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Programs for HBOSG on Friday, July 10, 2020
11:45 PM
Crimson Peak (R, ***) A young woman marries a charming man and moves into his remote gothic mansion in the English hills, where she encounters mysterious happenings. Mia Wasikowska(Actor), Tom Hiddleston(Actor), Jessica Chastain(Actor), Charlie Hunnam(Actor), Jim Beaver(Actor)
1:45 AM
Precious (R, ***) In Harlem, an illiterate and pregnant teen suffers abuse from destructive parents, as teachers attempt to help the unloved youth turn her life around. Gabourey Sidibe(Actor), Monique(Actor), Paula Patton(Actor), Mariah Carey(Actor), Sherri Shepherd(Actor)
3:35 AM
They Came Together (R, **+) A crazy-in-love couple recounts how they first met years earlier and how it was initially a story of hate at first sight that eventually developed into more. Paul Rudd(Actor), Amy Poehler(Actor), Cobie Smulders(Actor), Christopher Meloni(Actor), Max Greenfield(Actor)
5:00 AM
Little Manhattan (PG, ***) A 10-year-old boy experiences his first love with a former classmate when he meets her again at karate class while he deals with his parents' divorce. Josh Hutcherson(Actor), Charlie Ray(Actor), Bradley Whitford(Actor), Cynthia Nixon(Actor), Willie Carson(Actor)
6:30 AM
Hackers (PG-13, **+) When a group of computer wizards are framed for someone else's illegal hacking activities, they must use their own skills to prove themselves innocent. John Lee Miller(Actor), Angelina Jolie(Actor), Fisher Stevens(Actor), Matthew Lillard(Actor), Laurence Mason(Actor)
8:20 AM
The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13, ***) An up-and-coming U.S. politician discovers that he is but one of the billions of people whose lives are being secretly coordinated by a shadowy organization. Matt Damon(Actor), Emily Blunt(Actor), Terence Stamp(Actor), Michael Kelly(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor)
10:10 AM
Welcome Home (R, **) When a couple decides to spend some time at a vacation home in Italy, the evil plans of the homeowner lead to a fighter for survival. Emily Ratajkowski (Actor), Aaron Paul(Actor), Riccardo Scamarcio(Actor), Katy Louise Saunders(Actor), Alice Bellagamba(Actor)
11:50 AM
Rush (R, ***+) The rivalry between a handsome English playboy and his Austrian opponent comes to a head when the Austrian nearly dies in a catastrophic crash during a race. Chris Hemsworth(Actor), Olivia Wilde(Actor), Natalie Dormer(Actor), Daniel Brühl(Actor), Tom Wlaschiha(Actor)
1:55 PM
King Arthur (PG-13, **+) A Christian knight finds himself battling for order when he and his men try to keep England under control following the fall of the Roman Empire. Clive Owen(Actor), Keira Knightley(Actor), Stellan Skarsgård(Actor), Stephen Dillane(Actor), Ray Winstone(Actor)
4:05 PM
Welcome to Chechnya (TV-MA, NR) A group of activists in the Russian republic of Chechnya puts their lives on the line to resist a torture campaign being coordinated against LGBTQ Chechens. David France(Director)
5:55 PM
Ad Astra (PG-13, ***) An astronaut goes on a mission to the outer edge of the solar system in an attempt to find his missing father, but on his journey, he uncovers a mystery. Brad Pitt(Actor), Tommy Lee Jones(Actor), Ravi Kapoor(Actor), Donald Sutherland(Actor), Greg Bryk(Actor)
8:00 PM
Perry Mason (TV-MA) District attorney Maynard Barnes reveals a startling development to the public; Virgil helps give Mason and Strickland unauthorized access to evidence. Matthew Rhys(Actor), John Lithgow(Actor), Juliet Rylance(Actor), Tatiana Maslany(Actor), Chris Chalk(Actor)
9:00 PM
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (TV-PG) Bryant Gumbel explores key issues with athletes, coaches, activists, broadcasters and writers; Bryant Gumbel revisits the case of Robbie Tolan. Killer Mike(Guest), Doc Rivers(Guest), Darrell Wallace Jr.(Guest), Hank Aaron(Guest), Bryant Gumbel(Host)
10:00 PM
Flags of Our Fathers (R, ***) Native American paramarine Ira Hayes and other American soldiers struggle to cope with the honor of being war heroes photographed raising the flag in Iwo Jima. Ryan Phillippe(Actor), Jesse Bradford(Actor), Adam Beach(Actor), John Benjamin Hickey(Actor), John Slattery(Actor)
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