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Programs for HBOSG on Friday, August 14, 2020
11:10 PM
Anna (R, ***) A woman with a secret lying underneath her beauty soon unleashes her strength and skill in becoming one of the world's most feared government assassins. Sasha Luss(Actor), Helen Mirren(Actor), Luke Evans(Actor), Cillian Murphy(Actor), Alexander Petrov(Actor)
1:10 AM
Perry Mason Chapter 8 (TV-MA) Della attempts to make her case for placing Emily on the stand; Mason, Strickland, Della and Drake prepare for their futures as the trial comes down to a close. Matthew Rhys(Actor), Juliet Rylance(Actor), Chris Chalk(Actor), Shea Whigham(Actor), Tatiana Maslany(Actor)
2:15 AM
Nocturnal Animals (R, ***+) A woman is shaken upon receiving a manuscript, a violent thriller, written by her former husband, and as she reads it, she begins to view it as a threat. Amy Adams(Actor), Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Michael Shannon(Actor), Aaron Johnson(Actor), Isla Fisher(Actor)
4:15 AM
Before Sunrise (R, ***+) A young American and a French grad student spend a night wandering the streets of Vienna, exploring the city's culture and their own tentative romance. Ethan Hawke(Actor), Julie Delpy(Actor), Andrea Eckert(Actor), Hanno Pöschl(Actor), Karl Bruckschwaiger(Actor)
6:00 AM
Yesterday (PG-13) After a bus accident causes a mysterious global blackout, a singer-songwriter wakes up in a world where the Beatles band never existed. Himesh Patel(Actor), Lily James(Actor), Kate McKinnon(Actor), Ed Sheeran(Actor), Joel Fry(Actor)
8:00 AM
The Hate U Give (PG-13, ***) When a young girl witnesses a fatal shooting, she must learn to take a stand after facing pressure from all sides of the community. Amandla Stenberg(Actor), Regina Hall(Actor), Russell Hornsby(Actor), K.J. Apa(Actor), Common(Actor)
10:15 AM
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (R, ***+) A young outlaw sets out hoping to join the notorious James gang and finds himself both inspired and repelled by its leader, the legendary Jesse James. Brad Pitt(Actor), Casey Affleck(Actor), Mary-Louise Parker(Actor), Sam Shepard(Actor), Sam Rockwell(Actor)
12:55 PM
Water for Elephants (PG-13, ***) After his parents are killed, a veterinary student leaves his studies behind and joins a traveling circus as a vet, where he falls in love with a circus star. Reese Witherspoon(Actor), Robert Pattinson(Actor), Christoph Waltz(Actor), Paul Schneider(Actor), Jim Norton(Actor)
2:55 PM
Ready or Not (R, ***) A young bride prepares to join her husband's wealthy and unusual family in their long-standing tradition that winds up turning into a deadly game. Samara Weaving(Actor), Adam Brody(Actor), Mark O'Brien(Actor), Henry Czerny(Actor), Andie MacDowell(Actor)
4:35 PM
The Swamp (TV-14, NR) Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Fla.) and Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) are followed over the course of a critical year in American politics. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.)(Participant), Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.)(Participant), Ken Buck(Participant), Ro Khanna(Participant), John Sarbanes(Participant)
6:35 PM
Motherless Brooklyn (R, ***) In New York City during the 1950s, a private detective with Tourette's Syndrome attempts to solve the murder of his only friend and mentor with very few clues. Edward Norton(Actor), Bruce Willis(Actor), Gugu Mbatha-Raw(Actor), Alec Baldwin(Actor), Willem Dafoe(Actor)
9:00 PM
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (PG-13, **+) Ancient super-species of monsters, who were believed to be myths and legends, return to wreak havoc on Earth again and threaten humanity's future. Kyle Chandler(Actor), Vera Farmiga(Actor), Millie Brown (Actor), Bradley Whitford(Actor), Sally Hawkins(Actor)
11:15 PM
The Fountain (PG-13, ***) A doctor's search for a cure to his wife's brain tumor is paralleled by her novel about a conquistador's quest to find the Tree of Life for his queen. Hugh Jackman(Actor), Rachel Weisz(Actor), Ellen Burstyn(Actor), Mark Margolis(Actor), Sean Patrick Thomas(Actor)
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