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Programs for HBOSG on Wednesday, May 27, 2020
11:40 PM
Gangs of New York (R, ***+) A young man who witnessed his father's murder 16 years prior infiltrates a violent and powerful New York gang with plans to exact revenge for his dad's death. Leonardo DiCaprio(Actor), Daniel Day-Lewis(Actor), Cameron Diaz(Actor), Jim Broadbent(Actor), John C. Reilly(Actor)
2:30 AM
The Curse of La Llorona (R, **+) A social worker and her kids finds themselves dealing with supernatural occurrences involving a legendary ghost, who stalks children. Linda Cardellini(Actor), Raymond Cruz(Actor), Patricia Velasquez(Actor), Marisol Ramirez(Actor), Sean Patrick Thomas(Actor)
4:05 AM
The Recruit (PG-13, ***) A graduating college student catches the eye of a senior CIA recruiter and must root out a mole within the intelligence agency before completing his training. Al Pacino(Actor), Colin Farrell(Actor), Bridget Moynahan(Actor), Gabriel Macht(Actor), Mike Realba(Actor)
6:05 AM
Glass (PG-13, ***) When vigilante David Dunn and Kevin Wendell Crumb's multiple personalities are placed in a mental institution with Mr. Glass, Glass tries to unleash The Beast. James McAvoy(Actor), Bruce Willis(Actor), Samuel L. Jackson(Actor), Anya Taylor-Joy(Actor), Sara Paulson(Actor)
8:15 AM
The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13, ***) An up-and-coming U.S. politician discovers that he is but one of the billions of people whose lives are being secretly coordinated by a shadowy organization. Matt Damon(Actor), Emily Blunt(Actor), Terence Stamp(Actor), Michael Kelly(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor)
10:05 AM
Michael Clayton (R, ***) An attorney with a prestigious New York firm is drawn into a web of corruption and murder after a fellow lawyer suffers from a nervous breakdown in court. George Clooney(Actor), Tom Wilkinson(Actor), Tilda Swinton(Actor), Sydney Pollack(Actor), Michael O'Keefe(Actor)
12:10 PM
The Fisherman (TV-PG, NR) An aging fisherman from Ghana encounters a fish that can speak to people. Emmanuel France(Actor), Grace Acquaye(Actor), Patrick Oteng Marmah(Actor), Ziggy Netteyson(Actor), Kiki-Romi(Actor)
12:25 PM
The Aftermath (R) A woman and her husband attempt to rebuild their lives in a ruined city, but grief turns into betrayal after they start living with a widower and his daughter. Keira Knightley(Actor), Alexander Skarsgard(Actor), Jason Clarke(Actor), Flora Thiemann(Actor), Jannik Schümann(Actor)
2:15 PM
The Zookeeper's Wife (PG-13, ***) When Poland is invaded by Nazis in 1939, the husband and wife that run the Warsaw Zoo secretly begin working with the Resistance to save the lives of hundreds. Jessica Chastain(Actor), Daniel Brühl(Actor), Johan Heldenbergh(Actor), Michael McElhatton(Actor), Iddo Goldberg(Actor)
4:25 PM
Shutter Island (R, ***+) In 1954, a U.S. Marshal searches an insane asylum on a remote island for a missing inmate, discovering that the institution has closely guarded secrets. Leonardo DiCaprio(Actor), Mark Ruffalo(Actor), Sir Ben Kingsley(Actor), Michelle Williams(Actor), Emily Mortimer(Actor)
6:45 PM
The Kitchen (R, **) Three housewives living in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York go on a mission to get revenge after their mobster husbands get sent to prison by the FBI. Elisabeth Moss(Actor), Melissa McCarthy(Actor), Tiffany Haddish(Actor), Domhnall Gleeson(Actor), Margo Martindale(Actor)
8:30 PM
Run Trick (TV-MA) Ruby and Billy think about what their joint future may hold; Babe and Lauren decide to follow a new lead that brings them together. Merrit Wever(Actor), Domhnall Gleeson(Actor), Tamara Podemski(Actor), Phoebe Waller-Bridge(Actor)
9:00 PM
La La Land (PG-13, ****) An aspiring actress and a jazz musician are drawn together by their desire to do what they love, but they are eventually faced with difficult decisions. Ryan Gosling(Actor), Emma Stone(Actor), Finn Wittrock(Actor), J. K. Simmons(Actor), John Legend(Actor)
11:10 PM
Blinded By the Light (PG-13, ***) A music fanatic finds the music of artist Bruce Springsteen and finds his whole world turned upside down with a desire to escape his traditional household. Viveik Kalra(Actor), Kulvinder Ghir(Actor), Meera Ganatra(Actor), Aaron Phagura(Actor), Dean-Charles Chapman(Actor)
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