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Programs for HBOSG on Saturday, July 11, 2020
10:00 PM
Flags of Our Fathers (R, ***) Native American paramarine Ira Hayes and other American soldiers struggle to cope with the honor of being war heroes photographed raising the flag in Iwo Jima. Ryan Phillippe(Actor), Jesse Bradford(Actor), Adam Beach(Actor), John Benjamin Hickey(Actor), John Slattery(Actor)
12:15 AM
The Good Liar (R, ***) A career con artist meets a recently-widowed woman worth millions of dollars and sets out on a mission to steal it all, but the two soon grow closer together. Helen Mirren(Actor), Ian McKellen(Actor), Russell Tovey(Actor), Jim Carter(Actor), Mark Lewis Jones(Actor)
2:05 AM
Enemy at the Gates (R, ***+) During the battle of Stalingrad, two Russian and German snipers are locked in a battle of wills, while the Russian is advanced to a hero status. Jude Law(Actor), Joseph Fiennes(Actor), Rachel Weisz(Actor), Bob Hoskins(Actor), Ed Harris(Actor)
4:20 AM
Three to Tango (PG-13, **+) An architect pretends to be gay in hope of impressing a wealthy, potential client, but his plan backfires when he is paired with the man's girlfriend. Matthew Perry(Actor), Neve Campbell(Actor), Dylan McDermott(Actor), Oliver Platt(Actor), John C. McGinley(Actor)
6:00 AM
Six Days, Seven Nights (PG-13, **+) When a rugged pilot and a magazine editor crash land on a deserted island, after settling their differences, a romance begins. Harrison Ford(Actor), Anne Heche(Actor), David Schwimmer(Actor), Jacqueline Obradors(Actor), Temuera Morrison(Actor)
7:45 AM
For Love of the Game (PG-13, ***) A 40-year-old veteran pitcher for a major league baseball team reflects on his life after he is told that his girlfriend is leaving and his career may be over. Kevin Costner(Actor), Kelly Preston(Actor), John C. Reilly(Actor), Jena Malone(Actor), Brian Cox(Actor)
10:05 AM
Friday Night Lights (PG-13, ***) When the star player goes down, a high school football team struggles to win while facing intense scrutiny from the local community. Billy Bob Thornton(Actor), Lucas Black(Actor), Garrett Hedlund(Actor), Derek Luke(Actor), Jay Hernandez(Actor)
12:05 PM
Ford v Ferrari (PG-13, ***+) An American car designer and a British-born driver join together to fight against corporate interference, the laws of physics, and personal demons of their own. Matt Damon(Actor), Christian Bale(Actor), Jon Bernthal(Actor), Caitriona Balfe(Actor), Tracy Letts(Actor)
2:40 PM
Lucy in the Sky (R, *+) An astronaut goes to space and gets deeply moved by the experience, but when she comes back home, her connection to reality slowly begins to unravel. Natalie Portman(Actor), Jon Hamm(Actor), Zazie Beetz(Actor), Dan Stevens(Actor), Pearl Dickson(Actor)
4:50 PM
Joker (R) A man struggling to find his way in Gotham City paints his face for his clown day job as he works to be a stand-up comic, but he slowly descends into madness. Joaquin Phoenix(Actor), Robert De Niro(Actor), Zazie Beetz(Actor), Frances Conroy(Actor), Brett Cullen(Actor)
6:55 PM
I May Destroy You …It Just Came Up (TV-MA) Arabella suffers through a chaotic day that leads her to reflect on a sexual encounter with Zain and discuss her assault; Kwame makes a police report. Michaela Coel(Actor), Weruche Opia(Actor), Paapa Essiedu(Actor), Karan Gill(Actor), Marouane Zotti(Actor)
7:25 PM
Jeepers Creepers (R, **+) While driving home for spring break, siblings investigate a mysterious tunnel and learn that the creature responsible for the bodies inside it is after them. Gina Philips(Actor), Justin Long(Actor), Jonathan Breck(Actor), Patricia Belcher(Actor), Brandon Smith(Actor)
9:00 PM
The Fighter (R, ***+) The lives of two half-brothers become intertwined as one's efforts to become a world-champion boxer hinge on the other's ability to recover from drug addiction. Mark Wahlberg(Actor), Christian Bale(Actor), Amy Adams(Actor), Melissa Leo(Actor), Jack McGee(Actor)
11:00 PM
Devil (PG-13, **+) Five strangers get trapped inside an elevator, and as horrifying events begin to occur, they discover that the Devil in human form is in their presence. Chris Messina(Actor), Logan Marshall-Green(Actor), Jenny O'Hara(Actor), Bojana Novakovic(Actor), Bokeem Woodbine(Actor)
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