor), Don Cheadle(Actor), Dennis Farina(Actor)
1:05 AM
Affliction (R, ***) A small-town sheriff struggles to overcome a lifelong conflict with his abusive father and its devastating effect on his life and loved ones. Nick Nolte(Actor), Sissy Spacek(Actor), James Coburn(Actor), Willem Dafoe(Actor), Mary Beth Hurt(Actor)
3:00 AM
Three to Tango (PG-13, **+) An architect pretends to be gay in hope of impressing a wealthy, potential client, but his plan backfires when he is paired with the man's girlfriend. Matthew Perry(Actor), Neve Campbell(Actor), Dylan McDermott(Actor), Oliver Platt(Actor), John C. McGinley(Actor)
4:40 AM
Head Full of Honey (PG-13, *+) When a man is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, he decides to embark on a road-trip adventure with his granddaughter for the last time. Nick Nolte(Actor), Matt Dillon(Actor), Emily Mortimer(Actor), Sophia Lane Nolte(Actor), Jacqueline Bisset(Actor)
6:50 AM
Indian Summer (PG-13, **+) The aging proprietor of a Canadian summer camp for children invites a small group of specially chosen former campers who are now in their 30s for a reunion. Alan Arkin(Actor), Matt Craven(Actor), Diane Lane(Actor), Bill Paxton(Actor), Elizabeth Perkins(Actor)
8:30 AM
Tolkien (PG-13, ***) A young man finds solace in the company of a group of outcasts at school, but when World War I breaks out, his experiences inspire him to write novels. Nicholas Hoult(Actor), Lily Collins(Actor), Colm Meaney(Actor), Derek Jacobi(Actor), Anthony Boyle(Actor)
10:25 AM
She's Funny That Way (R, **+) Relationships devolve into chaos when a married Broadway director finds himself mentoring a call girl so that she can try and make a better life for herself. Owen Wilson(Actor), Imogen Poots(Actor), Jennifer Aniston(Actor), Kathryn Hahn(Actor), Will Forte(Actor)
12:00 PM
Us (R, ***+) When a trauma from the past causes a woman to feel paranoia during a family vacation, her fears come to life after four mysterious people invade her home. Lupita Nyong'o (Actor), Winston Duke(Actor), Evan Alex(Actor), Shahadi Wright-Joseph(Actor), Elisabeth Moss(Actor)
2:00 PM
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (R, ***) An executive in need of money to cover his embezzlement plots conspires with his brother to rob their parents' jewelry store at gunpoint. Philip Seymour Hoffman(Actor), Ethan Hawke(Actor), Albert Finney(Actor), Marisa Tomei(Actor), Aleksa Palladino(Actor)
4:00 PM
My Brilliant Friend Erasure (TV-MA) A missing friend inspires an old woman to write about their time together starting with their childhood meeting in 1950, and the span of their relationship. Margherita Mazzucco(Actor), Gaia Girace(Actor), Giovanni Amura(Actor), Gennaro De Stefano(Actor), Francesco Serpico(Actor)
5:05 PM
Women of Troy (TV-14) Former basketball player Cheryl Miller leads the University of Southern California Trojans while overcoming adversity to push them into the national spotlight. Cheryl Miller(Participant), Cynthia Cooper(Participant), Paula McGee(Participant), Pamela McGee(Participant), Juliette Robinson(Participant)
6:05 PM
Hope Floats (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A former prom queen returns to her hometown to search for true love after her husband admits his love for another woman on national TV. Sandra Bullock(Actor), Harry Connick Jr.(Actor), Gena Rowlands(Actor), Mae Whitman(Actor), Michael Paré(Actor)
8:00 PM
Bruce Almighty (PG-13, ***) Finally weary of a man's constant complaining and convinced that he needs to be taught a lesson, God confronts a malcontented television news reporter. Jim Carrey(Actor), Morgan Freeman(Actor), Jennifer Aniston(Actor), Philip Baker Hall(Actor), Catherine Bell(Actor)
9:45 PM
Along Came Polly (PG-13, **+) A risk assessor discovers his wife cheating on him during their honeymoon, but after returning home, he meets an old friend, who helps liberate him. Ben Stiller(Actor), Jennifer Aniston(Actor), Philip Seymour Hoffman(Actor), Debra Messing(Actor), Hank Azaria(Actor)
11:20 PM
The Plot Against America (TV-MA) A Jewish family from New Jersey witnesses the political ascension of aviator Charles Lindbergh as the xenophobic populist advances fascism as president. Winona Ryder(Actor), Anthony Boyle(Actor), Zoe Kazan(Actor), Morgan Spector(Actor), Michael Kostroff(Actor)
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